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Style Pick: Tellason John Graham Mellor Denim

Made in San Francisco. 100% cotton blue line selvedge White Oak Cone denim. Slim fit, mid rise five pocket jeans with antiqued button fly and hardware, double-thick back pocket lining for durability. Leather label made by Tanner Goods from Portland, OR. $198 |

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Not Made from Snails

Nau S-Cargo Pant

Who says cargo pants need to have 10 pockets that make you look like you just shoplifted a Walmart? You can still be practical enough to carry some of your can’t-live-without gear while looking sleek and stylish. Here’s where the Nau S-Cargo Pant ($125) plays an essential role in your urban wardrobe. We donned a…

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Chairman of the Board

GP x Onia Amaury Board Short

Why is finding a good pair of swim trunks so damn hard? Is it too much to ask for a balance of quality materials, simple design, and fit? After asking ourselves the same questions season after season, we decided to do something about it. So we partnered with the good men at Onia to create…

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Alpha Better

Dockers Alpha Khaki

Combining a slimmer, more tailored cut with rugged construction, the Dockers Alpha Khaki ($68+) ups the chino ante. Offered in 12 colors, the heavier-weight pant is a closet essential for the Fall. And just like your favorite pair of jeans, these get better with age. The photos above (even more photos on the iPad), shot…

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Easy Rider

Levi’s 511 Commuter Jeans

Denim goliath Levi answers the call of cycling commuters with their new 511 Commuter Jeans ($80). Designed for urban cyclists in need of denim both on and off the bike, these jeans arrive with a few new tricks up their sleeves pant legs. NanoSphere treated denim provides dirt and water resistance, reflective fabric, higher back…

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Camo Lightly

Staple Bogart Cargo Pant SP11

This overwrought trend of dudes looking like a DEVGRU operator has long past its expiration date — especially considering their toughest mission for the day likely involves a trip to Costco for charcoal. That said, we still believe a touch of camo is completely acceptable in a man’s wardrobe, especially in controlled dosages and restrained…

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Denim strike

Left Field Nisshinbo Mills Slim-Straight Jeans

Since 1999 (well before any “heritage” movement) Left Field has been domestically churning out tough-as-nails workwear. After wearing some of their goods in the past year, we can attest to the rough and tumble quality of their goods. Their newly released Nisshinbo Mills Slim-Straight Jeans ($210) build upon the impressive product line. Hand made in…

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Americana Blue

Levi Strauss for Brooks Brothers

Thanks to capitalism, competing entities rarely team up. Coke and Pepsi won’t be making Copsi anytime soon, and Honda and Toyota will not be bringing us an Camcord. Luckily for our benefit though, two titans of American clothing have bucked the rule and teamed together (2010 Miami Heat style) to bring us something truly spectacular….

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Come BBQ or Highwater

Liquid Flow Shorts

Liquid Flow is offering Gear Patrol readers 25% off any pair of shorts. Enter promo code: GPFlow2010 at checkout. Sweet. You know those shorts you’ve got at home? Yeah, the ones that dutifully await your arrival every day to replace your shirt and tie or serve as your de facto Saturday lounging uniform. Ask yourself…

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A Home Run for Trousers

Left Field Pants

Its always fun to stumble onto a new brand that seems as if it’s designing with you specifically in mind. You look at their line and say things like, “Wow, I always thought that would be cool!” or “Damn those look perfect.” That sums up how we felt when we were lucky enough to run…

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Class: Bargain Denim 501

Levi’s 501 Original Shrink-to-Fit Jeans

When it comes to denim, raw is where it’s at. Those pre-faded, pre-whiskered, even pre-ripped jeans found in suburban malls should be left in the clearance bin. Premium raw denim has been discussed before (here and here), but not all men can shell out for three figure price tags. Levi’s to the rescue with a…

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Beaches Optional

Orlebar Brown Monacle 10 Beach Short

In addition to the Orlebar Brown Boxer, we also got to check out the Monocle Edition ($180) of the Bulldog shorts. The new Bulldogs have an updated cut, that’s a little more forgiving in the waist and seat, as well as a new fabric which is slightly less coarse. The best part of the Monocle…

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Feed Your Style and Stomach

The Wurst Outlier Shorts

Normally any connection you could make to sausage and shorts is something we’d leave up to other websites with more libidinous agendas, but in the case of Outlier Clothing, we’ll make an exception. The Wurst Outlier Short ($129) is made from Outlier’s versatile 4Season fabric in a limited blue color that feels great on the…

