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Porter Cable Drill Kit Giveaway Winner!

So we can only assume that many of you are saddled with sizable to-do lists, as we received a veritable crap-load of entries in our Porter Cable 18V Lithium Drill Kit Giveaway. As always, we’re grateful to each of you who took the time to enter via the comments, Facebook, or Twitter. Our sole winner…

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Porter Cable 18V Lithium Drill Kit Giveaway!

We like to think of ourselves and yourselves as guys who get stuff done. Having the right tool for any given job is key to this effort. To that end, we’ve been big fans of Porter Cable’s full lineup of equipment, suitable of just about any worthwhile task you can think of. Even better, we’ve…

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Don't Get Screwed by Using the Wrong Tool

Porter Cable 18V Lithium Drill Kit

There are certain tools that every man needs, regardless of his station. From the suburban DIY guru to the loft-dweller with nary a free cupboard, much less a full-out workshop, each one among us can benefit from the prowess of a solid cordless drill driver. If you can only own one tool, that’s the one…

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Essential Equipment for the Handy Homeowner

10 Best, Must-Have Power Tools

From the moment ancient man first wielded tools to aid in mastery over his environment, their use has been embedded in the DNA of humankind. Men, in particular, have an innate sense of the crucial need for having the proper tool for whatever job is at hand. Granted, we’ve come a long way from roasting…

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FireStorm 24 Volt Cordless 4 Tool Combo Kit

A man should have a decent set of tools at his ready. It’s just an assumed prerequisite to growing up and though it’s not compulsory to have all his tools be powered, it doesn’t hurt to. That’s why we’ve gotten ourselves the 24 volt FireStorm set. Includes: 24 volt Drill with hammer action for drilling…

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The Floppy – Practice Golf Ball

The Floppy is a soft skinned golf ball designed for use indoors. The unique design of The Floppy mimics the feel and action of a real golf ball. The softness allows you to practice your game indoors. Born from a simple idea one rainy day, The Floppy™ was developed to aid the golfer in the…