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A sapling's worst nightmare

Bahco Swedish Brush Axe

Standing in your front yard with a severe case of bed head while wearing stained overalls and whacking away at your rather overgrown landscaping with a machete just might scare the neighbors. Clean yourself up and then break out the rather benign-looking but highly effective Bahco Swedish Brush Axe ($54). Designed to clear both brush…

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Beauty of the Beast

Photo Essay | Sweet Axe O’ Mine: Base Camp X Titanis Axe

Sunday, 6:45pm | If someone were to tell you that swinging an axe is an art form, you might initially think of the actual technique, but there’s also the implement itself. No, not the quick grab at Home Depot, but more so the Paul Bunyan harking metal and steel apparatus designed with a single purpose:…

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Morning Rise

Axe Phoenix Shower Gel

A morning shower can resurrect your soul, even after the longest of nights. So it’s fitting that Axe would name a body wash Phoenix. With an earthy bouquet of wood and fruit, Axe Phoenix Body Wash ($6)) is a scent for the everyman. The scent doesn’t overplay its hand but gives passer-byes something to remember…

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10 Great Grooming Products Under $10

Sometimes it is simply unnecessary to go straight broke buying superfluous grooming products, so we decided that it would be appropriate to highlight ten of the top products that will be sure to leave some extra bucks in your wallet for other unnecessary items to be purchased. These are no-frills products that will not make…

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GP Events | Funny or Die & Axe: Twisted Comedy Tour

Laughter is the best medicine and if you like to take yours in the live stand-up pill form then do yourself a favor and check out the new AXE: Twisted Comedy Tour hosted by Chelsea Peretti and featuring Nick Kroll, Donald Glover and Whitney Cummings. Our video after the jump.

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Lime and Sandalwood, Now That's a Twist

Axe Twist

Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to think about incorporating lighter scents into your routine, and not just with your cologne. For men who can’t bring themselves to taking out a loan for body washes, Axe’s lates iteration of bodywash sees a citrus infusion that settles in with earthy notes of cedar and sandalwood….

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Embrace Your Softer Side

AXE Sensitive Shower Gel

After a hard day of felling trees or tackling a home improvement project, I like to unwind with a shower. Where is it stated that men have to cleanse with sandpaper and tar? Now, I’m not condoning white wine, Kenny G, and a bubble bath, but a man’s skin takes a lot of abuse during…

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Free AXE Detailer Shower Tool for GP Readers

Men, AXE is giving a Free AXE Detailer Shower Tool to any and all Gear Patrol readers. All you need to do is make a wall post on AXE’s Facebook page saying “I need a Detailer!” along with this link to verify you’re a loyal Gear Patrol reader. Once you do AXE will be in…

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AXE Detailer Shower Tool

Loofah. Not exactly a manly product is it? Yet it’s perfect for getting that extra bit of grime off from the gym. We’re willing to bet there’s even some of you guys that used your girlfriend’s… and liked it. AXE has a solution for men. The new AXE Detailer Shower Tool combines an easy-grip handle…

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AXE Vice Shower Gel, Bodyspray, Deodorant

Let’s face it, not every guy can afford grooming products that cost $20 for a single bar of soap. Hell, that’s six months worth of Irish Spring and frankly some guys prefer saving the cash for other gear. We understand. That doesn’t mean walking into the store necessary means you have to sell yourself short….

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The Rough & Rugged | 2007 Gift Guide

Man vs. Wild. Survivor. Survivorman. We all have aspirations of being rough and rugged and granted some of us come close, but then there are so many who’s poseur acts lend no credibility in the ‘tough’ category. That doesn’t mean we still can’t find an excuse to get geared up for our next excursion, be…