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Style Pick: Vince Nylon Puffer Peacoat

A sporty and modern twist on a classic men’s jacket. Made from 100% nylon and featuring slanted side pockets and oversized nautical buttons, it’ll fit in at the game or out on the town. $395 |

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And the thunder rolls

Marmot Thunder Road Component Jacket

Lighter and tighter, trimmer and thinner, the Marmot Thunder Road Component Jacket ($425) proves winter technical gear doesn’t mean you have to look like you’re about to embark on an Andes excursion. The two piece setup is comprised of an inner velour fleece liner for cozy warmth and a two-layer MemBrain shell, which features technology…

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Style Pick: Gant Rugger The Shawler

Fitted henley style lightweight wool sweater with a slight shawl-collar and leather buttons. $168 | Gant Rugger

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Hoodie 2.0

Lululemon Pacific Beach Hoodie

For many, a good summer can hinge on being by/on the water. Lululemon says they made the Pacific Beach Hoodie to “wear up the mountain, and to and from the gym”, but we’ve found it’s perfect for the cool nights and crisp mornings that come along with waterside locales. It features some of the softest cotton fleece…

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High Tech Hoodie

Triple Aught Design Stealth Hoodie LT

Triple Aught Design continues to swing for the fences this year. This time with a comprehensive update of their already rock solid Stealth Hoodie. After ten years of excellent service TAD went back to the drawing board and put a decade’s worth of product testing to good use.

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Style Pick: Club Monaco Rubberized Rain Shell

$249 (in stores) | Club Monaco

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Southern sensibility

Billy Reid at J.Crew

When we first got wind that two GP fashion staples, J.Crew and Billy Reid were teaming up for a small collection, we couldn’t wait to lay eyes on the results. With the collection landing just this week, we’re pleased to see Reid’s signature Southern workwear look further galvanized. It’s spot on. The small collection delivers…

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Nau hear this!

Nau Wafer Pullover

If you’re a regular reader of Gear Patrol, you know we’ve featured Nau wares before. There’s a simple reason. The brand consistently succeeds where others fail by putting out smart, stylish, functional and eco-friendly pieces season after season. Your average waterproof jacket might be great for hiking the Pacific Crest Trail but step onto pavement…

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Seams Ripe For Spring

Maiden Noir Crew Neck Fleece

Sick of sweaters and overcoats yet? We certainly are. That’s why this Maiden Noir Crew Neck Fleece ($165) called to us. Made from light fleece in two great-looking heather color ways with white contrast stitching, it hints of more temperate Spring weekends to come, where a sweatshirt is all you need to warm up in…

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Ditch the Daypack

Orvis Ultimate Travel Jacket

Reality check: chances are you’ll never pull a Sebastian Junger and embed with the armed forces in Agfhanistan. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t at least look the part while you sip espresso at an Eastern European city center cafe planning the route to that spelunking expedition by wearing the Orvis Ultimate Travel Jacket ($325)….

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Drenched in Style

Band of Outsiders Coated Cotton Anorak Parka

In the great Patagonian outdoors, does looking good in the rain take precedence over surviving the elements — price be damned? Then the Coated Cotton Parka from Band of Outsider ($870) certainly fits that description. Made in Italy out of 58% cotton and 42% Poliamide, it rivals the classic Burberry trench for style in a…

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Put some English on

Barbour North Jacket

Parlay that itch you’ve had for a Barbour jacket into a modern Spring essential. The waterproof North Jacket ($321), in “cement” (dark green is, of course, available) takes Barbour’s classic style and trims it into a slimer profile. The unlined jacket is made of waterproof fabric and features a waist draw cord, hood and fabric…

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Vested Interest

Lacoste Puffer Jacket with Removable Sleeves

Down vests are the duck-billed platypuses of the clothing world. You know their sleeveless design evolved for some reason, but that original purpose has long since been lost in a foppish undertow. For that reason, we appreciate this Lacoste Puffer Jacket with Removable Sleeves ($325), because it appeases our stylish sensibility while still making our…

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Triple Aught Design Ranger Hoodie LT

Triple Aught Design produces gear fit for the mountains of Afghanistan and the afternoon commute. You can blame founder Patrick Ma for the perfect balance – with his military background and a never-ending-commitment to product testing in the Western state proving grounds. The newly released Ranger Hoodie LT ($220) is no different and evolves on…

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Definitely Not a Canadian Tuxedo

Perfecto Brand by Schott N.Y.C. Deck Hand Coat

Fresh off the newly launched Perfecto collection designed by Greg Chapman, the Deck Hand Toggle Coat ($450) wipes all of the jean jacket’s previous fashion transgressions clean in our book. The coat is made in Schott’s Jersey factory and features a selvedge denim exterior with chambray lining and contrasting stitching. Thanks to a slim cut…

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Outlier Storm King Shell Parka

We’ve always admired Outlier’s unique blend of style and functionality, and their new Storm King Shell Parka ($650) seems to follow the same great formula. Made from 100% Supermarine cotton, it’s designed to be a highly water resistant and breathable alternative to synthetics like Gore-Tex. Like most of Outlier’s tops, four-way arm construction is also…

