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Briefings: De Niro, Bear Scares, Sri Lanka, a Miracle Magician and an American Cycling Legend

You’ve survived the Month of Beef and Bond Week without being grilled or assassinated; now, on to bears, heavy surfing and cycling up majestic mountains. Lucky for you, we’ve done all the work — you’re safe and sound in your comfy computer chair. Don’t worry, it’s more fun than it sounds (and it should sound…

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Briefings: Meeting Family, Caveman Beef, Pint Math, Butchers and WWII Photos

Short and sweet. No, we’re not talking about your first girlfriend or how you like your shopping trips. Our pinnacle of pertness is far, far more important (just like every Briefings). Our theme: more content, less time spent. Reading, that is. History. Dating. Beef. More beef. Sudsy math. Our finds keep it quick, because goddammit,…

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Briefings: Olympian Sex Feats, London Street Art, Gummy Bears, Old Spice Training, and Marathon Mischievousness

Four long years have bitten the dust since we were last this excited for the (summer) Olympics. Beijing’s opening ceremony knocked our socks off with a terrifying army of perfectly drilled drummers, a crazy high-wire act and a photoshopped fireworks display that was as entertaining as San Diego’s 15-second, shoot-your-wad-early fusillade. London’s got a tough…

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Briefings: The World Tri, Depressing Internet Behavior, The Dream Team, Fourchu Lobster, and a Poem by Bolano

The internet is a great place to wander around and read stories about guys like Charlie Wittmack, who conquer imagine impossible physical and mental challenges and then conquer them. It’s a good place to watch documentaries about the ’92 Dream Team and to read great poetry. It’s also a good place to incubate your depression,…

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Briefings: Pasta, Vampires, Beer Machines, Mosquitos, and Euro 2012

Our attention this week was on things practical rather than academic: eating carbs, drinking beer, watching sports, and protecting ourselves from vampires with Victorian-era slaying kits. Remember: practical. It’s a big and complicated world. We’re at tips [at] if you think there’s something we should know about.

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Briefings: Your Sugar Daddy Is In, US Open Snowboarding Turns 30, How to Rig an Election, Should We Go to College, and Mitt Romney Channeling Davy Crockett

It’s hard to argue that the most important things going on in the world this week have nothing to do with baby sloths and robotic cheetahs, but if we can have your ear for just a second… no? Come on. Email us at tips [at] if you think there’s something we should know about.

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Briefings: Kickstarter Cash, Falling Anchors, Paris Review Files, The Cranberries, and a Bar with Serious Tools

It’s Week 2 of our more cultivated Briefings, and we hope we’re giving you some cool stuff to talk about, even if you’re just muttering to yourself at the office. This week we’re going to shield our eyes against the political race, talking instead about free money, errant anchors, lit mags, and nostalgia. Email us…

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Briefings: Firefall at Yosemite National Park, the First PGA Academy, Mind Altering Substances, Fukuyama on the Future, and the Comedy of Key & Peele

Editor’s Note: Building on the growing popularity of Briefings, we’ve decided to expand our link coverage with a weekly dose of what’s happening out there in the world of man, beyond the world of gear. More than a link drop, less than a TPS Report, look forward to 3-5 doses of culture with a spoonful…