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Empty Canvases, Waiting to be Filled

Shoot Anywhere With These Five All-Weather Canvas Camera Bags

We know you love leather bags, and so do we. But there are times, say, when you’re toting your photography gear, that you need a more all-weather, utilitarian alternative. In fact, we’ll say it now — leave the leather for trips and commutes. We’ve rounded up our favorites and put them through their paces to come up with our list of the five best canvas camera bags for the discerning photographer.

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Designed by a Photographer, For Photographers

Domke F-2 DSLR Camera Bag

By Guest Writer and Professional Photographer Tom Beck So, you just got that awesome new DSLR, and added a second lens to the package, maybe even an external flash. Great, but now what are you going to carry it in? You’ve dropped at least a couple of grand, now you need to protect your photographic…