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Anchor Your Winter Style

Sunny Sports Anchor Jacket

Sunny Sports is a West Coast-inspired Japanese clothing brand focused on producing timeless pieces designed to look good today and for years to come. Like many Japanese brands, they also value production quality above all else and subsequently produce their entire line in either the US or Japan. The Anchor Jacket ($300) embodies both of…

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Cooler than the Fonz

Schott A2 Slim Bomber

It’s tough to wear a leather jacket nowadays without looking kind of… goofy. Most of the ones you find at the mall are pleather-looking, blobby, and look like crap in a couple years. Schott has been making their leather jackets since before the A2 jacket was officially standardized for the Army Air Corp in 1931….

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Barbour's 75th Anniversary Tease

Barbour Steve McQueen Tribute Jacket

Barbour recently announced that Mr. Steve McQueen (a.k.a cool personified) himself is the inspiration behind their 75th anniversary line. Details of whats to come are slim, but the line will feature knitwear, tee’s, and a special Steve McQueen version of the 75th Anniversary Barbour International Jacket. The most unique elements are the American flag lining…

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Shawl That

Paul Smith Shawl Collar Waffle Cardigan

Shawl collar sweaters have been roaring back into men’s fashion the last several years, and while plenty of brands are providing their own take on the comfy neck, this Paul Smith Shawl Collar Waffle Cardigan ($240) outshines the rest. Made from soft waffle knitted lambswool with a toggle fastener for really bundling up, it’s a…

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Get the Trend Minus the Spend

Old Navy Men’s Hooded Twill Jackets

Old Navy isn’t a brand we frequently promote — since based on our experience, you often get what you pay for. In some cases though, the brand’s ridiculously low prices are just too good to pass up. Case in point, this men’s hooded twill jacket ($40) is an easy way to capitalize on the military…

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Bleu de Paname x Pyrenex Down Vest

Bleu de Paname is a well-respected french company known for their experience with denim. Pyrenex is higher-end french outer wear company with a reputation for producing fashion-forward down winter gear. Their forces and inspiration have clearly combined evenly to produce the amazing vest above. Cut from cotton canvas with a wool outer shell and denim…

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How Swede It Is

Fjällräven Greenland Jacket

The iconic jacket of outdoor Swedish outfitter Fjällräven, the Greenland Jacket ($350) is as versatile as it is enduring. G-1000, the primary material used on the Greenland Jacket is the product of re-engineered fabric originally designed for use on backpacks and tents combined with paraffin and beeswax. As it becomes increasingly damp, G-1000 swells to…

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Hiking? Doubt it. Style? Absolutely

Gant Rugger Hiker Jacket

Good jackets are generally one of two breeds: down-filled marshmallow parkas or lightweight cover-ups for a beach barbecue. Rarely does a man cross paths with a perfect autumn jacket that strikes a balance between the two. The Hiker Jacket from Gant Rugger ($285) is quite possibly the best such garment we have ever seen. Not…

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Lightning by Way of Monsoon

Patagonia Outerwear For Apolis Uniform

Infusing urban wear fit without adjusting the outdoor gear technicals the Patagonia for Apolis Activism ($148) jacket marks another successful Apolis collaboration. Its inspiration: to find the perfect outerwear to stand up to the monsoon weather during their Vietnam expedition. The jacket features a h2no waterproof shell, adjustable hood, microfleece neck and chin, water resistant…

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A Worthy Fall Mainstay

Life After Denim Military Blazer

Urban Daddy brand manager and Kempt writer Randy Goldberg alerted us to this great looking fall basic. Available in heathered brown and black colorways, the Life After Denim’s Military Blazer ($138) is surprisingly affordable given its distinct styling. The additional buttons also make it slightly more capable of keeping you warm as the season progresses…

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50 Going on 5

Rocky Mountain Featherbed Gore-Tex Mountain Parka

Back in the 1960′s a brand out of Jackson, Wyoming was born. Rocky Mountain Featherbed Company. Its signature piece, a beige cold weather vest with leather yoke. After its cold-weather outfitting heyday, the brand went largely unnoticed the 80′s when it was procured by a Japanese vintage collector. Fast forward to 2005 with a brand…

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A New Spin on Military Surplus

Denham LONGSHORE D.G.L Jacket

In the realm of jacket brands vying for your dollars, of which there are plenty, few have such depth of heritage and origin as the Denham LONGSHORE D.G.L Jacket ($780). What makes it utterly unique is that the entire jacket is re-cut from Dutch army blankets and ponchos. The ponchos obviously provide the jacket with…

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The Cat's Meow

J.Crew Belstaff Panther Jacket

Riding on the open road with a half-ton piece of metal between your legs demands the proper attire. Problem is, it’s hard to look sharp stepping off a bike and into the bar wearing a ballooning protection jacket. Take a cue from the style icons of yesteryear and lay your eyes on the Belstaff Panther…