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Always Bet on Black

Breakdown: TaylorMade R1 Black

As our friend Wesley Snipes once proudly imparted: always bet on black. TaylorMade heeded his advice with their R1 Black Driver ($350), a sinister version of their much-lauded white R1. We break it down.

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A hidden gem

Nike VR_S Covert

Even if you’re sidelined by bitter weather, we doubt you’ll take umbrage with the newest member of the Nike club (how clever) — the VR_S Covert ($299+). Available in February 2013, Nike’s sharp new red driver sports a High Speed Cavity Back, bringing a technology once reserved only for irons to a fairway near you….

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Knight Driver

Callaway RAZR X Black Driver

Speed kills. Or should we say, speed kills golf balls. Long drives are generated from a delicate balance of raw, white knuckle speed and precession ball striking. Add a few MPH to you clubhead speed and you’ll start reaping the yardage gains immediately. Callaway’s RAZR X Black Driver ($250) aims to unleash your inner speed…

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Don’t call him junior

TaylorMade R11 S Driver

After taking the driver market by storm last year with the R11 there was only one thing left for TaylorMade to do. Tell all of the white paint detractors, “I told you so”. OK, maybe two things, as they set out to improve upon the best driver they had ever made. The result is the…

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Adjusting a winning formula

Callaway RAZR Fit Driver

The latest offering from Callaway Golf represents a considerable improvement from their earlier drivers, as well as a change in corporate philosophy. The new RAZR Fit Driver ($400) marks the company’s first foray into adjustable drivers. So-called OptiFit technology offers golfers two movable weights (2/12 grams) and an adjustable hosel (open, neutral, closed). While it…

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Forget Fore, Yell "Incoming!"

Cobra Long Tom Driver

Cobra first introduced the Long Tom driver back in the 1970’s. At the time, its 46″ shaft may have been considered excessive, but considering that many of today’s drivers are close to, if not longer, Cobra was ahead of their time. Today’s next generation boasts a full four feet of ball smashing goodness. Yeah, you…

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Longer. Straighter. What Else to Want?

Callaway FT-iZ Driver

The Gear Patrol golf gurus recently got our grubby little hands on the Callaway Golf’s latest tee box terror, the FT-iZ driver. If we were less than surprised by the club’s performance, it’s only because we’ve come to expect a steady march of improving technology from the Carlsbad, CA clubmaker. In keeping with that theme,…

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1 Driver, 8 Settings, And A Mob of Hungry Golfers

Nike SQ DYMO STR8-FIT Driver

Hello, my name is Patrick and I’m a golf snob. Yes, as sad as it is to admit, I have a tendency to view golf products not made by mainstream manufactures with utter apathy. I know what you’re thinking, Tiger plays Nike clubs – and you’re right. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve…

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When it comes to customization, Taylormade gives you the shaft.

Taylormade R9 Driver Review

I have long envied tour players, what with their golf clubs fitted down to the n’th degree. You see, we mere mortal men may buy the same clubs, but they bear little resemblance to what you see used on tour each week. It hardly seems fair that just because they’re better golfers, pros should get…

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TaylorMade Drivers: Burner vs. r7 Limited

Are you a Bomber or a Technician? While putting may be universally accepted as the most important aspect of golf, I believe that driving is the key to enjoying golf. Poor driving puts tremendous pressure on the rest of your game. Yes, missing a short birdie putt makes you sick, but a poor drive precludes…

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TaylorMade Tour Burner Driver | Editor’s Choice

[click on image to enlarge] Everyone wants to bomb it off the tee. There’s nothing more satisfying than blistering a golf ball down the middle of the fairway (in golf anyway). Unfortunately, there is only one way to hit the ball further: generate faster ball speeds. TaylorMade Golf has come up with a solution that…

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Callaway I-Mix FT-5 Driver With Interchangeable Shafts

Wet fairways? Got a shaft for it. Firm fairways? Got a shaft for it. Short & Tight? Got a shaft for it. Windy? Got a shaft for it. Almost sounds like a used car salesman, but the Callaway I-Mix FT-5 Driver specs couldn’t be farther from it. When pros are out on tour they have…

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Callaway FT-i Tour Driver

The FT-i Driver from Callaway Golf represents a quantum leap in driver design. With the revolutionary 460cc Complete Inertial Design, the FT-i Driver pushes the design precisely positions weight to the extreme corners of the clubhead, producing an incredibly high Moment of Inertia. Callaway’s largest, hottest CT/VFT Titanium cup face is designed to the legal…

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TaylorMade r7 Superquad Driver with Reax Graphite Shaft

Dark, cold and seriously sinister. This is the club for the evil geniuses among you. Featuring four Moveable Weight Technology ports, TaylorMade Mens r7 SuperQuad Driver can be set up in one of 120 ways with a variety of four weighted inserts. Now you can spend your nights tweaking your ultimate weapon for the downfall…