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Light Trail

Hands On: Adidas Outdoor Terrex Fast R Hiking Boot

Taking the road less more traveled, Adidas Outdoor (think: an athletic approach to getting outside) has unveiled a lineup of gear for 2012 that has us ready to shed the parkas and hit the trails. Namely, the Terrex Fast R Hiking Boot ($195). Featuring a high-tech Traxion sole developed in conjunction with Continental — yup,…

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Kicked by a Rose

adiZero Rose 2

We’ve spent a solid month with Derrick Rose’s signature shoe, the adiZero Rose 2 ($110). Actually, not just us but the also the best player we could find at our local court (thanks, Divine). With heaps of brisk afternoons full of asphalt carnage and battered egos, we’ve finally got our answers. It’s no secret that…

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Kicking & Thinking

2011 Adidas Adizero f50

Judging by how quickly terms like “smartphone” and “smartTV” steamrolled into our vernacular, we may soon be uttering “smartcleats” (or smartboots for readers across the pond) if Adidas has their way. The first generation Adidas Adizero f50s made a splash earlier in 2011 by weighing a mere 5.1 ounces and claiming the title as the…

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Far from the bare essentials

Adidas Adipure Trainer

When it comes to gear reviews, you often find yourself asked to test products that challenge personal biases. My opportunity came in the form of the new and soon to be released Adidas Adipure Trainer ($90). Simply put, I couldn’t see myself wearing, liking or even needing a barefoot trainer — despite being convinced it’s…

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Flex your golf muscle

Adidas TOUR360 ATV

Bio-metrically correct footwear has taken the sports industry by storm, and golf is no exception. The best golf swings are derived from a rhythmic tempo and solid balance. While it was once thought better to have a solid platform (e.g. the shoe’s sole) from which to hit, the push toward lower profile, more grounded spikes…

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Pressure to be better

Adidas Recovery Compression Apparel

You may not be aware of it, but everything you do (or don’t do) after a workout prepares your body for the next. From stretching, to nutrition, to hydration, your body immediately starts rebuilding what you’ve broken down. The new Adidas Recovery compression apparel takes it to the next level. Here’s how: Recovery reduces muscle…

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Meet the Lightest Cleats in Football

Adidas adiZero 5-Star Cleats

The NBA finals were reliably interrupted with commercials of Derrick Rose peddling his adiZero “crazy” light basketball shoes as the lightest basketball shoe ever. The Adidas adiZero 5-Star cleat ($100) have the similar bragging rights in the world of football. Their uppers are made from a single-layer of proprietary Sprintskin synthetic, which supposedly provides similar…

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First class ease

Adidas SLVR S-M-L Concept Shoes

We may not be able to do much about the invasive body searches, but air-travel doesn’t have to be a miserable experience in every aspect. A critical piece of gear you shouldn’t overlook are the shoes — specifically: weight, style and ease. The Adidas SLVR S-M-L Concept Shoes ($140) are designed with all three in…

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One Ball to Rule Them All

Adidas Champions League Official Finale Ball

American Football is now sadly taking its seasonal breather, but it’s almost time for the knock out phase of the Champions League to begin. Right on schedule, Adidas has released this year’s “official match” finale ball, which will be used for one night only during the game at Wembley Stadium in London. It’s the 11th…

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Revamping a 20 Year Classic

Adidas Red & White ZX8000

The Adidas ZX 8000 isn’t a new shoe. In fact, the style is over 20 years old. This new red and white colorway simply gives the shoe a more modern look appropriate for the streets of 2011. Outside of the bold use of red and white, details like putting the classic 3-stripes underneath a layer…

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Tee Off, Jules Vern Style

Adidas Golf | Wear In The World Adventure

Love golf? Love adventure? Hate your job? Well, listen up because this isn’t about Adidas golf gear, it’s about a chance to become Adidas/TaylorMade Golf’s new Social Media Catalyst. But be warned, this won’t come easy. The Adidas Golf Wear in the World Adventure, will put its two finalists through the longest and most rigorous…

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Classic Basketball Style from 69' to Now

