Racing Into the Sunset

Jeff Gordon on Retirement, Race Day and Driving to Win

Jeff Gordon recently announced his impending retirement from NASCAR. We caught up with him for a few questions about the keys to his consistent driving success, what he's learned during his 23-year career, and where his competitive fire is headed after he officially retires.

Chauffeur Not Included

Opulence and Octane in the Mercedes-Maybach S600

There's something dubious about driving a $189,350 car down a farm road at speeds nearly double the legal limit. It's risky. It's reckless. It's illegal. But in this car, it feels absolutely right -- or, at the least, entirely possible.

Driving Volvo's V60 Cross Country

The Rugged Station Wagon’s Next Act

With the new XC90 and excellent V60 and S60, it's no secret that Volvo's going through a bit of a renaissance these days. We headed to California to see if the ruggedized and raised V60 Cross Country is following that trend and if it could possibly be worth the asking price.

For the 1% of the 1%

Supercharging the Range Rover Supercharged

Ares Atelier took one the most popular luxury SUVs -- the Range Rover Supercharged -- to even greater heights. It's a bit like taking the silver spoon and replacing it with a platinum one, but the result, either way, is beautiful.

The father of the modern supercar

The Gilded Glory of the Lamborghini Miura

In the pantheon of automotive design, there exist but a few gods whose thrones will likely never be usurped -- the Lamborghini Miura staunchly occupies one of those glorious gilded chairs.

Red Bull's Frozen Rush is Unlike Any Other Motorsport

Dashing Through the Snow, in a 900 Horsepower Sleigh

75 miles north of Portland, Maine lies the small, secluded town of Newry. Come early January you can hear the savage howl of racing V8s resonate through the snow as the Red Bull Frozen Rush comes roaring into town.