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A wicked curveball

Bergino Handmade Baseballs

You may have never been beaned by one in the stands, but that doesn’t mean a cool baseball is out of reach. Bergino Handmade Baseballs ($20) combine your love of the sport with whatever else it is you’re into. Hippie who loves catching pop flies? Tie-dye peace ball. Crossword nut who always nails clues about…

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12 gifts for the lead foot

The 12 Guys of Christmas: The Driver

To find gifts for those men who consider driving simply a way to get from point A to point B, head to the nearest Brookstone. For those impassioned drivers you know — the ones who have 5W-30 running through their veins, love talking about tire aspect ratios and own some kind of driving/riding apparel (which…

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Your current case is on the edge of extinction

Dodo Case Customizer Tool

Seems like you can customize just about anything these days. From kicks to cars, people want to be their own clever, intellectual, trendy (or not), unique snowflake — just like everyone else. Which is why we’re shocked someone didn’t think of the Dodo Case Customizer Tool ($80+) sooner. Fueling your one-off narcissism, Dodo Case enables…

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Oh you fancy now

Buck Custom Knife Builder

Buck has been making knives since 1902. You’ve been making knives since, uh, never. That shouldn’t stop you from combining your extensive talent with Buck’s 100 years of experience to create a unique blade via their new Buck Custom Knife Builder ($62+). Using the online tool, buyers can choose between two knife models (the 500…

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Deep Custom

The fine folks at Gear Junkie brought this film starring Minneapolis custom bicycle builder Eric Noren, founder of Peacock Groove Cycles to our attention. Proclaimed as the Liberace of bikes by some, in this short film Noren covers his approach to creating the ultimate two-wheeled ride that hipsters, road bikers, or any fan of self-powered…

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Ski Bum Engineers

Folsom Custom Skis

It is time to start thinking about your winter recreation gear and this year might be the year for new skis. Instead of walking into your local mega-outdoor-retailer, consider taking a custom approach and get fitted for a pair of Folsom custom skis ($1,200). As one of America’s first and only fully custom ski companies,…

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Brand Spotlight | FEIT Shoes

Brand Spotlight is a series on Gear Patrol focused on highlighting unique and creative brands we feel should be on men’s radars. Most shoes are made like cars, meaning they are massed produced in an assembly line. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with the efficiencies gained from this approach for certain kinds of kicks, but it…

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The Fixation | Rogue Territory Custom Jeans

This week’s fixation is a pair of custom jeans from LA-based Rogue Territory. You see, I am afflicted with serious Thunder Thighs (from the days of college sports) and a penchant for dry denim. That’s a combination that leads to reduced blood flow in my lower body as I break in jeans and the potential…

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Grown-up Cereal for the Boy at Heart

[me] & goji Custom Artisanal Cereal

Since I was a kid, cereal has occupied its own place atop my food pyramid. I recall countless after-school cereal feeds with friends in front of the TV. We’d mix two or three different kinds in a heaping bowl with milk that would, if proportioned right, leave a syrupy-sweet draught of sugar-laced milk to drink…

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The Cure for Bored Belt Loops.

Smathers and Branson: Needlepoint Belt & Key Fob

One of the cooler traditions of preppydom is the handmade needle point belt. Usually made by an over-achieving wife or girlfriend, these belts are often stitched by hand for some lucky male to include numerous details relating to him as a person. Emblazonments might include initials, school logos, favorite sports teams, etc. While they were…

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Team Pride Never Felt So Manly

M Custom Grill Grates

Whatever your team, this is the ultimate grill mark for your meat.Sometimes things in life are meant to be questioned like why your girlfriend came back from the grocery store with the brand of paper towel that costs $3 more a roll than the kind you buy. Others aren’t. You don’t question why you need…

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Viking Range Classic Series with Custom Finish

A quality range can make or break a kitchen. It’s the center of your cooking so don’t skimp if you fancy yourself a cook. You’re looking at the 48″ Open Burner Range Classic Series from Viking. A fourty-eight inch behemoth with dual ovens (baking and convection), six infinite range burners, and a 12 inch wide…

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Marc Ecko Cut & Sew

Cut & Sew recently launched a store (one of seven) this past weekend here in Tampa’s Westfield Plaza and I attended the opening in search of some gear. Searching through the store I found some items that I liked and the general vibe was chill. The clothes were on the casual side, with a dash…

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Musty Putter | Custom Wood Putter

A custom putter is what we like to call a compulsory luxury. It costs a lot and you need it. One could argue the same qualifies for an Aston Martin DB7, but we prefer skipping the semantics. Musty Putters are unique, and by unique we mean that no one you currently know has one in…