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For a Genteel Summer

Orlebar Brown Boxer Short

Last summer we got to try out Orlebar Brown’s Bulldog ($138) short, an excellent beach/swim short. The ladies were big fans and we were too as we found the quality, well, stellar. New for this year Orlebar Brown has released two “Sport” shorts, the Boxer and Pup. Being such big fans of the Bulldogs, we…

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Confirmed Cure to Swamp Ass

Slix Closer Boxer Brief

Your preference in underwear has likely evolved as you’ve grown older. That means that the way you roll today is probably different from your high school or even college garb, as you expect more from every piece of clothing in your wardrobe – even that which is often unseen. That’s why Slix came up with…

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Take a Break from Khakis

Aether Caribou Pin Stripe Short

Aether has built a name largely on the shoulders of their high-end outerwear, which unlike many other brands in the space, blends urban approved style with rugged outdoor durability. Recently the company has expanded their line to include more everyday items that still feature the brand’s trademark clean looks and cuts. Unfortunately these more casual…

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Look Good and Do Good

Greenlines Boardshorts

It seem that nowadays every clothing manufacturer under the sun sells some form of board short. Problem is, few are made with quality and worse, covered with crazy patterns and designs that may not suit everyone’s summer look (no pun intended). If you’re one of the guys dissatisfied with this trend, then Greenlines Boardshorts ($60)…

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Homeland Security Approved

Cordarounds USA World Cup Pants

Guaranteed to leave no question about who you support, but maybe a couple about your style, the Cordarounds USA World Cup Pants are the most cantankerous pair of trousers we’ve ever laid eyes upon at the GP offices. These unapologetically patriotic trousers are made in America and if you’re wondering… yes, I am wearing them…

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The Anti-Prep Short

Mark Mcnairy New Amsterdam Expo Shorts

Our fashion-focused friends over at Limited Hype brought these New Amsterdamn Expo Shorts by Mark Mcnairy ($164) to our attention, and what appealed to us most was their distinctive mix of casual and outdoor style. Clearly the integrated nylon belt won’t float everyone’s boat, and the same thing probably goes for their $164 price tag….

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Laid Back

J.Crew Lightweight Beach Short

Mixing elements from a typical pair of flat front khakis shorts and a bathing suit, the Lightweight Beach Short by J. Crew ($60) works just as well on the sand as it does driving around in your TLC Icon CJ3b. Made from lightweight cotton, these shorts feature a Zip Fly, 10 1/2″ inseam, and convenient…

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The Original Board Short

Birdwell Beach Britches

Birdwell Beach Britches have been around since 1961. One of the original “board shorts”, they’re still and have always been made in Santa Clara, CA. They come in numerous incarnations with more than a few styles, lengths, and tons of fabrics. In Birdwell’s words “We don’t make a thousand things, we make one thing a…

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A Good Refresh Option for Short Season

Original Penguin Solid Canvas Shorts

Warm weather may have come a long time ago for our southern based readers (or for that matter never left in the first place), but for those stationed on the East Coast, it’s just starting to come around. If pulling the shorts you wore last season out of hibernation however has you less than pleased…

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Get the Look of Linen Without the Fuss (Or Cost)

Banana Republic Relaxed Cotton/Linen Pants

Comprised of 54% linen and 46% cotton, these relaxed fit pants from Banana Republic ($70) are a great spring/summer option for staying clothed without sweltering. Made with just enough linen to capture the material’s breezy look while avoiding most of its tedious laundering issues, there’s no need to worry about what you get up to…

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Like Buttah...

Dockers Soft Khakis

I don’t exactly know when it happened. No, I don’t mean when the Saints and Colts became viable football powerhouses. What I don’t know is when khakis lost the “ubiquitous pants” battle to denim. In middle and high school, khakis ruled and jeans were trashy or too casual. Then, I woke up one morning and…

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Featuring The Omnipotent Seal of Good Fortune

Cordarounds Lucky Pants

According to Cordarounds, the new Lucky Pants can improve your luck by a whopping .007%. We haven’t had a pair long enough to test that claim out but we can say that these trousers, made of green velveteen and a unique gold lining, are incredibly comfortable, and that’s what you want to be when you’ve…

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A Southern Tradition Gets a Modern Touch Up

Vince Stretch Cotton Striped Seersucker Pants

Seersucker may conjure endless images of blue and white stripes in some of your heads, but that’s about to change. Released right in time for Spring, these Vince stretch cotton striped seersucker pants provide all of the cooling benefits of seersucker without looking like you raided Colonel Sanders closet. That’s because unlike their old school…