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2008 Summer Olympics | What To Watch

What the Gear Patrol Editors Are Watching DVR’ing Lets hope the air in Beijing isn’t flammable (ESPN) NBC is showing that Americans do things big and we do it like no one else. With 3,600 hours of high definition video (2,200 hours of it streamed and archived online), NBC is going for its own gold….

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Made for Beijing, by Adidas

By Guest Writer Mark Arevalo If you haven’t sacrificed years of your life to training and you’re not already in Beijing, chances are slim that you’ll be at the Olympics this year. Like most Americans, including myself, you’ll probably spend part of your August 8th week gazing at a jumbotron scoreboard (your HDTV) with an…

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Beijing Taxi Cards

For those of you planning on being at Beijing’s international coming out party this summer (aka, the Olympics), having these guys in your pocket should go a long way in helping you reach the festivities. Featuring the most popular attractions, venues and destinations in Beijing, each card clearly displays the location name, along with detailed…