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Cool Beans

The Coffee Bag Dry Bag by Detours

All of the stylish leather bike carriers in the world don’t amount to a hill of beans when the weather turns foul. The Coffee Bag by Detours ($24), on the other hand, is a versatile dry bike bag designed in the shape of, well, a coffee bag. Based in Seattle since 2005, Detours created this…

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Clothes that keep up

Nonetheless Garments

Nonetheless Garments is a new Chicago clothing brand dedicated to creating stylish menswear that can also withstand the fluctuating weather conditions of commuting. The magic all starts with using advanced materials like Polartec NeoShell, which has twice the airflow of comparable waterproof materials, without looking like it was shorn from a Paratrooper. Like any good…

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Just the push you need

Ridekick Electric Bicycle Trailer

Electric bicycles present a nice compromise to green commuters who are slightly apprehensive about relying solely on their own stamina to get around. Unfortunately, they’re expensive (usually $1,000 and up). The Ridekick electric bicycle trailer ($700) can add up to a 19 mph electric push to any existing bike, making it a more affordable solution…

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Hidden In Plain Sight

Quarterre Bike Racks

Quarterre is first and foremost a London-based, multi-disciplinary design studio that has been lending their talents to luxury manufacturers over the past four decades in the fields of transport, product, and entertainment design. They also dabble in creating fantastic looking bike accessories that provide convenient storage to two-wheeled commuters without sacrificing a sense of interior…

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Deep Custom

The fine folks at Gear Junkie brought this film starring Minneapolis custom bicycle builder Eric Noren, founder of Peacock Groove Cycles to our attention. Proclaimed as the Liberace of bikes by some, in this short film Noren covers his approach to creating the ultimate two-wheeled ride that hipsters, road bikers, or any fan of self-powered…

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Two Bar Garage


As much as we want “YardStash” to refer to especially epic upper lip sweaters, the term has already been claimed by a company who hopes you’ll buy a tent, instead of a shed, when your gear overfloweth. To keep things safe from the elements, the shelter sports weather-proof coated heavy duty polyester with a reinforced…

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Chain Drink

Küat Bottle Lock

Bike rack maker Kuat (Koo-at) has released a convenient and clever contraption for keeping your wheels safe. What looks like a typical bike water bottle from the outside actually contains a five foot internally coiled 8mm cable thats designed to lock back into itself. The bottle also sports a lower storage compartment for stashing keys…

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You'll hate getting it dirty, but love every minute of it.

Test Ride: Cannondale SuperX (Video Essay)

The arcane sport of cyclocross is a mix of mountain biking and steeplechase that was developed in the mid-twentieth century by European road bicycle racers looking for a way to stay in shape in the cold off-season. They would fit knobby tires on their road bikes and race them around muddy, or often snowy, tracks…

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Tour De Stance

Pro-Form Le Tour De France Indoor Cycling Bike

If you’re one of the 7,999,000,822 people on this earth who didn’t qualify for the Tour De France this year, riding the Pro-Form Le Tour De France Indoor Cycling Bike ($1,300) is one way to simulate what the pros feel over their 2,132 mile journey — aside from beating your quads with a sledgehammer. Blessed…

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Bergmönch Downhill Wheeler

The Bergmönch is designed to provide the best of both worlds for mountain bikers. Adrenaline junkies can haul the “device” up the summit of their choice as a collapsible rucksack — complete with a weight distributing waist strap and padded harness. Once the hard work is over, the bag can then mutate into a downhill-optimized…

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Yes. This is Real.

BMW Powered Twin-Rotor Hoverbike

Every once in a while something comes along so crazy, so unearthly cool, we have to shout it from the rooftops. Today just happens to be that once in a while, so feast your eyes on the BMW boxer engine powered Hoverbike. Framed around an 1,170cc 4-stroke BMW boxer engine that powers the twin rotors,…

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M Pedal Power

BMW M Series Carbon Racer Bike

Carbon fiber bikes have been around for a while now, though that doesn’t make them any less exclusive. BMW M Performance cars have also been around for some time, and they remain high on the list of uber-desirable cars. Well, what happens when you combine the BMW Motorsport name and the lightness and strength of…

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It IS about the bike.

Test Ride: LOOK 566 Rival Bicycle (Video)

The great Belgian cycling champion, Eddy Merckx, once said, “If you want to ride faster, don’t ride upgrades. Ride up grades.” It must have been well-known to The Cannibal, even in his day, that cyclists love to make excuses. “I’ve strained my IT band.” “I’m waiting until fall to peak.” “I can’t afford a lighter…

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Felt So Good

Felt Shelby Cruiser

Cruiser bicycles are all the rage now, especially for those who aren’t trying to be Lance Armstrong’s second coming. They’re practical, very comfortable due to the upright riding position, and naturally very cool. Felt Bicycles is taking it a step further by paying homage to a car, and a good one at that, with their…

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Woodn't you?

