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Tour de Brute Force

The Raid: Redemption

America is no stranger to epic blockbuster action movies — hell, we invented the genre. But one viewing of the Indonesian film The Raid: Redemption ($20) left us questioning Hollywood’s chops as the king of adrenaline. Its premise is beautifully streamlined: an elite squad of 20 SWAT members is sent in to take down Jakarta’s…

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Neeson vs. man eating wolves. Need we say more?

The Grey

Whether he’s starting an Irish Revolution, fighting kidnappers, mentoring Batman, or starring in a George Lucas debacle, we love us some Liam Neeson. In The Grey, Neeson plays John Ottway, a remote oil company worker (with a very particular set of skills, of course) whose plane goes down in an Alaskan blizzard. Ottway leads the…

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Goes for the nuts first


Think of Mallory Kane (played by MMA Fighter, Gina Carano) as Jason Bourne with a functioning memory and some sweet heels. Carano comes alive in this action-thriller by acclaimed director Steven Soderbergh. As hired heavy for a private black bag ops firm working for the United States Government, Kane is betrayed by the very people…

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The whole Bondchilada

Bond 50 Blu-ray Collection

MGM has announced the mother of all boxed sets in celebration of 50 years of James Bond wooing women, breaking gadgets, and thwarting global disaster on the silver screen. Never before have all 22 films been available in high definition Blu-ray and compiled into one epic collectors item that’s truly a must have for any…

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Take It For What It Is

The Expendables

We’ll be honest. The Expendables isn’t a good movie per se — and it certainly won’t be up for any golden statue nominations. If you approach the film as the ridiculous farce of a blockbuster action film that it is however, watch it and you’re bound to have a good time. We won’t divulge any…

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Iron Man 2 (Blu-Ray)

One tell-tale sign that summer is over is that the season’s blockbusters are now making it to Blu-ray. We had the opportunity to review Iron Man II before its public release and thoroughly enjoyed it as a super hero action flick. Now the Iron Man 2 Three-Disc Blu-ray/DVD ($25) is finally out for those of…

Harry Brown
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Yeah, He's Still Got It

Harry Brown Blu-ray

A long time has passed since Get Carter, but catching Sir Michael Caine as the star of Harry Brown ($22) couldn’t help but get us excited. It may not have smashed any box office records, but this film is well on its way to becoming a cult classic. Now that it’s out on Blu-ray, you…

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Jason Bourne Puts an End to Format Wars

Bourne Series DVD/Blu-ray Flip Discs

Don’t think the movie industry is serious about nudging you over to Blu-ray? Well Universal’s new creation known affectionately as the Flipper Disc (no relation to the porpoise super star), is clearly aimed to make the transition process slightly easier. Similar to DVDs which shipped with both wide screen and standard versions of the film…