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Beauty On Two Wheels

Velorbis Leikier Bicycle

Some things are built to be practical. Other things are meant to simply stun onlookers by the sheer aesthetic awesomeness of their design. The Velorbis Leikier Bicycle ($2,995) falls into the latter bucket, and we aren’t complaining. Created through a partnership between renowned custom bicycle manufacturer Velorbis and Danish designer and blacksmith, Lars Leikier, this…

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Pro Gear for Every Rider

Bell Sweep Bike Helmet

By Guest Writer and Gear Enthusiast Sandy Bandu With winter coming to a close, it’s finally time to remember what it’s like to get outside. In terms of warm weather recreation, cycling is probably the most versatile and enjoyable way to celebrate this time of year. So, whether you’re going out to hit some single…

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Move Over Segway, There's a New Ride in Town

Yike Bike

Over the years, we’ve seen plenty of attempts by inventors to revolutionize the way urban dwellers get from point a to b (think The Segway). The Yike Bike represents the next iteration along these lines and was built to answer four basic questions: What is the simplest way to get from A to B with…

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As Light and Versatile As Mountain Bikes Come

Niner Air 9 Carbon Fiber Hardtail Bike

29er bikes may be a point of division for hard-core mountain biking enthusiasts, but we’re not looking to enter that debate at this time. That’s because all performance pros and cons listing aside, the Niner Air 9 Carbon Fiber Bike is an engineering masterpiece worth talking about. Designed off of Niner’s Air 9 Scandium race…

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Say Yes To Performance Tailoring. Say No To Road Gunk.

Outlier 4 Season OG Pants

Made by Outlier Tailored Performance, the 4 Season OG pants are engineered for the man who loves his bike, but prefers not to channel Lance, or worse yet, blow the crotch out of his favorite jeans. We use the term engineered seriously here, as Outlier’s entire product line is carefully considered from fabric, to cut,…

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Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Sleet, Nor Hail...

SealLine Urban Backpack

The urban commute can be a harrowing and dirty business, even when the weather’s nice. When inclement weather comes a calling though, it’s a challenge to keep yourself dry, even more so your beloved gear. The SealLine Urban Backpack is made to solve that very problem. As one of the world’s leading water resistant bag…

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MotoX + Surfing = SurferCross

GP Events: SurferCross

Last month, Gear Patrol’s Jon Gaffney was able to attend the SurferCross event in California, sponsored by Toyota. Since his return, he’s been pretty psyched up. And not just about the

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Smart Tracking for Smarter Training

Garmin Edge 500 Cycling GPS Based Computer

Anyone looking to tally precise details of their cycling endeavors should mull over buying the Edge 500. This lightweight GPS-Based cycling computer is a data nuts dream and calculates everything including speed, distance, calories burned, altitude, climb, and descent. While monitoring, it also records this information for comparison purposes which trainers can access on their…

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Jason Heaton Takes On Sri Lanka’s Hill Country By Bicycle

Sri Lanka In Spandex

By the middle of Day Three, Upali’s knee could take no more. Turning the cranks caused him shooting pain and his knee was starting to swell. We had 1,500 metres of climbing ahead of us, and he wisely chose to flag down a tuk-tuk to take him on ahead. When they disappeared from sight, I…

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Trek Belt Driven Bikes: District and Soho

It’s safe to say that very little has changed on bicycles since they first became popular at the beginning of the 20th century.   So, when I saw the new Trek District and Soho, I instantly thought “GAME CHANGER.” Trek has gone all Mavericky on us and dropped the ubiquitous chain for a new carbon fiber belt…

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Giant TCR Advanced 3

Ready To Tear Up Some Asphalt? By Guest Writer and Gear Enthusiast Edward Cheng Faster. Oh, and faster (cue evil laughter) Truth be told, even in a down economy, men still like their gear newer and faster. Cycling can be pretty pricey but don’t let the initial investment turn you away. Nothing beats the thrill…

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Add Equal Parts Land and Sea Marvelous engineering masks its grueling take on your body. We’re fascinated with the unique. When a new idea comes along that ingeniously combines multiple product attributes we can’t help but get excited. The Row Bike from Total Body Fitness was dreamed up by the same brain trust that gave…

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The Expresso Bike

Finally, a Stationary Bike that Goes Somewhere I’ll be the first to admit it, grinding away on some piece of exercise equipment can get a little stale. When that happens it’s hard to fully engage in your workouts, and guess what? Your results suffer. If only you had something to focus on. How about a…

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Moots Psychlo-X Road and Cross Bicycle

The cross terrain design Pscyhlo-X is a titanium giant. It will take you from road to mud without a flinch. Some of many many features of this ~17lb bicycle are: replacable rear hanger, front derailleur pulley and barrel adjuster to swap out off-road and road derailleurs, wishbone mono-stay eliminates seat movement under breaking, top-routed brake…

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Mission Bicycle

It’s had been a long time since I’ve hopped on a bicycle and cruised around the neighborhood. It’s been so long in fact that I don’t even own a bicycle anymore. Having been in and out of various sporting good stores and bike shops browsing for a trusty steed to pedal around, it was tough…

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Trek Madone 5.2

[click on image to enlarge] If you even know what the Tour de France is then you’ve probably noticed that the U.S. has a team helmed by Johan Bruyneel – and a good one at that. Of course, with any good sport comes quality gear and the Trek Madone 6.9 is at the heart of…

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iHome Cycler

Perfect for your next getaway to a warmer place or this coming summer excursions iHome’s Cycler is a water-resistant iPod speaker enclosure perfect for the beach, pool, and your bike. The water bottle like design clamps to your bike frame just where your water bottle wood with it’s enclosed mounting bracket and can be controlled…

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Brooklyn Machine Works Park Bike

The Park Bike from Brooklyn Machine Works is the bastard wild child of a street bike, a trick bike and a trail bike. Set up as a single speed you’re set for th streets or jumping trails. As a 9-speed you’ve got a comfortable cruiser that also works for slaloms. Available as a complete bike…

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Enertia Bike

[click on image to enlarge and view other angles] Somewhere in between a classic motorcycle, a European movie and the future lies the Enertia. A bike culturally and technologically appropriate to the current day. Using a high output electrical motor charged through a regular outlet the Enertia bike powers itself to a top speed of…

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Vanilla Bicycle – Orange Touring

There’s craftsmanship then there’s craftsmanship. Then there’s Vanilla Bicycles. With base frames starting at $2150 this is no cheap endeavor but you’re buying far more than just a bicycle. The wait time for a Vanilla Bicycle as of February 2007 is 4 years. By then you could probably learn the trade of making a bike,…

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Nike Light Clima-Fit Vest

Maintaining your body’s core is one of the most important elements in physical training, especially when biking. It also means you should keep it warm on those early morning / late night sessions on your bike. The Clima-fit light vest from Nike is windproof, water-resistant and lightweight that allows you to maintain full movement of…

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Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Pro

Make cake of your next trail run on the Specialized Stumpjumper. The Ned Overend endorsed and developed bike is equipped top to bottom with some of the most sophisticated suspension workings. Some of which we have yet to understand. Features: FSR M5 Manipulated Alloy Frame Specialized AFR Shock with Flow Control Valve Fox Talaz 100-140mm…

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Specialized S-Works Dura-Ace

Experience true luxury in road cycling with the royal S-Works Roubaix Dura-Ace. Specialized’s amazing S-Works FACT 10r carbon frameset combines awesome speed and unmatched comfort for the best ride of your life. Its Specialized Zertz vibration-damping elastomer inserts make riding incredibly comfortable on any road. Plus, the S-Works carbon crankset is incredibly stiff for unbeatable…