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Today in Gear: May 30, 2013

Brooks Brothers Red Fleece Collection Brooks Brothers’ newest line, hoping to continue the success of the Black and Golden Fleece collections, adds a youthful spin to the brand’s classic prep look. Trimmer lines and brighter patterns’ll make you stand out at dad’s next country club dinner. Fairphone Attention morally troubled: the Fairphone’s manufacturing process…

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Look Good Either Way

Brooks Brothers Long-Sleeve Spread Collar Polo

Navigating the murky waters of dress code lingo can paralyze even the brightest of men. Phrases like “dressy-casual”, “semi-formal”, or “black tie-optional” just seem purposely engineered for confusion and panic. Erring on the side of being over dressed is always the safe bet over going the under dressed route, but owning a few versatile pieces…

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Americana Blue

Levi Strauss for Brooks Brothers

Thanks to capitalism, competing entities rarely team up. Coke and Pepsi won’t be making Copsi anytime soon, and Honda and Toyota will not be bringing us an Camcord. Luckily for our benefit though, two titans of American clothing have bucked the rule and teamed together (2010 Miami Heat style) to bring us something truly spectacular….

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Timely Upgrade

Brooks Brothers Stripe Watchband

Summer style upgrades don’t have to cost you. Heck, even GQ has 25 upgrades for $25 or less. Being watch fanatics, we keep an eye out for strap options (see: this, this, or this), and these Brooks Brothers Stripe Watchbands ($14) provide a well priced instant upgrade. Made of nylon in 5 color variations with…

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Two for One

Social Primer for Brooks Brothers Reversible Bow Ties

These may scream “death by prep” but guys who enjoy wearing the occasional bow tie whilst schmoozing in harbos will like Social Primer and Brooks Brothers collaboration. Eight different ties make up this collection and each feature two distinct patterns made from the vintage fabrics sourced in Long Island City where Brooks Brother’s other tie…

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You Can Thank Us for the Grunt Work Later

Style Roundup: Men’s Sweater Top Picks

Based on all the fall wardrobe question’s we’ve been receiving from you lately, we came to the conclusion a fall roundup was in order. Done and done. In this Gear Patrol Roundup, we’ve taken the time to scour some of our favorite men’s brands (high and low), for unique, sharp, and warm sweaters that’ll match…