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Grown-up Cereal for the Boy at Heart

[me] & goji Custom Artisanal Cereal

Since I was a kid, cereal has occupied its own place atop my food pyramid. I recall countless after-school cereal feeds with friends in front of the TV. We’d mix two or three different kinds in a heaping bowl with milk that would, if proportioned right, leave a syrupy-sweet draught of sugar-laced milk to drink…

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Dymatize Nutrition Elite High-Protein Cereal – Slenders

Eat your Wheaties. Scratch that. Eat your Dymatize Nutrition Elite High-Protein Cereal – Slenders. Hmm, doesn’t come across the same way, but toss your Wheaties in the garbage and reach for a bowl of Slenders. A high calcium, high protein cereal with 16 vimins and minerals. We’ve been eating it as a low fat option…