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Today in Gear: February 20, 2014

Today in gear, we examine the return of Big Bertha, a dirt bike to snow mobile conversion kit, Gravity comes home, helmets get a better fit and much more.

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uDesign, uWin (maybe)

Callaway RAZR Fit uDesign Driver

Confidence has long been considered a key component to a solid golf game — if you’re bold in your approach, the rest will take care of itself. For some, that assuredness is found through long hours on the range; for others, it’s in knowing that the boom stick coming out of their bag is Rickie…

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Knight Driver

Callaway RAZR X Black Driver

Speed kills. Or should we say, speed kills golf balls. Long drives are generated from a delicate balance of raw, white knuckle speed and precession ball striking. Add a few MPH to you clubhead speed and you’ll start reaping the yardage gains immediately. Callaway’s RAZR X Black Driver ($250) aims to unleash your inner speed…

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Black Spin

Callaway HEX Black Tour Golf Ball

The right golf ball can make all the difference. Choose poorly and you’ll spend the next 18 holes wondering why you bother playing this game at all. Callaway Golf has taken a bold step to improve the benefits of a ball by combining two into one offering. The Callaway HEX Tour Black golf ball ($46)…

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Adjusting a winning formula

Callaway RAZR Fit Driver

The latest offering from Callaway Golf represents a considerable improvement from their earlier drivers, as well as a change in corporate philosophy. The new RAZR Fit Driver ($400) marks the company’s first foray into adjustable drivers. So-called OptiFit technology offers golfers two movable weights (2/12 grams) and an adjustable hosel (open, neutral, closed). While it…

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Hidden Help

Callaway RAZR XF Combo Set

Golf is hard. Truth be told, we make it harder than it has to be. We’ll buy drivers and putters the size of snow shovels, but for some reason, we insist on playing irons beyond our abilities. Callaway Golf is offering a chance to make amends for years of frustration and futility with the RAZR…

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Hawk, line and sinker

Callaway Razr Hawk Driver

If the idea of unsheathing a lean, mean Storm Trooper inspired machine isn’t quite your style, allow Callaway to give you a taste of the dark side with their latest Razr Hawk Driver ($399). Lighter and stronger than titanium, forged composite is the hallmark technology behind this club, allowing giving engineers maximum control over wall…

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For length's sake

Callaway Diablo Octane Driver

A man’s quest for increasing his length, drive length that is, is a long and never-ending struggle. Fortunately for golfers, Callaway understands the pain and alongside Lamborghini (a company that knows a thing or two about dynamics) the two firms’ R&D teams have been hard at work to develop a worthy successor to last year’s…

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El Diablo Rojo

Callaway Diablo Edge Driver

For skilled and not-so-skilled amateur golfers alike, finding a driver that one can pick up and hit long, straight, and reliably is no easy task. That’s why clubmakers continue to push the boundaries of design science just as far as the USGA and the R&A will allow; it behooves players like us to avail ourselves…

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Because You Can't Hit What You Can't See

Odyssey White Ice 2-Ball Putter

When one thinks about innovation in golf design, it’s hard not to conjure the infamous shape of the Odyssey 2-Ball. When it was first released back in 2001, the 2-Ball’s aesthetics seemed decidedly funky. However, it didn’t take golfers long to figure out the most important thing about the putter and its revolutionary alignment-friendly design…

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Drive 4 Show, Putt 4 Dough Giveaway – Two Days Left To Enter!

Win A TaylorMade Tour Burner Driver & Monza Rossa Spider Putter As of this morning, over a thousand of you have entered the Drive 4 Show, Putt 4 Dough Giveaway! And why not, what guy doesn’t want TayorMade’s smoking hot Tour Burner Driver & Monza Rossa Spider Putter. Don’t Forget: You have until midnight tomorrow…

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Callaway Tour ix

[click on image to enlarge] Every golfer should play the right golf ball for his game. And by right I mean long and straight. I might as well throw in lots of bite while we’re at it. I know, sounds more like a wish list than any ball you’ve played before. Distance balls fly like…

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Callaway I-Mix FT-5 Driver With Interchangeable Shafts

Wet fairways? Got a shaft for it. Firm fairways? Got a shaft for it. Short & Tight? Got a shaft for it. Windy? Got a shaft for it. Almost sounds like a used car salesman, but the Callaway I-Mix FT-5 Driver specs couldn’t be farther from it. When pros are out on tour they have…

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Callaway HX Hot Bite

For those of you who enjoyed Callaway’s HX Hot ball the past couple of seasons know it’s benefits. Distance and accuracy. Two crucial elements in a golf ball, but when it comes to approaching the green the ball’s hardness comes out in full force – and we don’t mean this as a good thing. This…

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Callaway Big Bertha Irons

What this means to you: Cost: $599-$799 @ Golf Galaxy

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Callaway LR800 Rangefinder

Callaway has teamed up with optics technology expert Nikon to bring you the LR800. It’s a quick and accurate distance finder that works up to 800 yards. A golf hole distance we certainly do not wish upon anyone. It has the unique feature of ‘First Target Technology’ which “displays the range to the nearest target…

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Callaway FT-i Tour Driver

The FT-i Driver from Callaway Golf represents a quantum leap in driver design. With the revolutionary 460cc Complete Inertial Design, the FT-i Driver pushes the design precisely positions weight to the extreme corners of the clubhead, producing an incredibly high Moment of Inertia. Callaway’s largest, hottest CT/VFT Titanium cup face is designed to the legal…

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Callaway HX Tour 56 Golf Balls

The HX 56 gives Tour-proven performance with softer feel and more greenside control. New Sub-HEX design creates more consistency and tour-type trajectory. [from Golf Galaxy] Soft, Thin Urethane Cover: The cover’s softness provides delicate feel and increased spin around the greens, while its thinness leads to high speed and low spin off the driver to…