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Cuts like a knife, and an axe, and…

Gerber Apocalypse Kit

Like Edward Scissorhands set loose in a cutlery shop, the Gerber Apocalypse Survival Kit ($349) delivers a bevy of bladed goodness. Consisting of seven tools, including Machete, Camp Axe II, Machete Pro, Parang (our favorite), LMF II Infantry, DMF Folder and Epic, the Apocalypse Survival Kit makes the guy holding his Swiss Army Knife look…

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Cutting-edge indeed

Victorinox SSD Knives

So-called “cloud services” hope to make transferring digital data via physical devices akin to cave painting in the near future. That hasn’t stopped pocket-tool legend Victorinox from evolving the classic Swiss Army Knife to house the latest SSDs and transfer protocols. Their new solid state drive line features a special single connector that’s compatible with…

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The business end

Cold Steel Leatherneck Knives

Your average man doesn’t give much thought to knives, much less fixed blade knives. But if you’re at all a prepared man and you either get to the great outdoors with some regularity or you just want to be ready for whatever may come, you might want to include one of the Cold Steel Leatherneck…

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Cuts like a knife

G. Wiseman x Kauffman Mercantile Sodbuster Pocket Knife

Just because an everyday carry (EDC) is all about necessity, doesn’t mean it can’t or shouldn’t have a bit of custom flair. The G. Wiseman Sodbuster Pocket Knife ($330), exclusive to Kaufmann Mercantile could be that special something in your pocket (cough). This “as good as they get” pocket knife is made by hand by…

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Hammer of dawn

Hands On: Surefire UB3t Invictus

If Commissioner Gordon happens to be looking for an upgraded and portable Bat Signal, we’d say the Surefire UB3T Invictus ($695) could be easily retrofitted to light the Gotham night. Machined from hardened aerospace aluminum and anodized in matte black with tempered glass window it’s tactical excess in its most beautiful form. It features multiple…

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Mighty Lite

LED Lenser P5R

A flashlight is a flashlight. Right? Think about all the times when you needed to reach for one in the house or the garage and the batteries were dead or if it did work, the beam was weak. Even moreso, your run-of-the-mill flashlight tends to be bulky (hence, bad for small spaces) and the beam…

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Turning night into day

Light & Motion SOLA Dive 1200

The idea of SCUBA diving at night can seem absurd, dangerous and terrifying to someone who hasn’t tried it. But for those who have done it, it can be exhilarating and downright addictive. The ocean becomes a different place after dark and a whole new set of creatures emerges from daytime hiding places – shape-shifting…

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Taking a bite out of weight

PocketToolX Piranha Titanium Pocket Tool

Just because something isn’t broke doesn’t mean you can’t tweak it. Recasting its popular, stainless steel predecessor the PocketToolX Piranha Titanium ($95) proves that lighter is better. 30% to be exact. An open wrench, pry tip, oxygen bottle wrench, metric wrench, scraper, box ripper, 1.5″ driver bit, knot un-tier, and the requisite bottle opener are…

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Tool trick

Anso Barbar

Milled from solid titanium, the innocuous Barbar ($75) may look like some type of industrial throwing star, but those shapes and edges hide three tools: a bottle opener, prybar, and 1/4″ bit wrench. Avaiable in four colors, it also serves as a handy keychain or a perfect companion to its carabiner cousin. If you prefer…

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Covert Currency

ITS Challenge Coin (Spy Coins Edition)

If you have secrets you prefer remain that way, or just feel like reliving the rush of Cold War espionage (nuclear fallout notwithstanding), then the Spy Coin Edition ITS Challenge Coin ($30) is for you. For this variant, ITS and Spy Coins began with a nickel plated solid brass coin, then hollowed it out to…

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Cutting Crew

Fiskars ShopBoss

Find yourself habitually reaching for the kitchen shears whenever it’s time for an odd job or chore? Leave the comestible-cutter alone and grab yourself a Fiskars ShopBoss ($30). A veritable Swiss Army Snipper, the ShopBoss offers the best of heavy-duty cutting and a multi-function tool. Titanium coated heavy-duty blades with spring action, wire cutter and…

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It's G.O.O.D.

Gerber Crucial F.A.S.T. Tool

Last year, the Gerber Crucial Multi-tool was so popular amongst our readers that we featured it not once, but twice. Revamped and updated, Gerber introduces the new and improved Crucial F.A.S.T. ($59) for 2011. The F.A.S.T. (Forward Action Spring Technology) blade features a combo edge blade and fires open with a snap like your standard…

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You never know when you’re going to need some illumination

Light & Motion Solite 150

Whether you’re caught out after sunset on your bike, troubleshooting an uncooperative ’74 Beetle, plotting your pre-dawn summit bid, or finding a blown fuse in a dark basement, a good light source becomes invaluable. The problem is, you usually need different lights for different purposes and the one you need is rarely where you need…

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Fixed Hunter

Orvis x Winkler Limited Edition Knife

Crafting knives since 1975, Daniel Winkler draws inspiration for his blades from an era when essential equipment was vital to a woodsman’s livelihood — the 18th century. Unyielding quality would be a misnomer in describing this master bladesmith’s handiwork; instead, the caliber of workmanship Winkler fashions is that of a supreme virtuoso. Partnering with Orvis,…

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The Darkness, Everybody

Gerber Mini Covert Automatic

When it comes to your every day carry, the choices for the ideal pocketknife are endless. However, if you’re looking an EDC with a sleek all-black tactical edge, consider the Gerber Mini Covert Automatic ($125). Featuring a black lightweight hard anodized aluminum handle and a S30V partially serrated stainless steel blade, the Mini Covert is…

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Lite, Light Bright

Brite Strike EPLI

First things first, EPLI stands for Executive Precision Lighting Instrument ($60) and though we’re ambivalent on the government issue acronym, we do like what it offers: a slim form factor tactical light. Made from requisite high-grade aircraft aluminum with a military spec graphite anodized finish, the EPLI uses two AAA batteries to power its dazzling…

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Dress for the best, and worst.

