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McILhenny fire

Tabasco Family Reserve Hot Sauce

Tabasco Family Reserve ($25) starts out life as the finest peppers grown on Tabasco’s Avery Island home, handpicked by the family. These superior specimens are then smashed and combined with Avery Island salt and set to age in white oak barrels for a minimum of three years. Certain amounts age for an additional five years…

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Putting the pop into popcorn

Biofuel Caffeinated Popcorn

Biofuel Caffeinated Popcorn ($3-8) is not the solution to the world’s energy problems, and it isn’t brewed from organic detritus. It is, however, a creative way to stave off afternoon narcolepsy. Taste-wise, Biofuel teeters between salty and sweet, a la Kettle corn, while packing a 150 to 200mg wallop of caffeine per bag (roughly two…

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From Shack to Stomach

Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co. Downeast Lobster Rolls & Whoopie Pies

Unless you’re fortunate enough to call the state of Maine home, tracking down a decent local lobster roll can be — to use the native vernacular — wicked haard. Thankfully, Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co. is around to help anyone with a mailing address indulge their crustacean cravings, granted they have the patience for overnight shipping….

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The name says it all

Kate’s Real Food Energy Bars

Energy bars are a staple for endurance athletes, outdoor adventurers and people too busy to stop for a proper meal. But even though they’ve been around for over twenty years, most still taste like cardboard and are sticky enough to be used to patch a rusted muffler in a pinch. Why can’t they taste like…

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Killing Guesswork Grilling

Steak Button Thermometer Set

Some men are grill-capable the day they leave the delivery room. Others have an uncanny ability to turn great cuts of meat into fresh sets of mud-terrains. If you or someone you know falls into the latter bucket, these Steak Button Thermometers ($20) will help. Their big, easy to read dials are essentially idiot-proof, even…

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Here's One Club Where the Dues Are Worth It

Zingerman’s Bacon of the Month Club (Sponsored)

We all know that bacon is the proper foundation to any good diet. Zingerman’s Bacon of the Month Club ($99) is the easiest way we’re aware of to insure your bacon stockpile never runs out. Available in three or six month options, signing up guarantees you’ll receive a 12 to 16 ounce package of artisan…

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Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid.

Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper Products

Are you drinking straight from the gallon jar of Tabasco without even flinching? Then why not upgrade to cooking with the Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper. As the hottest pepper on the planet, it only has a Scoville heat rating of 1,041,427 — which happens to be over three times hotter than the Habanero and over…

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Not for Marshmallows

Hyper-Caffeinated Coffee-Flavored Marshmallows

The concept of Hyper-Caffeinated Coffee-Flavored Marshmallows ($6) is just plain dangerous. Why deal with guzzling over 16 oz of piping hot coffee, or down one of the billion or so energy drinks brands out there if you could get the same effects from popping a cloud of sugary goodness? Yes, these will power-destroyers are packed…

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Dinner Is Served

Destination Dinners Recipe Kits

The biggest bone we have to pick with Food Network personalities — or any telegenic chef for that matter — is how much easier cooking looks when their ingredients are already on hand and nicely organized by an army of production minions. “Now just take seven- and-a-half peeled edamame beans wrapped in pancetta and mix…

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Handle Me Cookware

We try to avoid talking about conceptual products on GP mainly because teasing cool things that might not be commercially developed can be frustrating to the gear obsessed – aka us. This Handle Me Cookware series was just so damn good looking though we had to make an exception. It’s the brain child of the…

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Where Grilling Meets German Efficiency

Bob Grillson Holzpellet Grill

Meat searing monuments like the Weber Ranch Kettle charcoal grill will always hold a special place in our carnivore hearts, but there’s something strangely attractive about the idyllic vision of grilling painted by the Holzpellet grill from Bob Grillson ($7,470). Ok, so maybe it’s just this German beauty’s magnetizing lines. Or maybe it’s just Bob’s…

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Out of sight

Sightglass Coffee

Like food, great coffee is often created slowly. That means, everything from harvesting to brewing is done so with care — something mass brewers and roasters have a hard time with. Guilty verdict for Starbucks. Based in San Francisco, Sightglass Coffee is an independent company founded and run by two brothers (Jerad and Justin Morrison)…

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Slab you silly

Rendezvous Ribs Combo Package

Dry rub or wet rub? A debate probably best left for another time. In the meanwhile, how about a third option: ‘Vous ribs. Based in Memphis, TN, Rendezvous Ribs has been serving up ribs to generations of Memphis residents, but you don’t have to be located in area code 901 to enjoy yourself a slab…

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Bowled Over

Lékué Steam Roaster

A brand new bowl probably isn’t at the top of your Christmas list this year, nor will it ever be. The Lékué Steam Roaster by Compeixalaigua Design Studio ($40) sports a cool enough design that we’d at least appreciate finding it under the tree. Made from 100% “Platinum” silicone, its ideal use case involves a…

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Holy Cacao

Compartes Black Collection Chocolates

We don’t come across too many sweet treats worth sharing, but after learning that the Compartes Black Collection ($30-$55) is made with ingredients like Guiness and 15-year-old Macallan, we found ourselves unable to hold back. At their base, each chocolate truffle set is made from fair trade single-origin chocolate ganache. They’re then differentiated by a…

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Sodium Never Tasted So Good

The Meadow Smoked Salt Set

You don’t need us to explain how salt can add flavor to your food. That said, we’re guessing you didn’t know about this Smoked Salt Set ($58) from The Meadows. The set contains six 1.2 oz jars packed with some of the most exotic salts on the planet. The salts are then smoked to add…

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Get Your Fry On Anywhere

Timber Ridge Backyard Host Deep Fryer

The time for outdoor cooking may be slipping away, but with Thanksgiving right around the corner there’s certainly one compelling reason, if you don’t already have thousands, for keeping a deep fryer waiting in the wings.

