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Archival Clothing Webbing Belts

Ring belts are the saving grace for casual types who can’t stand the sight of belt loops in the raw. These Archival Webbing Belts ($28) are a restrained alternative to the preppy stripes and bright colors you’ll soon see crowding retailers’ spring shelves. They’re made in Portland, OR, from British mil-spec cotton webbing and feature a Horween leather tab and red bar tack stitching. For proper sizing, measure your waist and add 6 inches, then compare this number to Archival’s “Finished Length of Belt”. Remember to leave slack for those porterhouse binges.

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Style Pick: Feit Handmade Vegetable Leather Belt

Boutique custom shoemaker Feit is expanding their small leather goods line with a new handmade vegetable leather belt. Each belt is made in Lucca, Italy, from a single piece of leather and features only four stitches, each applied by hand. Only 80 will be made, so strike now if you’re waistline needs a makeover. $130…

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Style Pick: Anderson Woven Suede Belts

Italian-brand Anderson has been crafting quality leather goods and accessories since 1966. Their classic woven belts are made from premium suede and are versatile enough to complete all manner of well-considered looks. Brown is naturally a solid conservative choice, but there’s also Navy and Grey options if you’re one to take the road less traveled….

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Style Pick: Cuisse de Grenouille “Laine Tressée” Belt

Cuisse de Grenouille, which stands for frog leg in French, is a new Parisian fashion company that loves fiddling with details. To celebrate the coming of summer, no facet was ignored in the making of their “Laine Tressée” Belt ($96) collection. These bold “ceintures” brilliantly borrow from the expertise of three countries and combine Italian…

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Style Pick: Aubin & Wills Milby Belt

Handmade leather belt crafted using century-old traditions and craftsmanship by The Regents Belt Company, a fine leather goods manufacturer based in the heart of England’s leather industry. And yes — that is a blue buckle. $109 |

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Style Pick: Free / Man x Wood & Faulk D-Ring Belt

The D-ring collaboration from Free / Man and Wood & Faulk is comprised of 1.5″ thick, 10oz North American steer hide tanned in the English bridle fashion with solid brass or nickel plated brass rings. The end result is an extremely durable, yet flexible leather classic that will develop character with age. A collaborative logo…

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A Natural Progression From Boots

Helm Handmade Belts

We first learned about Helm after spotting their excellent Ray Ray boots last summer. Now the craftsmanship-focused shop has added a line of great looking belts ($85) designed to match their footwear. All of the belt styles share names with their boot counterparts and use the same materials. Models such as the Ernest, Emi (shown…

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Casual, Italian-Style

Steve & Co. Double Ring Suede Belt

This Double Ring Suede Belt ($100) from Steve & Co. is an excellent option to have on hand for weekends. It’s more casual than the standbys you use for work, but thanks to the use of high quality suede, the belt easily avoids crossing the threshold of flag-football-harness-turned-frat-boy-fashion-staple. Available in classic brown as well as…

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The Belted Cow Classic Stripe Leather Tab Belt

Belts are rarely the type of thing to raise a fuss over, but every once and a while we find a style worth sharing. The Belted Cow is a company based in Maine that combines skilled local craftsman with high quality materials to create classic pieces that both your waistline and friends can admire. Their…

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Don't Just Hold Your Pants Up

Patagonia Friction Belt

By Gear Patrol Reader Brett Prior The Patagonia Friction Belt breaks away from the dreary leather belt that often straps in our whimsical being. After looking for the perfect belt for well over a year, I finally realized that I was looking in all the wrong places. I realized that I do not need my…

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A Beast of a Belt

Tanner Goods Standard Belt

Tanner Goods produces their Standard Belt by hand in the enviable climes of Portland, Oregon. It’s constructed from 9/10 ounce,  1.5″ wide, heavyweight English Bridle Leather, has hand burnished edges, and has been properly branded with the Tanner mark. Our test model was in natural-finish leather with a Nickel plated roller buckle and keeper, plus…

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The Fixation | Hayes Silver Aspen Buckle

As with most things I end up stuck on, I did not go looking for this particular piece or expect it to sing me a siren song. While searching on eBay for an engine turned belt buckle over Thanksgiving I stumbled onto a very unique belt buckle from Hayes Silver. In addition to wanting something…

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Vintage-Inspired, American Made

Red Monkey Designs Hellion II Belt

Over 10 years ago, Red Monkey Designs was started out of a garage in Southern California. Best known for producing hand-built leather accessories from custom watches to guitar straps, RMD has quickly become a go-to destination for rock stars and celebrities in search of vintage-inspired leather goods. Their clientele includes the likes of KISS, Metallica,…

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Be a Better Man in 30 Days | Day 24: Upgrade Your Watch Knowledge

By Brian Huang and Gear Patrol Reader Ty Alley: We at Gear Patrol love watches. There’s no doubt that we have a fascination with timepieces here. While we enjoy talking about and introducing you to all manner of watches, we realize that not everyone understands the terminology involved. Similar to how we introduced you to…

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Be a Better Man in 30 Days | Day 20: Upgrade Your Work Style

By Gear Patrol reader Mitch Granger For most of us, dressing for work involves little thought. We wake up, put on the obligatory pieces of clothing that insure we’re appropriately dressed based on our position and office environment, and walk out the door to greet the day. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with this…

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Custom Designed Belt Buckles Offer Personalized Style

The Buckle by Bettinardi Golf

Since 1990, Robert J. Bettinardi has been crafting some of the finest putters in the market. Now Bettinardi Golf is turning that renowned workmanship toward a new medium: belt buckles.

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The Cure for Bored Belt Loops.

Smathers and Branson: Needlepoint Belt & Key Fob

One of the cooler traditions of preppydom is the handmade needle point belt. Usually made by an over-achieving wife or girlfriend, these belts are often stitched by hand for some lucky male to include numerous details relating to him as a person. Emblazonments might include initials, school logos, favorite sports teams, etc. While they were…

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Diesel Roller Boy Belt

Those jeans you’ve probably spent an inordinate amount of time looking for are now in your wardrobe. We’re willing to bet you probably haven’t bought a new belt for them unless you’re the kind of guy that wears jeans well without a belt. The Roller Boy belt from Urban outfitters is more than just a…

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Diesel Hazard Belt

Leather Diesel belt pieced with brass rivets and finished with a worn brass buckle embossed with the Diesel logo. Imported. Spot clean. Fits sizes: 32-38 42″l, 1.5″w Leather Web exclusive Cost: $75.00 @ Urban Outfitters