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Turbocharged Feline

Arctic Cat ProCross F 1100 Turbo Sno Pro Limited

Cold harsh winters will kidney punch many of us soon, but it doesn’t have to be all pain and no snowy terrain. That is, as long as you have transportation like the Arctic Cat ProCross F 1100 Turbo Sno Pro Limited ($13,800). Sporting a fancy pearl white, orange and black paint scheme, it surely stands…

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2008 Arctic Cat Crossfire 1000 Sno Pro

[click on image to enlarge and view other angles] Carefully place your right hand on the trigger, promise to whomever you need to promise that you won’t be crazy, then rip right through earth laden snow with a hell bound fury as 1000 cubic centimeters of engine displacement send all 160+ horsepower to the 15″…