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Total Calories: 2,803,995

Shelf Reliance Thrive 1 Year Food Supply for Family of Five

We’ll never condone apocalyptic paranoia, but as our ultimate bug out bag article suggested, there’s nothing wrong with a little preparation..or a lot. The Shelf Reliance Thrive 1-Year food supply ($5,500) is one product that could keep you and four other family members fed for a year should the unthinkable occur. Since all the food…

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North Of The Border

The Brooklyn Salsa Company

It’s easy to get suckered into buying salsa by Newman’s doe-eyes, but everyone needs a change now and then to spice things up. The 5 Boroughs salsa from The Brooklyn Salsa Company ($6), each named for one of the five boroughs, range from mild (Manhattan) to hot (Brooklyn). Fitting. Each borough brings its own twist…

The Publican
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Swine Sublime

The Publican Restaurant

Aside from exotic cars, sports and beautiful women, beer and pork rank high on the list of things that occupy significant brain space for most red-blooded men. Combine these modern day nectar and ambrosia with a massive, communal walnut table set up in a racetrack style, along with warm globe lighting suspended from the ceiling…

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Homemade & Hand-Delivered in NYC

MilkMade Ice Cream

Tucked away in a tiny corner of Queens, homemade ice cream is being made using only the highest quality, locally sourced, and occasionally unorthodox ingredients. But while words like “artisanal” and “sustainability” may make you feel warm, fuzzy, and socially responsible, they don’t necessarily make your mouth water. So here are some words that do:…

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Buns, To-Go

Wao Bao

Mall-bound, Asian fast food is usually associated with one word: heartburn. An unfortunate thing considering there are so many delicious options, like piping-hot Asian buns. Chicago based Wao Bao is raising the stakes with their healthy, hot buns (no, not the wait staff). Everything Wao Bao serves is steamed and free of Trans-fats. The highlight…

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Still Too Cool for Redman

Big League Chew | 30th Anniversary

Without the fanfare that we would expect, this summer marks the 30th Anniversary of a childhood favorite – Big League Chew. While there are (unfortunately) no special commemorative packs or fanfare, such an iconic product deserves celebration. For many, Big League Chew was almost as integral to Little League Baseball (or Softball) as cleats, baseball…

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We Like the Way You Season

Susie Q’s Red Label Santa Maria Valley Seasoning

Instead of the customary salt & pepper, amp up your steaks, burgers, veggies, fish (my preferred protein of choice: salmon) with Susie Q’s Brand Red Label Santa Maria Valley Style Seasoning ($6). Comprised of a blend of salt, cracked black pepper, parsley, and garlic without any fake flavor enhancers like MSG, it amps up flavor…

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The Name Says it All

Marinis Chocolate Covered Bacon

There’s really not much to say about this product outside of the fact that it’s Chocolate Covered Bacon ($18 per pound) that can be shipped overnight to satisfy your worst cravings. Made by Marinis Chocolate in Santa Cruz, it starts with hickory smoked bacon and cooked until golden & crispy then involves smoothing on a…

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Gametime Eats

Dale & Thomas Father’s Day Gift Crate

Amp up dad’s sports time munchies with a Dale & Thomas Father’s Day Gift Crate ($65). The solid wood crate is packed with 12 savory and sweet popcorn bags good for 2-4 people, or one football game. Flavors include (gluten-free): Hall of Fame Kettle Corn, Southwest Cheddar Chiptole (our fave), Dale’s Caramel, North Country Cheddar,…

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Chocolate on the Fringe

Komforte Chockolates

Unlike women, men don’t like to advertise that they have an addiction to chocolate. Therefore we felt compelled to share these interesting American made treats for all of our readers a sweet tooth who prefer to remain unnamed. Komforte Chockolates ($2.99) are available in a mish mash of options that are designed to combine the…

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Otherwise Known as Deep-Fried Dough

Café Du Monde Beignet Mix

Based on the attention you all gave to the King Aurthur Flour Mini Doughnut Maker, we figured we’d share more with you in deep-fried goodness department. Anyone who has been to New Orleans and followed a guide books instructions has probably sampled the delicious offerings of Café Du Monde. If you enjoyed the experience, there’s…

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Meet the Classic Spread on a Whole New Level

Peanut Butter & Co All Natural Peanut Butter

Hailing from the heart of Greenwich Village in New York City, Peanut Butter & Co in many ways epitomizes the ridiculousness of the metropolis’s restaurant scene. After all this restaurant has made a name for itself for the most part serving all kinds of peanut butter sandwiches, from your classic PB & J to the…

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Humidifiers Aren't Just For Your Home

Moistly Grilled Cast Iron Grill Humidifier

It may be February, but we’re already chomping at the bit to fire up that grill and there’s never a better time to start getting prepared for the 2010: The Year Of Meat (unofficial Gear Patrol declaration). Instead of the “fire + ribeye = dinner” why not use this year to take what you already…