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No Mere Accessories

The Rise of the Fashion Watch

It wasn’t so long ago that watches with fashion brand names on their dials were routinely dismissed as pretenders, mere arm candy for people with more money than good sense or taste. While there are still plenty of those watches twinkling from department store jewelry counters, other brands — ones more often associated with jewelry, luggage and trench coats — have quietly elbowed their way into loftier company. These five made a splash at this year’s BaselWorld.

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See My Vest...

Patchwork Season: Stylish Quilted Vests to Layer (or Not)

It seems some folks jump straight from shirtsleeves to parkas when the autumn leaves begin to fall. No, vests are for those in-between days, the time when one extra layer over a thick sweater, a mug of hot cider and the company of a loved one is all we need to keep warm during a stroll through the park. But even when the atmosphere turns up the a/c, a vest beneath your overcoat does wonders; after all, ’tis the season to layer and layer some more. We’ve rounded up the best quilted vests — each fashionable and cozy in its own right.

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Trail Blazing

Burberry Removable Collar Two Button Sportcoat

Every man should own a quality grey blazer for the winter season and we’ve recently been on the hunt to find a few we like. This Burberry Two Button Sportcoat ($595) first grabbed our attention off the rack thanks to its more casual cut, darker herringbone gray coloring, and black elbow patches. Discovering it has…

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Burberry Brit Check Wallet

A Wallet Befitting Of Your Back Left Pocket A brand you may have not thought to purchase, consider Burberry in black. There are a few essential accessories every man owns and uses every day and a good wallet is one of them. And it’s about time to upgrade that old velcro tri-fold you’ve been packing…

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Burberry London Overcoat

Burberry’s signature pattern may what you think of when you hear Burberry but that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing they have for you to rock this winter. The Burberry London Overcoat is one this particular writer goes to every time the weather calls for it. Throwing it with a crisp white shirt or even…