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From Small Town, USA

Newton Custom Built Dive Boats

Nestled quietly amidst the shores of the Louisiana coast in Slidell, LA, Newton Boats has been hard at work constructing custom boats designed to cater to individuals wants and needs since 1982. With a fleet ranging from custom dive boats to patrol and research vessels, Newton’s attention to detail has propelled the company to into…

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Green Means Go

Silveira Customs Green Samba Personal Watercraft

To equate the electric Silveira Customs Green Samba Personal Watercraft ($TBD) to a Tesla on water is the equivalent of an editorial shortcut, but the likeness is just too easy to pass. Similar to a sport bike, the Green Samba’s semi-prone layout is designed to feel like an extension of the driver’s body. On water,…

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One Sailboat To Go, Please

Smartkat Inflatable Catamaran

What goes 12 knots, has a 15+ foot mast, carries 4 passengers, and deflates into two airline check-able duffel bags? One hint: see above. The 92.5 pound Smartkat Inflatable catamaran ($5,999) is a masted vessel made of two inflatable PVC pontoons, modular anodized frame, and a Dyneema mast and boom that, despite it’s portability and…

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High Visibility Watercraft

Transparent Canoe

Constructed of transparent Lexan the Transparent Canoe/Kayak ($1,475) measures just over 11′ in length and is designed for comfort with a wide water displacement with lower deck seating (adjustable). Carrying two people (up to 425 lbs) in high visibility comfort, the see-through skiff won’t satisfy our hard-core enthusiasts, but the Transparent Canoe isn’t just novelty…

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Flying A Gulfstream? So Last Year. How About Flying In the Gulf Stream.

Virgin Necker Nymph | DeepFlight Merlin Underwater Plane

For the paltry sum of $661,000 (and change), you too can join Sir Richard Branson in your own Necker Nymph Underwater. The Necker Nymph (named after Branson’s Caribbean luxury rental, Necker Island) is a fifth generation winged submersible in the DeepFlight Merlin class, created by Hawkes Ocean Technologies Deep Flight Submersibles. The carbon fiber craft…

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The Big and Tall Shop of Water-Worthy Vessels

Pygmy Boats Borealis XL Kayak

By Gear Patrol Reader Chris Hoffman: As a guy that does a fair share of kayaking, I’ve seen the inside of more than a few vessels. The Borealis XL is one of more stunning craft you’ll find in the world of kayaking. The XL designation, is as you expect for more “substantial” men (230 –…

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Riva 92′ Duchessa Megayacht

Beautiful Passengers Not Included…Yet If you’ve got millions lying around in your “toy” fund this year, we’d suggest cleaning it out on this. In the world of yachting, the Riva name speaks for itself, so you need not worry about getting anything less than the finest in Italian design and engineering. Plus, at 92 feet,…

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Fearless 28 Yacht by Porsche Design

You think you have a sweet speed boat? Great. Now you don’t. At least not with this beautiful monster on the waters. From the same guys that bring you the 911 GT3 RS, Porsche design mashed up with Fearless Yachts to create the Fearless 28. What is the Fearless 28 you may ask? Well according…

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Sea-Doo Seascooter Explorer

The idea of scuba diving around underwater passing coral reefs and other exotic life is appealing. The idea of scuba diving without any effort is even more appealing. The new underwater scooter from Sea-Doo is a compact and lightweight dive propulsion vehicle from powered by a rechargeable battery. It is pre-set with three speeds that…

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Kawasaki Ultra 250x Jet-Ski

The Kawasaki Ultra 250X markes its place as the quickest and most powerful production PWC in history. The supercharged Ultra 250X delivers 250 horsepower for astonishing acceleration that can be felt in the rider’s soul. Once up to speed, its precise handling and superb stability are equally impressive, thanks to a brand-new hull specifically designed…

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2007 Wallypower 118 Motor Yacht

Don’t call it a speedboat, but could you imagine yourself on the lake being pulled by this? It’s doubtful that the boat even has a tow-rope latch but it sure would be an experience, so long as it didn’t rip your arms off. There’s really not much further way to explain this thing other than…