Exuvius Titanium Multi Tool Collar Stay

The Exuvius Titanium Multi Tool Collar Stay ($30) is the type of product we’d imagine James Bond and Macgyver dreaming up over a few brews. Their familiar collar-stay shape has been augmented to help handy dandies open bottles, loosen screws, or cut pesky stray threads in a pinch. Naturally, their solid titanium construction is also…

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Your Pockets Will Thank You

Baladeo Super Lightweight Knives

Paul Hogan has his reservations about the value of a pocketable knife, but as our everyday carry series hints, we’re more secure in our masculinity. That’s why these super lightweight knives from Baladeo intrigue us. Sold in three different weights of 34, 22, and 15 grams (that’s 0.5 ounces), they won’t field dress a full-sized…

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Triple-barrel lightgun

Fenix TK45 Flashlight

When one bulb won’t cut it and two bulbs just aren’t enough, the Fenix TK45 ($128) uses a trio of LED’s to deliver headlight-levels of lighting — assuring the total illumination of whatever lies ahead. Perfect for your next spelunking expedition, or just a trip to the fusebox, the 760 lumen TK45 operates off 8…

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Light, but not on functionality

Wrex Titanium Pocket Adjustable Wrench

Weighing just 2.9 oz, the WREX Titanium Pocket Adjustable Wrench ($179) offers robust multitool capabilities in a lithe package. Machined from high-grade titanium, the WREX’s svelte 0.25″ width body packs a trigger-lock adjustable wrench, titanium coated blade, wire stripping hole, hex bit driver, double-ended driver bit, and bottle opener. A perfect addition to your everyday…

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Stayin' Alive

Item of the Week: SOL Origin Survival Kit (Sponsored)

Surviving at the office typically entails being the first to the coffee pot, but for those who venture outside of cubicle land, making it through the day can be far more serious. We’ll always be firm believers in the utility of survival kits, and have even offered suggestions on what we keep in ours, but…

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Bite Lights

Titanium Peanut & Split Pea Lighters

The Split Pea and Peanut Lighters have gone through several iterations. Made exclusively for County Comm, the latest versions are made of 6AL4V series titanium that’s also available in custom colors. If you’re not familiar with these handy fire sources, the Peanut Lighter measures a mere .5″ x 1.3″ and weighs 19.9 grams — making…

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VoxMate Knife

With its small 2.5″ blade, the VoxMate (€320) is small enough for an everyday carry yet it exudes more character than most fixed blade knives we’ve come across. It’s purposefully built with premium powder metallurgy RWL34 steel, designed to provide gobs of functionality and looks tremendous. Blame it on the herald marks of one-man-operation Vox…

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Just the thicket

Gerber Gator Machete Pro

If the original Gerber machete hasn’t sufficed your jungle-swathing needs, Gerber has answered your roar with the new Gator Machete Pro (available soon). The Pro is a multi-purpose implement that works as an axe, brush thinner, knife, machete, or garage-talk conversation piece. It features a 10.5″ blade made of corrosion resistant steel, slip-resistant Gator Grip,…

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Over-engineered. Enough Said.

Benchmade 755 MPR

Knowing that titanium is used extensively in this knife, the first surprise one encounters with the Benchmade 755 MPR ($235) is its weight. That is until you notice how incredibly thick the M390 super steel blade (a whopping .164”) and similarly sized blades (.1”) are. If you’re not up to snuff with your steel grades…

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Neat and Cheap

Columbia River Knife and Tool Zilla-Tool Jr.

The Zilla-Tool Jr. ($24) is a pocket-sized 5.25 inch performer. Featuring a black-on-black non-reflective tactical finish, it can transform into a variety of handy tools such as: spring loaded pliers, wire cutters, a hex screwdriver, wire stripper, or most importantly, a bottle opener. Also what multi-tool would be complete with a basic flip-out 2.25-inch steel…

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Foursomes, Coleman Style

Coleman Micro Quad Lantern

The Coleman Micro Quad Lantern ($36) is a creative product that spares you expense of buying four separate flashlights (though long time readers should know we’re of the opinion you can never own too many). It includes four light pods that function as emergency hand-held lights or together act like a 360-degree lantern when combined…

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A Gorilla That's Too Bright To Ignore

Joby Gorrillatorch Blade

Flashlights are great for dark environments as along as you’re willing to hold them. Headlamps free up your hands, but require that keep your noggin focused at the task ahead (literally). Lanterns are perfect for brightening up an area, but directing their light is akin to herding cats. But Joby’s Gorillatorch Blade ($60) is one…

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Light, Bright

Surefire E2D LED Defender Flashlight

Why is it that most men tend to scrimp on gear for personal safety? Consider the flashlight you (hopefully) have at home or in your car. You’re lucky if the battery is still good, and even if so, it probably won’t generate enough lumens for you to see much in the dark. The E2D LED…

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That's a Knife

Gerber Gator Machete

Plan on blazing trails or just cleaning up the yard anytime soon? Then consider packing the Gerber Gator Machete ($19). Measuring 25.7 inches long and weighing a light 18oz, it’s slightly bigger than that Swiss Army on your key chain. Overall the business parts amount to a 15 inch fine edge blade on one side,…