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A Bag for Tools (Only in the Literal Sense)

Timbuk2 Tool Shed

Constructed of waterproof and grease-resistant Tarpaulin, the Timbuk2 Tool Shed $35 can handle being tossed around and is easily secured by an anodized aluminum buckle. Despite Toolmonger pointing out that it’s suited for the hipster-repairman or Timbuk2’s own claim of adoration by hairstylists, we still this case is great for that spare set of tools…

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The Bag with Dads and Picnic Fans in Mind

Monkey Bed Esplanade Bag

The Monkey Bed Esplanade Bag ($135) may look like a run of the mill messenger satchel, but like they say, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Measuring 18″W x 14″H X 5.5″D, this bag has the room to carry must haves and integrates a 58″ x 68″ zip-out fleece blanket which is shown in…

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A Pack With An Identity Crisis

Outdoor Research DryComp Ridge Sack

Outdoor Research calls the DryComp Ridge Sack a perfect pack for peak bagging and summit pushes. Well, living in Minnesota, there aren’t a lot of peaks to be bagged but we have a few thousand lakes and countless rivers, so I’m re-positioning this waterproof bag as the perfect paddling pack.

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Just Add Sand

Ally Capellino Freddie St. Holdall

UK designer Ally Capellino has been in the fashion business since the 1980s and holds clear goals when it comes to creating a bag. As her site states, the ideal specimen should be “timeless, but never boring” and “made from beautiful durable leathers and fabrics that only improve with age.” Personally we couldn’t agree more…

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Made for the Military, So it Should Do For You

ACU Digital Medium Transport Pack

Made to be practical, tough, and unassuming, the Acu Digital Medium Transport Pack ($53) by Uncle Sam’s Army Navy outfitters is a solid carry all for those who prefer to steer clear of hipster messenger bags and high-tech camping backpacks. Featuring heavy-duty zippers, adjustable padded shoulder straps, padded back with breathable mesh backing, and polyurethane…

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Making Lugging Gear Look Good

Ralph Lauren Large Varsity Duffle

Ralph Lauren may be a world-famous clothing brand, but its real secret to success lies in promoting a lifestyle. To make the point, this large varsity duffle landed on our radar mostly because we wish we were invited to the kinds of swanky events where slinging this bag around our shoulder would clearly separate us…

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A Bag with Taste For Trips in Haste

Earsdon Weekend Bag

Made of 100% cotton canvas and accented by leather strapping and antique brass metalwork, the Earsdon Weekend Bag is a great looking option for spur of the moment trips. Available in classic barley shown above or a more striking Watermelon shown below, the bag measures roughly 23 inches long by 18.5 inches tall and 12…

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The Perfect Versatile Carry On

Briggs & Riley Travel Satchel

Designed to compliment your standard rolling luggage (or a great weekender bag), the large travel satchel from Briggs & Riley is about as practical, and well priced, as they come. Made of durable ballistic nylon, the satchel measures a roomy 12″ x 19″ x 9″ inches and features snapable corners that allow packers to expand…

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Your Laptop's Best Friend for Battling Mother Nature

Ken Kai DRI Welded Seam Computer Messenger

Whatever your style is, chances are there’s a laptop bag for sale that matches it. For those who tote their computer on a daily basis, though, things like comfort and protection are far more important than looks, particularly for long commutes walking outside. Along that line, luggage manufacturer Ken Kai’s new DRI laptop messenger bags…

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One Camera Bag, Two Positions

LowePro Inverse 200 AW

Beltpack or shoulder bag? An endless debate in the world of photography. The Lowepro Inverse 200 AW allows you to seamlessly transition from both worlds with ites versatile set up. Here at the Gear Patrol, we always appreciate versatility, so read on to hear our take.

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One Bag, Many Uses

Go GaGa Messenger Bag

All guys need a bag. That bag can serve a different purposes for each of us, but in the end you need a reliable bag that helps get you through the day. Dusty, needs one to tote his yoga mat and energy water, then subsequently to carry his favorite German lager back home. Eric needs…

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UDG Producer Bag

There are a lot of guys out there who have to carry a lot of gear. Sometimes this gear is for work and if you work in the creative industry, then electronic and media centric. If that’s the case then the UDG Producer Bag is for you. It’s a bag specifically designed to carry your…

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Morgan Gray’s Laptop Case

Nowadays it’s tough to go anywhere without the need to bring along your laptop. A sad notion yes, but an inevitable one. That said, you might as well make sure that what you’re bringing is sheathed in something durable and stylish. Morgan Grays bags are classic American-designed leather goods with an English influence. They have…