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4 Steps To Being a Better Man

Beyond being a product review site, we at Gear Patrol have been striving to create a community of men that (for lack of a better term) help men. We don’t draw the line at simply hashing out the best insights into the products we cover, but we extend that mantra to life in general. We’ve…

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Be A Better Man In 30 Days | Day 27: Bring More to Your Relationship

Relationships are not easy, in fact, if you don’t work at them constantly, they breakdown. The longer you’re in a committed relationship the easier it is to take it for granted. It’s sad, but true. We don’t profess to be experts in love but we do think our life experiences have revealed a few tips…

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Be A Better Man In 30 Days | Day 26: Know Your Firearms (and How to Use Them)

Disclaimer: GP is well aware that the subject of firearms and their use can be sensitive or controversial for some. It’s important to note that articles, like this, are opinions and experiences of our crew members and reader submissions. Whether your personal beliefs reside in one camp or another, we’re firm supporters of being educated…

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Be a Better Man in 30 Days | Day 25: Upgrade Your Furniture

Many of you Gear Patrol readers may own antique furniture that has been passed down through generations of your family. Think of the quality that must be engineered into furnishings such as these, in order that they survive decades (or even centuries) of use. I grew up around the furniture business (my father was a…

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Be a Better Man in 30 Days | Day 24: Upgrade Your Watch Knowledge

By Brian Huang and Gear Patrol Reader Ty Alley: We at Gear Patrol love watches. There’s no doubt that we have a fascination with timepieces here. While we enjoy talking about and introducing you to all manner of watches, we realize that not everyone understands the terminology involved. Similar to how we introduced you to…

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Be a Better Man in 30 Days | Day 23: Upgrade Meal Time

Today we tackle a domain over which all men love to preside… meal time. Somewhere, somehow the expectation has develop that real men eat steak and potatoes and always go back for seconds. Our culture has been inundated with processed foods, preservatives, and all manor of things that are intended to make food cheap and…

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Be A Better Man in 30 Days | Day 22: Know How To Write and Communicate Well

By Guest Writer and Outdoor Enthusiast Roger Dawkins There’s a guy that I occasionally bump into in the street who finishes every sentence by saying, “…you know what I mean?” It drives me crazy. I find myself thinking, “No, I don’t know what you mean and asking me if I know what you mean doesn’t…

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Be a Better Man in 30 Days | Day 21: Know How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Every generation has its defining crisis, a moment in history where hostile elements are tensely opposed to the max and shit’s going down one way or the other. As you can imagine, for each circumstance there is a decisive call to action – one that requires more than some emotionally dramatic upheaval. The proper response…

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Be a Better Man in 30 Days | Day 20: Upgrade Your Work Style

By Gear Patrol reader Mitch Granger For most of us, dressing for work involves little thought. We wake up, put on the obligatory pieces of clothing that insure we’re appropriately dressed based on our position and office environment, and walk out the door to greet the day. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with this…

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Be a Better Man in 30 Days | Day 19: Know How To Handle A Fight

Disclaimer: Gear Patrol neither endorses nor supports any form of fighting. That said, Gear Patrol is fully aware that if warranted, you as a man, have the right to protect yourself. This includes the rapid resolution of an assailant’s attack. Fighting can be a bit of a taboo subject in our culture. On the one…

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Be a Better Man in 30 Days | Day 18: Know Your Beer

By Gear Patrol Reader Scott Mannear You may have had your first taste of beer with your father on a warm summer’s day or you may have stolen your first sip from a less scrupulous friend (maybe you were that friend). Regardless of the occasion, most men remember their first beer. Chances are your first…

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Be a Better Man in 30 Days | Day 17: Know How to Improve Your Nutrition

Gear Patrol guys are always looking for the best, and fellas, that has to include the best possible diet. Single men tend to eat restaurant and processed food more than others, especially single guys in big cities, and this obviously has a downside for overall health (but small-town and/or married guys are not off the…

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Be a Better Man in 30 Days | Day 16: Know How to Manage Your Online Identity & Image

By now, everyone has heard the stories. A guy interviews for a job, asks the right questions, provides perfect answers, and knocks the whole affair right out of the park. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get the position. That’s because a quick online investigation by the hiring HR department unearthed countless strikes against him. Facebook photos of…

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Be A Better Man In 30 Days | Day 15: Know When (And How) To D.I.Y.

You are a man. Should you set your mind to something, it’s unlikely that any force can stand firm against your resolute will. That’s why I want to encourage you to cast doubt and fear from your mind with regard to those home improvement projects that are steadily piling up around your ankles. You are…

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Be A Better Man In 30 Days | Day 14: Know How To Live Healthier… Mentally

With our society growing ever-more health conscious in recent years, it’s become accepted that nutrition, sleep, and exercise are paramount to one’s health and well-being. A sensible and balanced diet allows our bodies the fuel and nutrients they need to run efficiently. Adequate sleep (for most, 6-9 hours) provides the downtime needed for our bodies…

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Be a Better Man in 30 Days | Day 13: Know How To Chop Down or Fell A Tree

If you’re going to do one thing in our 30 Days of Upgrades Initiative, I encourage you to try and make it this. Perhaps for no other reason than it being man versus nature (literally), in its simplest form. This year, you’ll be faced with numerous challenges, but donning a pair of woodcutter’s gloves, picking…