Adidas Originals Superstar 2 NBA 2010

Adidas Original Superstars first graced the feet of basketball players back in 1969. They were the first low-top basketball sneaker to feature an all-leather upper and a rubber shell toe. Staying true to their heritage, this year’s Original Superstar 2 designed for the 2010 NBA season is about as classic as sneakers get while featuring…

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Gear Up For Cold-Ass Runs

Winter Running Essentials

Recently, a friend (somehow) convinced me to train for and run a half marathon in April. What was I thinking? I’m a proponent of all things fitness but I’ve never considered myself an avid runner much less someone to run any marathon, half or full. But this is Gear Patrol after all, and anyone who…

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Meet the Soccer Ball with More Tech Than a Macbook (Well, Almost More)

Adidas Jubliani: The Official Soccer Ball of WorldCup 2010

Soccer fans worldwide received a jolt of excitement with the recent announcement of the World Cup 2010 team draw. So, in the spirit of keeping the hype going, Smart Planet recently posted a great article behind the technology built into this Cup’s official ball that we suggest you check out. Called the “Jabulani”, Adidas claims…

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Aching Arches? Walk a Mile in These Shoes.

Adidas Tour360 4.0

I will admit upfront that I’m a little biased when it comes to the Adidas Golf’s line of Tour360 golf shoes.  Their original model has accompanied my feet for close to 100 rounds during the last few years now; as such, they’ve become my gold standard.  Recently, Adidas released the Tour360 4.0 and Gear Patrol…

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Made for Beijing, by Adidas

By Guest Writer Mark Arevalo If you haven’t sacrificed years of your life to training and you’re not already in Beijing, chances are slim that you’ll be at the Olympics this year. Like most Americans, including myself, you’ll probably spend part of your August 8th week gazing at a jumbotron scoreboard (your HDTV) with an…

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Adidas ClimaCool Cushion No Show Socks

Summer’s in full swing and you’re out there giving it your all. You’re sporting best equipment, rackets, clubs, shoes and apparel and we know that because you’re an avid Gear Patrol reader. But there’s one thing you’ve overlooked. We’re talking about your feet. Socks to be exact. It’s easy to forget that socks are an…

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mi adidas | Customized Shoes

By Guest Writer Mark Arevalo We’ve reviewed a couple of running shoes at Gear Patrol; mostly trail runners, but like many guys I live in a concrete jungle. The closest I’ll get to trail running is a dirt path in Central Park. That’s one reason I run in a pair of mi adidas shoes. The…

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Adidas BARRICADE V Tennis Shoe

Anyone in the tennis world will tell you that footwork is key to building a better game. Besides, what good is that swing you’ve been perfecting if you can’t get to the ball? It may be time to upgrade your footwear. One of the best hard court tennis shoes just got better with the updated…

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Adidas Golf Techfit Powerweb Base Layer

Base layers are intended to fit snugly. It only makes sense that they’d also serve as an extension of your muscles and such is the case with the Adidas Golf Techfit Powerweb Base Layer. The shirt is actually designed to compress focusing your muscles for greater explosive power and long-term stamina. The TPU powerbands integrated…

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5 Easy & Inexpensive Ensembles For The Workplace | Part 2: Shoes

[ Part 1: Attire | Part 2: Shoes | Part 3: Accessories ] Look at the clothes you’re wearing. Are you put together well? Yes, you are. Now look at those shoes. Notice how they’re the same pair you wear whether it’s Saturday or Monday? That’s not a good thing. Take your work ensemble to…

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Adidas A18 Golf Sunglasses

Developed to provide the golfer with maximum vision, focus, performance and comfort from tee off to final putt. The A-18 range of eyewear uses leading edge optical technologies to eliminate sunlight distortion. Lightweight and flexible SPX frame. [via product page] Features: Double-Snap Nose Bridge SPX Flex Zones TRI.FIT Temple Grip Systems Vision Advantage PC-Lens Quick-Release…

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Adidas Pure Plush Shoe

The Adidas Pure Plush cross training shoe has full-grain leather uppers for comfort and soft feel. adiPRENE® insert in the heel adds comfort and superior shock absorption. Full rubber outsole for durability. Cost: $74.99 @ Footaction USA