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Discover Nature at the Speed of the Internet

8 Essential Apps for the Hiker

Next time you head into the wilderness, track your hikes and learn about nature and survival skills with these apps.

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From Major Manufacturers to Artisan Crafters

A Guide to Portland’s Knifemakers

The Rose City is known for more than just beer, bikes and sporting goods. Portland is also making some of the best blades in the country.

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Exploring Chile's Northern Desert

Adventures in the Atacama

Surrounded by the Andes and billed as the driest place on Earth, the Atacama desert is one of the most extreme corners of the globe.

No Revenant Reenactments, Hopefully

Essentials for Staying Alive in the Wild

Fighting for your life out in the wilderness is a worst-case scenario for most. If you head out into the wild to go hiking or camping, it's best you go prepared.

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