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How to Armagedd-it-on

Mercedes-Benz Zetros 6×6 Custom

Someday in the not-too-distant future, you may have to rely on your wits and your skills rather than rest on the creature comforts in your life to survive. Then again, maybe not. All you may need to do is get your grubby mitts on a custom hunting variant of the Mercedes-Benz Zetros 6×6. This vehicular…

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Flame Off

Amatoya ATV

In purely concept form right now, the Amatova ATV, from designer Liam Ferguson, gives us a vision into what first-line fire-fighting could look like in the near future. More like something out of the ‘Terminator’ series than out of your local firehouse, the Amatova houses 2 passengers in a high-visibility cockpit and can liquid Howitzer…

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Swiss UAV KOAX X-240

If Apple built a UAV what would it look like? Well, it might look something like the Swiss UAV KOAX X-240. Winner of a 2010 Red Dot Design Award, Swiss UAV has been focused on developing smaller sized vertical take-off (think: helicopter) unmanned aerial vehicles for use by civilians and militaries. Partnered with Saab Aerospace,…

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F1 Sledding

Stiga Snow Racer

Feel like the Porsche Tobogan is too expensive? Or maybe the Mountain Boy Sledworks Boggan is to traditional for your tastes. Then consider this as a third option: the Stiga Snow Racer ($125+). The Snow Racer breeds traditional toboggan design with race-like components including a shock absorber, polyethylene seat and skis, steering wheel, high-tensile steel…

Yamaha Apex SE
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Snow Speeder

2011 Yamaha Apex SE Snowmobile

Your motorcycle is in winter storage. Your ATV is fun with tire chains but fails to provide anything resembling blistering speed in the snow. The luge is clearly not an option. Say hello to your maniacal turbo sled, the new 2011 Yamaha Apex SE ($14,949) With increased torque and top speed from its more refined…

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Four-wheelin' fangs

Cectek KingCobra ATV

Cectek, known for their badass Quadrift four-wheel motorcycle also has a lesser known, but equally indomitable brother, the KingCobra ATV ($11,000). The four-wheeler features a trail bombing liquid cooled 500 cc engine desiged for optimum performance throughout its powerband and over-enginnered features like extra large disc brakes, locking rear differential, fully-adjustable independent suspension and continuously…

EB Airstream_gear_patrol
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Not Exactly Slumming It

2011 Eddie Bauer Airstream Travel Trailer

Eddie Bauer has teamed up with our favorite RV maker to create a special edition of the iconic silver bullet. The 25-foot luxury collaboration features a customized Eddie Bauer interior detailed with maple and soapstone laminates, quilted bedding and Sunbrella upholstery. A unique rear sport hatch also makes loading and unloading outdoor gear like bikes…

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Tony Hawk Meets Tank

2011 MXB Shocker Motocross Board

The 2011 MXB Shocker Motocross Board ($2,999) is designed to be a different kind of fun on wheels from the usual small-motored toys guys often buy. Weighing 74lbs and featuring a 48-volt brush-less motor capable of producing nearly 5 lb/ft of torque and reaching a top speed of 35 mph (with tweaking), think of it…

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Oh The DTV Shredder? You Wouldn't Be Interested in That

BPG-Werks DTV Shredder

Like the Mattracks Powerboard Snow Scooter we shared a while back, the BPG-WERKS DTV Shredder is a scooter even Dolph Lundgren would love. Designed by MIT graduate Ben Gulag, this motorized vehicle sports a pair of tank treads instead of wheels, giving it ludicriously good off-road performance for both military and extreme sports uses. Riders…

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King of the Road? Try Sultan

Futuria Sports Caravan

Why should all the yacht owners get to be the only ones having all of the fun? At least that seems to be the question Futuria seems to be asking. So for the super wealthy who happen to be water averse, they’ve created the Futuria Sports Caravan. Touted as a yacht on wheels, this 36-foot…

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Home Away from Nowhere

Jeep Extreme Trail Edition Camper

Sure, you may want to ascend a 45° rock-grade in your Jeep, but that doesn’t mean you want to sleep on crag. For the bed-spoiled off-roader, Jeep is introducing a new lineup of off-road utility and camping trailers to pair up with their ruggedly handsome lineup of Rubicon Wranglers (not that you have to). The…

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John Deere Green Black

John Deere Gator XUV 620i Special Edition

Few things stoke our vehicular lusts like unabashed utility, and the John Deere Gator XUV 620i Special Edition ($11,999) brute delivers it in spades. In addition to the standard features of Deere’s full line of Gator utility vehicles, this 620i offers a laundry list of finishes that will make your imported, garage-dwelling whip John Deere…

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The Cart Goes Car

Garia LSV Concept Golf Car

Rodney Dangerfield thought his cart in Caddy Shack gave him a license to go anywhere, but he was rich, cocky, and drunk. What he really needed to match his ego is this concept “car” scheduled to be presented at the famous Geneva auto show. Garia is already known for their opulent golf carts, and the…

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For a New Kind of Fun in Snow

Mattracks Powerboard Snow Scooter

Move over old toboggan, it’s time for a better way to get your kicks in the snow. Built by Mattracks, known for providing custom rubber track conversion systems for 4X4 vehicles, the Mattracks Powerboard is a new kind of snow machine that combines the rubber track “wheels” of a snowmobile (or snow machine, if you’re…

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Three Wheel'en in Style

The Auto Moto

Rolling up in a scooter generally won’t turn any heads. You may garner a few looks, but not the kind you’re looking for. If on, the other hand, you’re behind the wheel handlebars of an Auto Moto, people will take note.

