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Through the river and over the woods

Argo 8×8 750HDi Amphibious Vehicle

We think the term “all terrain vehicle” is used a bit casually these days. Sure that 4×4 or side-by-side can go off-road, but anything too steep or deep and it quickly becomes dangerous or useless. That’s why we’re stoked about the Argo 8×8 750 HDi ($19,500) – an eight-wheel amphibious mutant that will dominate snow,…

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Flame Off

Amatoya ATV

In purely concept form right now, the Amatova ATV, from designer Liam Ferguson, gives us a vision into what first-line fire-fighting could look like in the near future. More like something out of the ‘Terminator’ series than out of your local firehouse, the Amatova houses 2 passengers in a high-visibility cockpit and can liquid Howitzer…

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Four-wheelin' fangs

Cectek KingCobra ATV

Cectek, known for their badass Quadrift four-wheel motorcycle also has a lesser known, but equally indomitable brother, the KingCobra ATV ($11,000). The four-wheeler features a trail bombing liquid cooled 500 cc engine desiged for optimum performance throughout its powerband and over-enginnered features like extra large disc brakes, locking rear differential, fully-adjustable independent suspension and continuously…

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SuperATV GK-40 Go-Kart

Every guy wants another excuse for having a few hundred acres of untethered property. In my book, SuperATV’s GK-40 is another perfect reason. The 800 CC 3-cylinder watercooled engine and 4 speed transmission will propel you and another passenger across any terrain with ease. This isn’t just your local fun park go-kart either. It’s a…

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GG Motoradtechnik Quad

[click on image to enlarge] This is one of those instances where the product description best describes what you’re looking at. Read on: “Aggressive headlights, like the eyes of a jungle cat set to pounce, powerfully supported by four wheels, with a lean, exciting waist and a very special rear section. The GG-Quad from Grüter…

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2008 Polaris Ranger RZR 800 Series

You’re looking at the only side-by-side of it’s kind. We’re itching to get ourselves into some behind-the-wheel to really see if it’s claim of outclassing, outaccellerating, outmaneuvering all ther atv’s in this class. With more clearance and capabilities than some of the best SUV’s out there, we’re sure this vehicle will be a blast. Specs:…

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Polaris Predator 500 ATV

Get out there and get dirty in the Polaris Predator 500 ATV. It will take you from lost to nowhere and back in mind-blowing acceleration and incomparable cornering abilities. Features: Maxxis® Razr tires on aluminum Douglas® rims with a rolled bead Chromoly axle, stronger than competitive steel axles, with a lifetime limited warranty Braided, stainless…