2011 Audi duoCity by Renovo

Sometimes aesthetics play second fiddle to environmental sustainability. Some automobiles come to mind. In the case of the 2011 Audi duoCity, design reigns alongside being green. Audi has partnered with Portland, OR based Renovo, maker of custom hardwood bikes. With impressive lightness, stiffness (hold back on the wood jokes) and shock absorbency, the duoCity boasts…

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E.T. should've been so lucky

Ladcykel trioBike V2

Transporting your little tyke in a car is hard enough. Try it on a bike. Now try it with two. Now, jump through a burning ring of fire. Okay, you get it. It’s no picnic. If you use a trailer, it’s hard to see the kids and hard to negotiate a corner. If you use…

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Charge of the Bike Brigade

M55 Beast Electric Bicycle

Hybrid vehicles are popping up like Charlie Sheen headlines. You can’t go about your daily business without seeing one. If you’re going to get your hands on a hybrid, make it a good one. And why not throw fitness into the mix with self-propulsion? Well, M55 builds their bikes around that whole idea. Their flagship…

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Three wheels to the wind

KMX Cobra Mountain Trike

Riding an adult trike sounds about as exciting as a trip to the dollar store with your grandparents. KMX aims to change all that with their Cobra Mountain Trike ($1,549), a three-wheeled wonder that keeps your center of gravity low for good balance and excellent handling. Using TIG welded Chromoly steel and aluminum for the…

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And It Was All Yellow....

Shadow Ebike Wireless Electric Bicycle

The Shadow EBike ($2,000) looks like it was plucked right off Big Bird’s curb, but don’t let the gaudy paint job distract you. Look closely, and you’ll notice there are no brake or gear cables. Electric wires from the motor, battery, controller or throttle are absent too. That’s pretty amazing considering the bike includes features…

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Be Abominable

Ktrak Snowmobile Bike Kit

If you’ve ever tried (and failed) to ride your bike in the winter and if you’re a big fan of public attention, feast your eyes (and your wallet) on the Ktrak Snowmobile Bike Kit ($529). Designed as an add on to your current two-wheeler, the Ktrak will enable you to pedal your way through snow…

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Hard Working Roadie

Specialized BG S-Works Road Shoe

Weighing in at a mere 235g (for 1/2 pair size 42), the completely redesigned Specialized BG S-Works Road Shoe ($350) has become a favorite amongst pro riders searching for the best in comfort, fit, and efficiency. So, what better way to check in on the fervor than don a pair ourselves?

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Nice Rack

SeaSucker Auto Bike Mounts

If you’re not a serious biker, the idea of marring your whip with a typical bike rack for occasional trips might make you cringe. On the other hand, SeaSucker Auto Bike Mounts ($150-$630) use powerful vacuum cups with built-in pumps to stick to your vehicle’s surfaces. Developed initially for diving applications, the automotive racks have…

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Tights Beneath, Where They Belong

Endura Humvee Bike Short

Cycling is a grueling sport that takes form in aerodynamic acceleration. Perhaps a bit too form fitting as cyclists are often caught pedaling with provocatively intrusive spandex. Endura set out to ruggedize the realm of cycling and give you back your manhood with their durable Humvee bike shorts ($80). If the name doesn’t give away…

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Apt to Cause Commotion

Co-Motion Ristretto Bike

Handmade in Eugene, Oregon, Co-Motion Cycles has literally built a reputation for rigid, light cycles since 1988. Their bikes are lean, mean, cycling machines and Co-Motion’s standing invite to their production facilities shows their dedication to transparent production – something we love to see. The Ristretto ($5,755) illustrates Co-Motion achievements and capabilities with its obsessively…

Bianchi Dolomiti
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Buona Moto

Bianchi Dolomiti

Bianchi (say: Bee-ahn-kee) bicycles have been crisscrossing the cobblestone thoroughfares of Italian cities since 1885. That’s street cred in our book. Although the Dolomiti ($3,397) may look as though it was made produced in that bygone era, it’s is actually a 2010 model with all the modern specs you would expect from the 125 year-old…

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What, No Pegs?

PG-Bikes BlackTrail BT-01

Back in the 80s, it was cool (or at least we thought it was) to put baseball cards between the spokes of your bike tire so everyone could hear you doing your best Lance Armstrong down the street. Now, nearly 20 years later, baseball cards have been replaced by 1.2 kW electric motors that allow…

Confederate Motorcycles, P120 Fighte
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Dr. Doom Approved

Confederate Motorcycles P120 Fighter

What’s the only thing cooler than a motorcycle that flies? Trick question, nothing is cooler than a flying motorcycle. Since it may be awhile before that’s a reality though, the Confederate P120 Fighter comes in at a very close second. Made by hand, and crafted almost entirely of air craft grade aluminum, the P120 takes…

IF MODE White - Foldable Bike_GP
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White on the Outside but Green in Mindset

IF MODE White Foldable Bike

Looking like something an eco conscious storm trooper might toddle into work with to spite his warp drive guzzling co workers, the F MODE Foldable Bike’s ($2,200) futuristic design belies its practicality. That is if you can afford to own one. Built for city commuters looking to exercise and do their part for the earth,…

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Rethinking Traditional Design for the Better

Outlier Pivot Sleeve Shirt

Outlier boldly states on their site that the Pivot Sleeve Shirt ($144) is “quite simply a better men’s dress shirt”, and based on their design we definitely think they’re on to something. Known for making attractive but functional clothing for today’s bike commuting professional, this project stemmed from the desire to create a shirt that…

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Build a Bike Just to Your Liking

Urban Outfitters Customizable Aristotle Bike

It may seem strange that a clothing company would get into the custom bike racket, but with the trend of bikes becoming an extension of one’s look and style, Urban Outfitters may just be ahead of the curve. Created in partnership with Republic Bike Inc., by visiting users can easily customize a basic Aristotle…