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Style Pick: Uniqlo Flannel Shirts

Walk into a Uniqlo and you inevitably overhear euphamisms like “great style, Old Navy prices” or “it’s like the IKEA of clothes”, but look beyond the obvious and you’ll discover a clever mix of timely and stylish wears at catchpenny prices. Their cashmere sweater sales redefine doorbuster and so long as you’re not seeking Italian…

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Style Pick: Left Field Heavy Loop Terry Crew

While its name may be a mouth full, Left Field’s new crew neck sweatshirts are hardly over done. A must have for the cold months of the year, the knits are cut and sewn in the US from 16 oz of cotton ring spun terry. Inspired by 1950’s Champion sweatshirts they feature a v-neck stitch with…

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Style Pick: Taylor Stitch x Buckshot Sonny’s Yosemite Shirt

The talented independent San Francisco outfitter Taylor Stitch has teamed up with Buckshot Sonny’s Sporting Goods to produce a limited run of incredibly soft, 100% organic cotton chamois shirts. Details like soft point collar, dual chest pockets, single button cuff, and a pleat-less design strike the right balance of comfort and casual looks. Available in…

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Style Pick: Eddie Bauer x Pendleton 1920 Collection Work Shirt

Named for the year Eddie Bauer first opened his store, this work shirt is made entirely from 100% Oregon-made Pendleton wool in archival patterns. Details include horn buttons. $130 |

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Blue Shirt Special

Ledbury Short Run Shirting

Fashion is constantly changing, but Paul and Paul (the gents behind Ledbury) decided to take it to another level. Instead of releasing something, say, every season, new Ledbury will be offering a new shirt every Tuesday at 11am. The project is called Short Run Shirting, and it serves as a creative outlet and opportunity for…

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Style Pick: Imogene + Willie Earl Bright Check Shirt

This 2-ply, loose-weave Japanese cotton shirt from Nashville, TN brand Imogene + Willie features a bright check pattern out on the outside, with a solid light blue interior. It’s also built to last, with triple needle construction, in homage to co-founder Matt’s great uncle who worked as a bulldozer operator by day and a hobbyist…

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Style Pick: Balibaris Limited Edition Stone-Washed Chambray Shirt

European upstart brand Balibaris offers their take on the fall classic by adding a tailored cut and a slimmer-fit. Made from premium chambray cotton, the addition of a slight sheen makes this shirt slightly more formal, which in this case, is a good thing. $125 | Balibaris

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Mountain Inspired, Man Approved

Mountain Khakis Teton Flannel Shirt

Mountain Khakis has quickly become one of our favorite outdoor apparel purveyors. While we’ve been busy wearing their pants during most of our outdoor pursuits, Mountain Khakis has been re-imagining a broader line of clothing. Newly released as part of their Fall collection, the Teton Flannel Shirt ($80) caught our eye. I know what you’re…

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Style Pick: Penfield Haverfill Cotton Plaid Shirt

Made from a warm, 100% cotton plaid and features bone style buttons throughout. The shirt features a large chest pocket, smaller utility pocket and an interior pocket. A shaped hem provides a contemporary look whilst maintaining a comfortable fit. $75 | Photo by Fred Castleberry

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Style Pick: Charles Tyrwhitt Marl Long Sleeve Polo

Not quite dressy, but certainly not sloppy, this classic fitting 100% pima cotton polo is great thing to have on hand for fall weekends. Distinguished by mother-of-pearl buttons, cuff detailing, and shirting fabric lining on the collar, cuffs, and placket — it’s not just another long sleeve polo. $70 |

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Finally, a casual technical tee

Sport Science Smarter Heather T-shirt

Yeah yeah, another technical t-shirt. Do we really need another wicking, breathable tee? If it’s from Sport Science ($22), the answer is yes. And here’s why. While this shirt does a fine job of pulling sweat off the skin to keep you cool but not clammy, that’s not what makes it special. No, what we…

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Style Pick: Fancy x Natural Super Malleus, Triquetra, & Veil shirts by Elena Gallen

Our friends over at the product community the Fancy have collaborated with the spanish artist Elena Gallen to create a limited set of shirts that are a far cry from your average t. Available for $49 a piece, grab one while supplies last and boost your indie art credibility through the roof. $49 |

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Patriotism to a Tee

Declaration Shirts

Having just celebrated this Nation’s birthday, our patriotism is running high and we recently stumbled upon just the tee shirts from Declaration ($24) to embody it. Inspired by our country’s struggle to become a free nation, Declaration draws from colonial heritage and American revolution themes for their designs. Themes that shaped the very foundation of…

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Better Shirt by Design

Tailor Threads

The adage, “clothes make the man” has never been our favorite, but neither has buying shirts off the rack. Luckily, the internet has rectified that and we’ve tested a newcomer throwing their digital pin cushion into the ring: Tailor Threads. Offering fabric options that run from standard fare to eye-popping patterns, you can work your…

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30 Minutes With: Christopher Bastin

Gant has a long-standing tradition of helping men look their best, but a recent rival effort has thrust the brand back into the spotlight of men’s fashion. Characterized by modern tweaks on classic americana stye bred in the collegiate atmosphere, the company has also just launched a new online store, enabling anyone with a mailing…

