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Set Your Desk Apart

Rare Device Desk Set by Singgih Kartono

Desks are a place for work, but that doesn’t mean you’re obligated to make them drab. If buying new furniture isn’t in the cards though, this Rare Device Desk Set by Singgih Kartono ($75) is a quick way to distinguish your place of toil. Hand-crafted in an Indonesian farming village — you won’t find these…

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A Different Kind of Apple Wood

Combine Collective Black Walnut Keyboard Trays

Like Apple but looking for a more natural look? Check out Combine Collective’s Black Walnut Keyboard Trays ($64-$79). They also work well for those of you who start twitching when their separate wireless peripherals start to scatter (att: Eric Yang). Made in Vancouver, Canada from whole and solid-joined sustainable hardwoods harvested in North America, Combine…

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Bachelor Pad 3

You’ve got a nice desk, nice pens, but why is your writing medium still the same thing you used when you were in high school? Replace that yellow or pink post-it pad with something of substance. The Bachelor Pad 3 is a made from your choice of walnut, cherry or maple. It has a stainless…