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A Different Kind of Backup Plan

HitchSafe Vault

The HitchSafe Vault ($70) may not be relevant to those of you lucky enough to drive something like the 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca, but if your whip has a tow hitch, then it may come in handy just when you need it most. That’s because this solid steel vault is designed to…

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Get The Cure For Your Ailing Auto


It is never a good thing when the “Check Engine” light is glowing at you from the dashboard – is it going to be a $50 fix, or a $500 setback? And is the repair shop really being honest about the problem and the price? If you’ve ever had these thoughts, you’ll be glad to…

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Cupholders, Check. Power Windows, Check. Wi-Fi, Check.

Autonet Mobile Router

Your car provides you freedom and, though you may prefer your car to take you away from the trappings of technology, sometimes you need stable internet access whilst road tripping (be it for work, family trips, or the Gear Patrol RSS feed). Autonet turns your car into the local Starbucks (sans lattes) by creating a…

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Ice Ice Baby

Michelin X-Ice Xi2 Tires

Michelin (Tire, not Stars, but the same company) has a new winter tire, and it’s shaping up to be one of the best out this year. Providing as much ice and snow-prowling capabilities without forgoing every bit of gas mileage you pay dearly for ,the Michelin X-Ice Xi2 is just as good serving as your…

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Say No To Paycheck Burning Speeding Tickets

Valentine One Radar Detector

It’s nearly impossible to search for a radar detector online (or elsewhere for that matter) without turning up gobs of tests, opinions, and other information. Taken as a whole body of research, one unit stands out above all the rest – Valentine One. The V1 radar detector has been the benchmark for other detectors for…

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Dirty Cars Be Afraid... Very Afraid

Metropolitan Vac N’ Blo Auto Vacuum

This thing really sucks. Sorry, I couldn’t resist – cheesy and obvious. Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Company got their start in 1939 (Happy 70th Anniversary) and has grown into a multidivisional company with market share in pet grooming and drying, computer maintenance, inflators/deflators as well as car, bike, and floor care products. The Metro Vac N…

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A Better Way To Carry Your Gear

Yakima LoadWarrior

Spring is in the air and with Spring comes the great outdoors, or in the case of urban living – helping people move into new apartments. Time to break out the Yakima LoadWarrior and increase the load capacity of Gear Patrol’s Land Rover LR2. Thus, it’s a perfect opportunity to review Yakima’s cargo carrier.

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Dirty Windshields Be Damned

Rain-X Latitude Wiper Blade

The Northeast is absolute hell on a car during the winter. The roads are saltier than a chicken Parmesan sandwich, subjecting a vehicle’s paint and undercarriage to the corroding salt. Worse yet, the constant drizzle mixed with salt means cars are perpetually coated in a fine layer of salty chicken cutlets crud. Not only is…

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Prestone Ice & Frost Shield

Those of you in arid Southern states or tropical climes, read no further. This review is for those men who brave winter’s wrath. And rumor has it that the groundhog saw his shadow, so we’re in for a lot more of it. As GP’s man in the frozen north, I agreed to take one for…

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KMH Trac Vision A7

Back Seat Drive? Not When You Can Back Seat Watch. It’s no fun having Jeeves drive while you’re sober, if it means missing your shows. Ten years ago, you were living the high life if you had a DVD player in your car. Now the standards have changed. This is America, a.k.a the land of…

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Tailgating Innovations Custom Trailer

Suddenly, you’ve found justification for owning a gas-guzzling SUV The gridiron season is upon us, finally. Are you geared up? Are you ready for the greatest right as an American man? Are you ready for tailgating? Land a touchdown before kick-off with Tailgating Innovations‘ Custom Tailgating Trailer. You’ll have satellite television piped through it’s 47…

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Stant Locking Gas Cap

Your car is equipped with anti-theft measures. It’s equipped with a security system. But is it equipped with a locking gas cap? Hmm, that may have made you think twice. Everyone knows gas prices are climbing faster than the 1990’s New York Stock Exchange. Avoid fuel theft with a cost effective safety measure. The Stant…

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Dash Express

The Dash Express is a new level of car GPS/navigation units. It’s Dash Driver network selects your route based on up-to-the-minute traffic data that is automatically and anonymously exchanged via the most reliable source&emdash;other Dash devices.t will find virtually anything using Yahoo! Local search to find unlimited points of interest&emdash;people, places, products and services&emdash;based on…

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Wallet Ice Scraper

Made of 304 grade stainless steel, this light ice scraper card will take on the nastiest of ice and frost without taking up a nick of space in your wallet or car. Those of you living a life without the car might be so inclined to have it engraved as a business card no one…

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Gameday Customs Ultimate Tailgate

It’s Fall and Fall means football. Football means tailgating and tailgating means food folks and fun. Make your tailgate the true show with Gameday Customs’ Ultimate Tailgate. The 14k price tag may not be easy to swallow, but read on to see what you get. 26″ LCD TV Satellite Dish CD/DVD Player 1000 Watt Generator…

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Polizei 144 Patrol Jacket

All-weather jacket with reflective stripes and removable lining, as worn on the Gumball and Bullrun events. About Polizei 144: Polizei 144, founded by extreme rallysport champion Alexander Roy, features eye-catching and stylish leather racing jackets for men and women. The jackets, which are inspired by new and vintage police uniforms from around the world, bear…