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Far from the bare essentials

Adidas Adipure Trainer

When it comes to gear reviews, you often find yourself asked to test products that challenge personal biases. My opportunity came in the form of the new and soon to be released Adidas Adipure Trainer ($90). Simply put, I couldn’t see myself wearing, liking or even needing a barefoot trainer — despite being convinced it’s…

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Pressure to be better

Adidas Recovery Compression Apparel

You may not be aware of it, but everything you do (or don’t do) after a workout prepares your body for the next. From stretching, to nutrition, to hydration, your body immediately starts rebuilding what you’ve broken down. The new Adidas Recovery compression apparel takes it to the next level. Here’s how: Recovery reduces muscle…

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See socks differently

Dahlgren Socks

Socks are often the red-headed stepchild of a man’s wardrobe. Abused, overlooked, and unappreciated they’re often an afterthought. That is, unless you buy the right socks. These are the right socks. Dahlgren is a small, family-run sock company based in Oregon that knows the value of focusing on one thing to get it right. And…

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Finally, a casual technical tee

Sport Science Smarter Heather T-shirt

Yeah yeah, another technical t-shirt. Do we really need another wicking, breathable tee? If it’s from Sport Science ($22), the answer is yes. And here’s why. While this shirt does a fine job of pulling sweat off the skin to keep you cool but not clammy, that’s not what makes it special. No, what we…

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Stand Tall

Intelliskin Foundation Shirt 2.0

Posture is an often overlooked element in any training or athletic environment. The premise is simple though: better posture leads to more efficient muscle engagement and cuts down on fatigue. What you may not realize is that those benefits can help in your day to day life as well. Intelliskin’s Foundation Shirt 2.0 ($95) provides…

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Hoodie 2.0

Lululemon Pacific Beach Hoodie

For many, a good summer can hinge on being by/on the water. Lululemon says they made the Pacific Beach Hoodie to “wear up the mountain, and to and from the gym”, but we’ve found it’s perfect for the cool nights and crisp mornings that come along with waterside locales. It features some of the softest cotton fleece…

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Pucker up

Horny Toad Seersucka Shorts

This summer, ditch the tech shirts and shorts in favor of nature’s original microfiber: cotton. Breathable and airy, cotton performs well on steamy days and looks a helluva lot better than your outdoorsy running togs. Seersucker is cotton fabric woven in such a way that it puckers to stand away from the skin for maximum…

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Dashing while dashing

Road Holland Den Haag Cycling Jersey

Inspired by classic European cycling jerseys, Road Holland has revealed the new, US made, limited edition Den Haag Cycling Jersey ($120). The jersey offers classic looks with modern accoutrement like a breathable soft Merino wool/polyester blend with long-lasting moisture wicking properties, three large rear cargo pockets and a waist gripper. Offered in 7, distinctively GP-esque…

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Look Out Nike Plus

Beat Workout Watch

We love a good mechanical watch, but when it comes to workouts, our obsession with analog craftsmanship takes a backseat to functionality. The Beat Workout Watch ($TBD) checks all the boxes of the ultimate exercise companion. Pairing a shoe based sensor with a chest strap heart rate monitor and a 16GB portable music player isn’t…

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High Tech Hoodie

Triple Aught Design Stealth Hoodie LT

Triple Aught Design continues to swing for the fences this year. This time with a comprehensive update of their already rock solid Stealth Hoodie. After ten years of excellent service TAD went back to the drawing board and put a decade’s worth of product testing to good use.

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By the Skin of Your Cleats


The term Cleatskin rolls off the tongue in a strangely unsettling way, but we won’t knock a company for being blunt about their product’s purpose. Made from a unique formulation of compression molded rubber called Skintek, they’re essentially galosh’s for your spikes — dare we use such a foppish term in the same sentence as…

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Stay tight, stay cool

110% Play Harder Transformer Shorts

It’s common knowledge among athletes that muscle compression is good during hard efforts. It’s also well known that icing muscles immediately after a workout makes for faster recovery. The two concepts have always been mutually exclusive though. Compression wear is all the rage, those snug tops and tights favored by pro football players and, regrettably,…

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Shaved legs optional

Twin Six Wool Motor

Twin Six is a Minneapolis-based cyclewear company that is headed up not by businessmen but by designers and it shows. With a winking eye towards the cheeky and a touch of retro, Twin Six makes cycling jerseys for guys who don’t want to be billboards, superheroes or wannabe Euro racers. The graphics are tasteful, clever…

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Nau hear this!

Nau Wafer Pullover

If you’re a regular reader of Gear Patrol, you know we’ve featured Nau wares before. There’s a simple reason. The brand consistently succeeds where others fail by putting out smart, stylish, functional and eco-friendly pieces season after season. Your average waterproof jacket might be great for hiking the Pacific Crest Trail but step onto pavement…

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Get in touch with your inner waterman

Howler Brothers Shirts

You know that laid-back vibe that pervades among dive boat captains, fishing guides and surfers? It’s a sort of smug contentment that comes from being able to spend most days on, in or under the water in a warm climate. Well, that vibe is a little hard to emulate when you’re digging out from one…

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Heads, You Win

Poc Cortex DH Bike Helmet

It blows our minds — sorry that was the wrong choice of expression. Ahem, it’s always bothered us that someone would prioritize looking good at the risk of becoming a vegetable or dying — and you know we’re all about style. Especially when companies like Poc are putting out helmets like the Cortex DH ($600)….

