Absinthe Comes to America
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Highly Alcoholic, Highly Worthwhile

American Absinthe: A Misunderstood Spirit Arrives Stateside

After years of global vilification and false stigma, absinthe is making a comeback. We tasted six new American versions.

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The green fairy, delivered

Absinthe Explore Kits

The mystery and mayhem surrounding absinthe’s sordid past have long been quashed. Heady hallucinations and impromptu surgical procedures were less likely caused by the green fairy than the timeless pen and brush strokes to come out of the Bohemian movement. The truth is that this delectable distillate is complex, varied and packs a punch —…

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The green fairy, made in America

Tasting Notes: Vieux Carré Absinthe

After decades of misinformation and smear campaigns that resulted in absinthe’s being outlawed in the United States since 1915, it was reintroduced to the market in 2007. Slow adoption has since sped up, and these days absinthe can be found in liquor stores and bars across the country. There’s even an American-made product courtesy of…

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What's the Shiny Exterior Hiding?

Fenom Modern Absinthe

Absinthe has a reputation for many things. Some of them are accurate and justified, others are bogus. Fenom certainly hopes to capitalize one way or the other on the allure of this infamous mind altering substance with their so-called “Modern Absinthe”. Brought to our attention by Liqurious, it’s described by the company as the first…