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An homage to typeface

Scrabble Typography Edition

Last February, we featured Andrew Capener’s incredibly stylish approach to the classic board game we all know and love, back when it was still a concept. We’re happy to announce that come August 2012, the board-game lover in all of us will be able to splurge on this gorgeous set thanks to upscale gaming vendor…

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The Drive to Win


Before you draw your conclusions about the name, let’s “shift gears”. Carnology: The Car Identification Game ($40) is a board game we car lovers have been waiting for, having had to weakly satisfy ourselves with mindless rounds of Monopoly over the years. Creator, John Cupit, drawing from wonderful childhood memories of playing the game of…

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A Classic Board Game Gets a Designer's Touch

A-1 Scrabble Designer Edition by Andrew Capener

The A-1 Scrabble Designer Edition brings a modern, penthouse-approved look to a game that has entertained word nerds since the 1950s. Before you geek out entirely, though, you should note this version is just a concept. The board and interior box you see above was constructed from solid walnut, while the exterior box is made…

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Geoffrey Parker Bespoke Games

In the gilded age of video games, the notion of playing boardgames doesn’t mean a man has to forgo style. At least, not one the tournament-worthy board games brought to you by Bespoke UK game crafter Geoffrey Parker. One of the finest makers of backgammon, poker, Scrabble, and several other board games, Geoffrey Parker offers…

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Tumi Travel Charades

The holiday travel season doesn’t mean you have to bring along bulky games to keep yourself entertained. The Tumi Travel Charades features 56 suggestions on plastic sticks for acting out songs, movies, books and more. The entire games is housed in a compact leather, tubular case with a zip top making it easily packable. I’m…

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Yap Bull & Bear Tic Tac Toe Board

A Real Gift For A Real Gamer – The Stock Trader Corporate gifts are boorish at best. Tic Tac Toe however, is timeless. Don’t clutter your desk with tschotchkes or notepads with scribble. It may not guarantee double digit growth for your portfolio, but the stainless steel and zinc alloy Yap Bull & Bear Tic…

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Mulholland Backgammon Set

Backgammon is one of those games where the premise is so simple it’s ability to be picked up and played makes it fun, addictive and classic. The Mulholland set’s board is made of leather so it rolls up and around a matching pouch that houses all the leather game pieces making packing simply and easy….