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Killer Trash Talk Not Included

Item of the Week: Everlast Ali Collection (Sponsored)

Even if you don’t intend to earn your keep bobbin’ and weavin’, owning the Everlast Muhammad Ali Collection ($8-$110) is one way to show your respect for The Greatest. Each piece stands outs from your run-of-the-mill boxing kit thanks to the presence of Ali’s autograph (it’s stamped on) and a hidden Ali-ism to help you…

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Triple Aught Design Ranger Hoodie LT

Triple Aught Design produces gear fit for the mountains of Afghanistan and the afternoon commute. You can blame founder Patrick Ma for the perfect balance – with his military background and a never-ending-commitment to product testing in the Western state proving grounds. The newly released Ranger Hoodie LT ($220) is no different and evolves on…

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Get goosed

Canada Goose Chateau Parka

With record snows hitting many parts of the country, there’s no better time to suit up and face the harsh elements in a heavy-duty winter parka. From our cold weather experts up North, Canada Goose is a well-known name when it comes to keep you warm in extreme weather. Designed as much for hitting the…

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Outlier Storm King Shell Parka

We’ve always admired Outlier’s unique blend of style and functionality, and their new Storm King Shell Parka ($650) seems to follow the same great formula. Made from 100% Supermarine cotton, it’s designed to be a highly water resistant and breathable alternative to synthetics like Gore-Tex. Like most of Outlier’s tops, four-way arm construction is also…

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Regulators... wrist up

Nike+ SportWatch GPS

The brainchild of Nike and TomTom, the Nike+ SportWatch GPS uses data from Nike+ shoe based sensor and the watch’s built-in GPS to accurately track data from your runs. The usual data suspects: heart rate, pace, distance and calories burned can then be uploaded to where you can track progress, see your routes and…

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If Butterbean was a golf pro

4HeadWear BaldGuy Hat

Turns out that standard golf hats can be uncomfortable for our bald brethren. Between the rough stitching and the metal button on top, it’s a recipe for skin irritation. Another issue that plagues those without hair is that on hot days perspiration soaks straight into the hat, making it wet and soggy. Now with the…

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Weather tough, wallet easy

Flylow Tough Guy Glove

Ever considered 120 bucks for a pair of super-Gore-15-layer-breathable-zippered-nuclear heat gloves? Us too. But for what amounts to the cost of a pair of gloves several steps above your standard local hardware store work glove, the incredibly tough Flylow Tough Guy Gloves ($28) breathe better than that fancy European pair and are triple baked and…

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A Different Kind of Hat Trick

Ironman Alpine Reversible Beanie

It’s hard to get too worked up over a winter hat, but the Ironman Alpine Reversible Beanie ($26) from Headsweats is more than just a two for one athletic fashion statement. The black side is lined with fleece, making it great for pre-work out warm ups or just walking on a really cold day. The…

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More than Meets the Eye

Loki Mountain Hoodie

Over the summer we introduced you to Loki and their Midi Micro Fleece. Now with the weather turning wetter and colder Loki has submitted their Mountain Hoodie for Gear Patrol to put through the proverbial paces.

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Reservoir Bags

Hydrapak Morro

To help you keep properly hydrated, the Hydrapak Morro ($108) is part of Hydrapak’s top of the line Pro Series and host to numerous features which embody their dedication to design.

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Agile Warmth

Mammut Brisk

For every job, there’s the right tool. When it comes to outerwear, there’s always an ideal jacket to suit your conditions. As the name would suggest, the Mammut Brisk ($179) is designed to keep you active while and warm. Constructed from lightweight Gore Windstopper, the Mammut Brisk provides a barrier against wind while remaining breathable,…

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Down Vest, Sans Michelin

Patagonia Down Sweater Vest

Wearing a down vest can be a precarious affair. Often times you can be left with exceeding bulk and freezing extremities, not exactly an ideal combination. The Patagonia Down Sweater Vest ($150) protects without the unnecessary mass commonly found in down vests. It offers a snug fit against your chiseled core while shielding it from…

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Be the Black Sheep

Filson Merino Wool T-Shirt

Wear a wool t-shirt? You’d probably rather roll yourself into a sheet of fiberglass insulation after soaking in corn syrup. For many years now, synthetic activewear have been all the rage for their warmth, ability to dry quickly and overall comfort. Synthetics tend to channel modern adventurist and climber extraordinaire, Ed Viesturs, while wool echoes,…

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Enough With the Fake Fleece

Icebreaker RealFleece Aspiring Zip

Sometime in the 1980s, clothing companies discovered that plastic fibers could be spun to look like wool fleece. This polyester fleece had many of the same properties as wool but lacked the itchiness of wool. The rest is history and we’ve endured (and enjoyed) thirty years of fluffy jackets, many in garish colors, that have…