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The future will be displayed properly

Design Spotlight: Fraunhofer Mini-Projector

Pico projectors have teased geeks like us for years with the potential of carrying a theater-size screen in our pocket. Tony Stark’s candy land o’ holograms may still be a pipe dream, but European research group Fraunhofer has given us a titillating preview of where display technology is headed with the release of their smartphone…

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Peer into the future, without the crystal ball

CES 2012: Our Favorite Booths

We kicked off 2012 by visiting not-so-beautiful Las Vegas to attend CES, with the hope of getting a head start on the exciting new products that will launch over the coming year. While we’ll continue to highlight gadgets revealed there on a regular basis, one of the best parts about being on the ground at…

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Better late than never

Sony Xperia Ion & Xperia S

After buying out Ericsson’s share of their joint venture earlier this year, Sony’s inaugural run of solo-branded smartphones shows the Japanese heavyweight has no intention of ceding the market just yet to Korean competitors like Samsung and LG without a fight. The Xperia S features a 4.3-inch 720p display with a 1.5GHZ dual-core processor, a…

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Gift Guide 2010: The Technophile

As men, we’ll always be suckers for shiny things. There’s no point in fighting it. Particularly when they can help do things like battle our inbox(s), catch up on missed episodes of the shows we’re too busy to watch, or single-handedly sway the tide of battles using just our thumbs. This gift list is a…

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Worthwhile Upgrade If You Just... Can't... Kick... BBM

BlackBerry Torch

The BlackBerry Torch 9800 is a sleek-looking QWERTY slider that sports a 3.2-inch, 480 x 360 touchscreen (which is the same resolution as the Bold for you handset geeks), 512 MB of RAM, a 5 megapixel camera, and 4 GB of on board memory with a 4 GB microSD card thrown in gratis. Additionally, it’s…

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Redmond's Long Rumored Handsets Are Headed for Verizon

Microsoft Kin One & Two

Known as the Microsoft Pink, Pure, and Turtle by the tech rumor mill leading up to their launch, Microsoft in the end seems to have ditched these monikers for something far more Seussian. Dubbed Kin 1 and Kin 2, both handsets are aimed squarely at the texting, Facebooking, and Twittering masses of young adults immersed…

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Take Charge of Your Charging

IDAPT I3 Charging Stations

Gadget fans know that with their love of technology comes an excess of chords and often a shortage of power outlets. So to cope with this unfortunate externality, IDAPT has released a series of compact charging stations designed to help reduce clutter while still supporting your various device charging needs. Capable of charging three separate…

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A Step in the Right Direction for Android

T-Mobile MyTouch 3G

With all the recent hype over the iPhone 3GS, it’s now time for Android’s response. The T-Mobile MyTouch 3G (which is a re-branded HTC Magic) builds on the momentum of the carriers first android phone, the G1, taking all of its best features while making some much needed improvements. Design wise the handset’s sleek profile…

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@Win @A @Phone @From @Gear Patrol

LG Vu from AT&T – We have a winnner!

After conducting extensive scientific research, we’ve come to an important conclusion. Not a one of you told us that you don’t like it when Gear Patrol gives away free stuff. Thus, we’ve teamed up with AT&T to offer you the LG Vu ($349), an outstanding phone-u-tainment gadget. So, here’s the deal; normally, Gear Patrol giveaways…

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Garmin Nüvifone

[click on image to enlarge] No one expected this. Today in New York, Garmin, the name synonymous with GPS and personal navigation announced a full-fledged smartphone with the capabilities so many people have been pining for, GPS. The HSDPA enabled smartphone operates on it’s own operating system with e-mail, web browsing, and camera functionality. It’s…

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Nokia N95 [CES 2008]

The much lusted after Nokia N95 is finally coming to the US officially in it’s new 8gb format. The multimedia computer (calling this thing a phone is blasphemy) is the size of smartphone and equipped with an five megapixel camera, mp3 and media player, HSPDA connectivity (read 3G), GPS navigation, web browsing services, and more…

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Motorola RAZR 2

The iconic RAZR is back with an all new metal and glass design that is actually smaller than the previous RAZR. It features Incredible QVGA screen (two screens actually) 2 megapixel camera CrystalTalk active sound-quality management Opera web browser Built in E-mail (free) Bluetooth There’s no denying the lustworthiness of the phone and with it…

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HTC Mogul™ Sprint Power Vision

The concept of owning a smartphone should appeal to you. Not only does it serve as a device that will reduce the number of gadgets/gear you have to carry, but the sheer capability of the latest phones will keep you organized, connected and engaged 24/7 and on the go. There was a lot of anticipation…

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Blackberry Curve

Yesterday marked the release of the much anticipated Blackberry Curve (8300). RIM’s long awaited release of a true multi-media Blackberry device that could continue to handle everyone’s daily bombardment of corporate exchange e-mail in addition to multimedia functions everyone non-berrier had. Well, suffice it to say the Curve does not disappoint. Features: 2.5″ 320×240 display…

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T-Mobile Sidekick iD

Well, there was some hype about it, but the Sidekick iD launched with not too much fanfare besides the fan-blogs. We’re just glad to see it come out with a price that’s easy to swallow if you don’t mind signing up for a T-Mobile contract. We’re pretty keen on customizing so the interchangeable faceplates are…

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Nokia N95

The Nokia N95 brings a lot to the table. In our opinion, it trumps even the slickness of the iPhone and outpaces the technology of the soon-to-be-released Blackberry 8830. It offers a dual sliding feature (one side revealing media player controls and the other side a full keypad). Noteworthy Features: 5-megapixel camera video/audio player GPS…

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Motorola MOTOPEBL Orange GSM

MOTOPEBL is the essence of mobile sophistication and stylish simplicity. Hold it in your palm and you’ll understand its mysterious pull. Enjoy both form and function, with complete imaging, video capture and playback, and voice recognition features.Design at its most breathtakingly simple, the MOTOPEBL™ reshapes the way you view mobile communication. No hard edges. No…