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Be a Better Man in 30 Days | Day 12: Know How To Play Better Poker

By Gear Patrol Reader Jonathan Sohn There are certain things that every man knows. Then, there are things that all men wish they knew. And, of course, there are still other things that all men think they know. Poker is one of the things that falls in to the last category, so on day 12…

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Be a Better Man in 30 Days | Day 11: Know How To Be Prepared, Upgrade Your Planning Skills

It’s been said that Proper Preparation Prevents Piss-Poor Performance. I couldn’t agree more. It could be for a business presentation, a romantic evening with a special person, that marathon that you agreed to run while drunk, or for something as simple as making it to your Saturday tee time on schedule, but we (men) often…

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Be a Better Man in 30 Days | Day 10: Know What Sunglasses Fit Your Face And Remember To Never Wear Them Indoors

By Gear Patrol Reader Zach Warner One of my favorite discoveries on Gear Patrol was when I scrolled to the bottom of the site and saw the little hidden statement that said “Resolution #1: Don’t Be A Douchebag.” That might’ve been the day that I decided to make this site one of my daily visits,…

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Be a Better Man in 30 Days | Day 9: Know The Essential Spirits For A Properly Stocked Bar

Recently, while inspecting my collection of spirits, I found myself a bit disappointed at the state of affairs. By any standard measurement, I suppose it would be passable, but not befitting of a Gear Patrol crew member, much less a man who appreciates a fine drink or understands the meaning of a proper home bar….

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30 Days of Upgrades

Well, gents, we hope that you are enjoying reading this series of posts as much as we have enjoyed producing it. I feel confident that, together, we are aiding in the evolution of man-kind. Please know that we look forward to your comments and banter on each of these topics, so keep them coming. Hit…

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Be a Better Man in 30 Days | Day 8: Know How to Make A Better Cup of Coffee Using A French Press

By Gear Patrol Reader Martin Levine: Whether it’s the drag of a Monday morning or the need for a late weekend afternoon weekend pick-me-up, any man worth his salt caffeine should know how to prepare himself a good cup of coffee. This installment of the 30 Days To Be A Better Man Initiative won’t cover…

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Be a Better Man in 30 Days | Day 7: Know How to Mind Your Manners At The Table

How one handles themselves, particularly while eating in the presence of others, can make an enormous impression. Though, genetically, we may not differ much from our chimpanzee brethren (yes, evolution), that doesn’t excuse us from eating like them. Today’s topic in our 30 Days of Upgrades Initiative focuses on proper table etiquette. Forget the sophomoric…

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Be A Better Man In 30 Days | Day 6: Five Causes Of Stress And How You Can Easily Deal With Them

The human mind never ceases to amaze. Why do we find ourselves irritated by or pleased by any particular occurrence? Moreover, how do those thing resonate in our lives outside of any particular instance? As men, we face a multitude of challenges in our lives: promotions (or lack thereof), family drama, relationship complications, financial obstacles,…

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Be A Better Man In 30 Days | Day 5: Know 30 Films Essential For Men

By Gear Patrol Reader Tim Chaffee Each year, we men go about watching our fair share of movies. This summer, it will be blockbusters like Transformers 2, Angels & Demons, Up, and Star Trek. Of course, some of you fine gents prefer the home viewing experience (dare I say, “properly equipped” home viewing experience?). So,…

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Be A Better Man In 30 Days | Day 4: Know How To Handle a 5-Speed

Driving a manual transmission is slowly working its way into the history books. Especially in this day and age, what with the higher-end manufacturers making SMG, PDK, flappy paddle gearboxes, and various other clutchless-manuals (no, not automatic’s with shiftmatic settings) that perform equally and sometimes better than even the best drivers. It seems fewer and…

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Be a Better Man in 30 Days | Day 3: Know How to Say Thanks Through Writing

Being raised in the south, I was taught that no matter how far electronic communication might advance over the next century, nothing quite shows thanks and appreciation like a handwritten note. Call it old fashioned. Call it outdated. Call it true. Why is a handwritten communique so different? Taking the time to sit down and…

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Be A Better Man In 30 Days | Day 2: Know How To Properly Order A Steak

As a human, you are lucky. You are lucky to be comfortably situated in the food chain’s natural order. A place in which you are able (willing) to eat (enjoy) steak. Knowing that, you should adhere to the following paradigm: you are a man and therefore you must know how to properly order a steak….

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Be A Better Man In 30 Days | Day 1: Know How To Pair A Shirt & Tie

There isn’t a lot you can be certain of in these wayfaring times, but one sure bet is the you’re going to be sweating bullets this summer. If you live in an area with impenetrable summer humidity (e.g. the East Coast or the South) or where 90° is considered a “cool day” (e.g. So Cal’s…

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30 Days of Upgrades: Be A Better Man | Coming This June

The Dean of GP here. First, let me say this. If your browser, favorites, bookmarks, RSS, Google Reader, email, telegraph, or fax aren’t set to read Gear Patrol every day, well, it’s about time you fix that (after all, Eric and the crew roll out approximately three delicious new posts, every weekday). If that isn’t…