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Vicarious Swells

15 Great Surf Instagram Accounts

When you're stuck at a desk, in a flyover state, or just someplace where the ocean's flat, open Instagram and surf vicariously through these guys' and girls' feeds.

Burning the Day Away

Bright Regret in Alaska’s Midnight Sun

During Alaska's summer of Midnight Sun, you can hike, bike or fish in daylight at any time of day -- but only if you're able to break with life's normal schedule.

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Jumping against the grain

Death and Wingsuit Flying

On May 16, Dean Potter and Graham Hunt died while BASE jumping from Taft Point in Yosemite National Park. Less than two months later, Jhonathan Florez, another giant in the world BASE jumping, died while training in Switzerland, shaking the community yet again. We asked the athletes, who continue to jump despite the risks, to reflect on the state of the sport.

Baja for Non-Tourists

Going Off the Grid and Underwater in Cabo Pulmo

Returning from Cabo Pulmo, I wondered why I surround myself with so much stuff and so many complications when my happiest moments are the exact opposite: living out of a backpack, following the rhythms of climate and culture, and turning off the phone.