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Back from the future

ZecOO Electric Motorcycle

The dystopian Neo Tokyo of 2019 described and depicted by Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira may be as likely as our Mayan predicted destruction, but that didn’t stop the team at Japan’s Znug Design from having a crack at building Tetsuo Shima’s bike. The ZecOO ($70,000 projected) is easily one of the best looking, and possibly priciest…

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Making Segways and Vespas Cower in Fear

Zev 6100 & 5100 Electric Utility Scooters

Normally the term electric scooter brings up images of Segway-like vehicles complete with pocket protector wearing riders. The Zev 6100 and 5100 utility scooters ($7,526) may redefine the stereotype though. Originally developed as a delivery vehicle for the police (back when the police used to compete with Fedex??), its wheelbase is 60.62 inches, which is…