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Southern sensibility

Billy Reid at J.Crew

When we first got wind that two GP fashion staples, J.Crew and Billy Reid were teaming up for a small collection, we couldn’t wait to lay eyes on the results. With the collection landing just this week, we’re pleased to see Reid’s signature Southern workwear look further galvanized. It’s spot on. The small collection delivers…

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Well-tailored rights

J. Hilburn Tailored Clothing

Inalienable rights: life, liberty and the pursuit of tailored clothing. Thankfully, there are an ever-growing legion of off-the-rack fighters who hold the self-evident truths. Admittedly, former Wall Street warriors and co-founders Hil Davis and Veeral Rathod aren’t exactly the founding fathers of affordable tailored clothing, but using savvy business practices, fabrics sourced from the same…

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Famous for their game and mane

Nike Hair-itage Player Tees

Normally we avoid the funny t-shirt racket because our dorm room days are behind us. This new line of Hair-itage Tees ($20) just tugged too strongly at our inner sports fan to be ignored. The series features some of the most distinguished stashes, mullets, beards, and sideburns to ever grace the diamond, testing your knowledge…

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Get in touch with your inner waterman

Howler Brothers Shirts

You know that laid-back vibe that pervades among dive boat captains, fishing guides and surfers? It’s a sort of smug contentment that comes from being able to spend most days on, in or under the water in a warm climate. Well, that vibe is a little hard to emulate when you’re digging out from one…

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Spring simplicity

Hamilton 1883 Oxford

Even if your bear trap grip on the urban-woodsman look is as unrelenting as the next style-maven, use this Spring as a reason to ratchet things down a notch. The good news: if the Appalachian-wannabe in you is lost for options, many of the same go-to brands are (and have been) making great looking choices….

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You can't fake heritage

Bambu T-shirts

Drawing on 246 years of history, designer Sarah Saiger has created a line of t-shirts portraying iconic imagery from Bambu. Bambu produces some of the world’s finest rolling papers and having a couple centuries’ worth of marketing and advertising designs lends itself well to shirt print ideas. You don’t even have to be a tobacco…

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Black in time

Heller’s Cafe by Warehouse Sturdy Oak Workshirt at J.Crew

When you think of the term “workshirt,” your mind conjures up images of greasy, less-than-savory, unkempt garments used for tasks in the garage or under the engine compartment of your IROC-Z Camaro with Def Leppard playing in the background. Just don’t try that with the new Heller’s Cafe by Warehouse Sturdy Oak Workshirt ($335) sold…

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Thick and toasty

Chari x Outlier Chalk Stripe Overshirt

Outlier continues to crush it harder than David Ortiz circa 2004 (RIP). Their most recent addition, the Chalk Stripe Overshirt, comes from a collaboration with New York’s Chari & Co. The shirt is constructed from a “thick and toasty worsted wool that’s so soft we’re convinced there is some cashmere snuck in the mix” and…

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Your Sweater Alternative

Scotch and Soda Knitted Shirt

Not quite a jacket, and a little more than a shirt, this Knitted Shirt ($188) from Scotch and Soda is a unique winter wardrobe addition that’s bound to attract attention. Details we especially like are the double breasted pockets and checked shoulder patches which are definitely reminiscent of Penfield gear. Made from a wool nylon…

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Italian Envy

Glanshirt Madras Shirt

Every so often, a man needs a new shirt. Paralyzed by the jungle-like savagery of the average mall, most men fall back on a few classic brands that we are familiar with – Banana Republic, J. Crew, Polo, etc. While his style is infinitely more on-point, and his wardrobe impeccably tailored, the Italian man is…

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Perhaps It's Good To Be Biased

Biased Cut | Tailor Made Shirts

In our ongoing efforts to find the perfect custom shirt, Biased Cut threw in its ante and long story short, we’ve come away impressed. Purpose driven (affordable, custom shirt), Biased Cuts Tailor Made Shirts ($95+) purports that a shirt should fit the man, not the other way around. Familiar adage aside, if you’re like any…

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Brand Spotlight | JandHP Vintage

With classic Americana showing no sign of stepping down from its post as the king of trends (cases in point: Handsome American Footballs, J.Crew Denim Workshirt, and Coleman Steel Belted Cooler), there’s probably nothing more authentic than buying vintage. You could spend hours scouring thrift stores, repairing worn-out pieces and updating them for a more…

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Independently Styled

Taylor Stitch 4th of July Shirt

Launched just last year, Taylor Stitch focuses on getting men into shirts that fit both in the cut and in the wallet. Both which we appreciate. Starting with made to measure shirts, Taylor Stitch uses 14 measurements to build their custom shirts. That 44mm watch that never fits under your cuff? Put it in the…

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Not Your Typical Gator Shirt

Lacoste Red! Collection Short Sleeve Jersey Striped Polo

Solid polos are a men’s wardrobe staple when cool weather disappears but their look can get stale quickly when rotated in a little too often. Stripes aren’t that big of a differentiation, but the ability to mix them in with your current shirts can leave you looking a lot less like a pack of Crayolas….