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A place to reflect

Stay | Treehotel Mirrorcube: Harads, Sweden

Maybe one day, we’ll all live in houses that blend in so closely with their surroundings they simply vanish into the environment. Until then we’ll just have to settle on innovative offerings in the hospitality industry, like the Treehotel in Northern Sweden. One of their several surreal treehomes, the Mirrorcube, designed by architects Tham &…

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Over the hill and through the woods

Stay | Heceta Head Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast: Yachats, Oregon

Once you’ve driven your way up California’s incredible US 101 highway into Oregon, turned onto the winding “authorized vehicles only” one-lane road, and made your way to the end, what lies ahead can only be described as one of the most spectacular lighthouse locations in North America. Perched on a 205 foot headland, 13 miles…

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Well designed weekend

Stay | Ten Broeck Cottage: Hudson, New York

A five-star hotel it may not be, but in our book Ten Broeck Cottage is even better. Nestled on 8 acres of apple orchard in Hudson, New York (two hours north of the city) the 3 bedroom cottage is a blend of historical and modern amenities. Exposed beams and 15″ wide plank flooring are juxtaposed…

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GP goes on location for our first travel gear review

9 Days in Vietnam, 9 Gear Essentials

Want to be taken away? Well, you must consider Vietnam. Take everything you’ve come to know or partially understand about the country as you’ve seen through the mass media and turn it all on its collective head. This picturesque sliver of a country is a true escape from some of what we’ve come to know…

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Leave your heart, not your wallet in...

Stay | Harbour Court Hotel: San Francisco

After quite a few reader requests for hotel, destination, adventure and travel recommendations, we’re embarking on a new series of posts called Stay. Culled together from both crew and reader insights, Stay will highlight both exciting and achievable travel along with occasional travel-related gear endorsements. Consider it an ongoing series to satiate your travel bug….

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Room with a view

Stay | Finca Bellavista

Be honest with yourself: at one point in your life (for some of us more recently) you dreamt about being Fritz from The Swiss Family Robinson, evading tigers, fighting pirates and living in the trees. Well, there’s an app er… place for that. Gentle readers, welcome to Finca Bellavista, a sustainable tree-house community tucked away…