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Keep Calm and Read On

12 New Books for the The Definitive Men’s Library

We figured the best way to decide the 100 best books for men was to imagine ourselves as audience members: What did we want to read? The answer we discovered was simply something we'll enjoy. Well, now we've made some amendments, because our tastes have changed. So check out the list once again -- and as always, read with pleasure.

Driving Volvo's V60 Cross Country

The Rugged Station Wagon’s Next Act

With the new XC90 and excellent V60 and S60, it's no secret that Volvo's going through a bit of a renaissance these days. We headed to California to see if the ruggedized and raised V60 Cross Country is following that trend and if it could possibly be worth the asking price.

Love Lessons This February

A Last-Minute Guide to Winning Valentine’s Day

Another Valentine's Day is just around the bend and you've probably got a few questions. Roses or peonies? Cook dinner or splash out on fine dining? Five-pound bag of conversation hearts, Russell Stover strawberries dipped in chocolate, or Momofuku Milk Bar truffles? We've got answers, and where we had only guesses we consulted the experts: a florist, a watch connoisseur, a cookbook author and some truly remarkable women.

Not To Be Mixed With Ginger Beer

Tasting Gosling’s Family Reserve Old Rum

The Gosling's Family Reserve Old Rum is a far cry from the stuff you used to hammered back at the frat house. This high-end elixir is aged longer -- much longer -- and is judged against cognac and high-end bourbon whiskey.

Have Fins, Will Travel

Three Diving Adventures to Plan Today

Swimming with Caribbean reef sharks, exploring the Northern Hemisphere’s largest barrier reef, or exploring WWII wrecks may sound daunting, but whether you have three days or two weeks, there's time enough for one of these adventures.

Go Forth And Relax

15 Winter Cabins on Airbnb for a Quick Escape

The good news: Airbnb has endless options for a quick, frequent flyer mile-burning vacation. The bad news: with so many choices you're just as likely to end up sleeping in the back of some guys Tesla for$85/night than living out your winter cabin dreams in the perfect hideaway. We've sifted through the chaff to find the perfect winter cabins for any type of getaway.

Unless You Like the Pat Down

5 Fast Tips to Make Travel Easier

Whether you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile, staying in a hotel or a vacation rental (or just going on a day trip), you can lessen your stress with the following tips, apps, services and devices.

For Her, With Love

14 Gifts for Valentine’s Day

This year, don't leave Valentine's Day gifts to a last-minute dinner reservation and deli-bought chocolates. A woman never forgets. Surprise her with something special and show that you care.

What's New, Now

Today in Gear: February 5, 2015

A Ferrari V8 gets a turbo, America gets the Ford Focus RS, the Porsche Cayman gets more power, denim bike seats from Brooks England and more.

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Myth, mystery and history 90 minutes away

72 Hours in Bermuda

Bermuda is more than a summer getaway. The volcanic archipelago is rich in history, mystery, adventure, golf and art that has inspired Georgia O’Keeffe, Homer Winslow and John Lennon.

For the 1% of the 1%

Supercharging the Range Rover Supercharged

Ares Atelier took one the most popular luxury SUVs -- the Range Rover Supercharged -- to even greater heights. It's a bit like taking the silver spoon and replacing it with a platinum one, but the result, either way, is beautiful.