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A Great Looking Watch with a Rather Famous Fan

Jorg Gray 6500 Commemorative Edition Chronograph Watch

I’m not ashamed to admit that, compared to several of Gear Patrol’s other staffers, my knowledge of timepieces is limited. For instance, Brian’s primer on upgrading your watch knowledge was a revelation, and frankly I appreciated someone stating all the basics in such an easy to consume fashion. That said, based on my brief exposure…

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Thin Ice Has Met Its Match

Wilcraft Amphibious Ice Fishing & Hunting Vehicle

Hunting is a primal activity that often requires participants to venture deep into unknown terrain in search of sport. For ice fisherman, and winter game hunters, the need to travel over frozen lakes makes their endeavor particularly dangerous. Miscalculations on what the ice can hold has resulted in countless accidents and deaths over the decades….

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Summer Picks From An Up and Coming Brand

Number:Lab 2-Layer Jersey Polo

Summer’s here, and you’re in need of a wardrobe upgrade. Toss the tattered college tee and go with a modern crew neck t-shirt or polo. Whether you layer them on for a cool night or wear one alone in the doldrums of summer, you’ll look sharp with a well-fitted (not tight) shirt. Here are a…

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Alurunner Sled

What do you get when you mix a a classic Radio Flyer ski sled, some aluminum polycarbonate, German engineering, and what we imagine to be an idea born from beer? You get stories that legends are made of. That and/or the Alurunner Sled. The Alurunner is an adrenaline-inducing vehicle that will bomb through snow faster…

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Track Trailer TVAN

Kicking Ass and Taking Gear Rain nor snow nor river nor mud shall stop thy Track Trailer Tvan. The best way we can summarize the Track Traile TVAN is a Winnebago for the rugged man. With features like like a military specification suspension, Koni shock absorbers, three modes of camper deployment, roll-out stainless steel kitchen,…

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Venturi Eclectic Electro-Solar Vehicle

Energy Autonomous Ride With Atonomous Styling Round up the wagons Maggie, we’re goin’ green (Stephane Foulon) Before you yell “what the f**k” at your monitor, think about this for a second… the Venturi Eclectic is a energy-free vehicle. It doesn’t require a drop of gasoline, ever. Its self-powered. Additional information and photos after the jump.

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Tailgating Innovations Custom Trailer

Suddenly, you’ve found justification for owning a gas-guzzling SUV The gridiron season is upon us, finally. Are you geared up? Are you ready for the greatest right as an American man? Are you ready for tailgating? Land a touchdown before kick-off with Tailgating Innovations‘ Custom Tailgating Trailer. You’ll have satellite television piped through it’s 47…

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SuperATV GK-40 Go-Kart

Every guy wants another excuse for having a few hundred acres of untethered property. In my book, SuperATV’s GK-40 is another perfect reason. The 800 CC 3-cylinder watercooled engine and 4 speed transmission will propel you and another passenger across any terrain with ease. This isn’t just your local fun park go-kart either. It’s a…

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John Deere X749 Ultimate Tractor

I see two things here: 1) Grass’ worst enemy and 2) Neighborhood envy at it’s finest. If you own any more than 2 square yards of grass then mowing is a chore. Like any good man your desire to turn chores into sweet sweet fun is inherent and there’s no better way to make that…

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Cirbin V13r 3-Wheeled Roadster

[click on image to enlarge] We’re not sure where to start with this thing. It conjures up nostalgic hot rod feelings, mixes them up with a pinch of superbike then mashes that with one major dallop of WTF. We suppose that’s what you get when you mix a fiberglass body molded into a retro shape…

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Gibbs Technologies Quadski

[click on image to enlarge] Amphibious technology has been around for quite a long time, dating back to the propeller-powered Amphicar of the 1960s, but never before has there been a swimming vehicle that could compete with singular-purpose vehicles. Along came a British company called Gibbs with the intention to blow the competitors out of…

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GG Motoradtechnik Quad

[click on image to enlarge] This is one of those instances where the product description best describes what you’re looking at. Read on: “Aggressive headlights, like the eyes of a jungle cat set to pounce, powerfully supported by four wheels, with a lean, exciting waist and a very special rear section. The GG-Quad from Grüter…

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2008 Arctic Cat Crossfire 1000 Sno Pro

[click on image to enlarge and view other angles] Carefully place your right hand on the trigger, promise to whomever you need to promise that you won’t be crazy, then rip right through earth laden snow with a hell bound fury as 1000 cubic centimeters of engine displacement send all 160+ horsepower to the 15″…

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2008 Polaris Ranger RZR 800 Series

You’re looking at the only side-by-side of it’s kind. We’re itching to get ourselves into some behind-the-wheel to really see if it’s claim of outclassing, outaccellerating, outmaneuvering all ther atv’s in this class. With more clearance and capabilities than some of the best SUV’s out there, we’re sure this vehicle will be a blast. Specs:…

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Spyder BRP Can-Am

An entirely new approach at top-down driving, the Spyder fuses the thrills of a motorcycle with top down roadster approachability. Using a revolutionary 3-wheeled stance, the Spyder is built around an SST frame that minimizes flex and keeps a low center of gravity for enhanced stability and handling. Further, it features: 106hp V-Twin Rotax engine…