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Your Official Summer Reading List

10 Great Summer Reads

Imagine with us: You’ve just left work on a sultry Friday, and damn do you feel good. Why? Because it’s summer, for one, and you’re off for a weekend, or a long weekend, or a week even, if your boss isn’t a Nazi and your job still includes that sweet rarity, “vacation time”. But no one’s around to hang, which is fine — it’s relaxation time, baby. What better way to enjoy the weather (without sweating) than a summer read? We’ve got 10 great picks for every type of reader, right here.

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Briefings: Gift Guides Galore

A cheery wave of holiday gift lists are upon us (we’re partly to blame) — but hey, who doesn’t like some guidance? Life is hard, and so is buying quality presents for the people you care about. Our suggestions? Research thoroughly, sleuth like Sherlock Holmes (“Cashmere? Elementary!”), and never give away the surprise. Oh, and…

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Briefings: Sites, Salman, Bond Blueprints, Illusion Endangerment and Everest

The ultimate spy compendium, a man hunted by assassins and the mysteries of top-secret theft. We’re only throwing in the best of the internet and what not to do on Everest to remind you that this isn’t a plug for Skyfall. Or is it? No, it’s not. It’s a big and complicated world. We’re at…

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Briefings: Protests in Quebec, Hammer Biennial, The Meteorite Market, America’s Best Bars, and a Spiked Arnold Palmer

We trust you had a good long weekend filled with plenty of burgers and brews. What you missed: Quebecers banging on pots and pans en masse, and not because they didn’t get enough to eat this weekend. This, plus the best Arnold Palmer you’ve ever mixed on the porch, in this week’s Briefings. It’s a…

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Briefings: The Great GoogaMooga, Optimism, Kevin Costner, Alabama Shakes, and Damsels in Distress

Sometimes it feels like there’s this prevailing attitude of cool indifference, not taking things too seriously, blase raised to the nth power. We’re glad to see signs of change. For one thing, Kevin Costner had a good conversation with Esquire about shoving people against fences and not being able to afford chocolate milk. For another,…

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Briefings: Oak Ridge, Smokeable Books, Hormone Therapy, Saveur’s Las Vegas, and an App for Local Events

This week is mainly about things we like to know about but are fairly comfortable observing from afar: a formerly secret town in eastern Tennessee where the government enriched uranium; Snoop Dogg’s new book/package of rolling papers; and new developments in the world of hormone replacement therapy, which, well, we’re glad to know it’s there……

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Briefings: Your Sugar Daddy Is In, US Open Snowboarding Turns 30, How to Rig an Election, Should We Go to College, and Mitt Romney Channeling Davy Crockett

It’s hard to argue that the most important things going on in the world this week have nothing to do with baby sloths and robotic cheetahs, but if we can have your ear for just a second… no? Come on. Email us at tips [at] if you think there’s something we should know about.

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Daily Briefing: 2.13.2012

How and Why to Write Your Own Personal Manifesto Art of Manliness Billy Reid Autumn Winter 2012 Selectism A Year Of Barbecue: Eastern Carolina Food Republic Saturday at ICON A Continuous Lean How to Write A Love Letter Esquire Muscle Beach and the Dawn of Huge Men’s Journal How to Deal with Twitter Overload Macworld…

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Daily Briefing: 1.31.2012

China May Never Match America’s Creative Muscle Fast Company Falling Mad Men Esquire ACL Field Trip: Mr Porters Office A Continuous Lean Con Artist Starred in Sting That Cost Google Millions WSJ Standout Films at Sundance 2012 Cool Hunting Day 31: Invest in Leather Valet A Visit with the Worst College Basketball Team in America…

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Daily Briefing: 1.3.2012

The Grid at 200: Lines That Shaped Manhattan NYTimes Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Ultra-Thin Tribute To Mad Men Hodinkee What George Clooney Learned This Year Esquire 10 Things We Learned About Apple This Year SplatF TV Producers Applaud Film Producers Variety This Will be the Year That Was The Morning News World’s Fastest Car Named for Sluggish…

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Daily Briefing: 11.15.2011

National Geographic Photo Contest 2011 Roundup The Atlantic One man, 100,000 toothpicks, and 35 years: An incredible kinetic sculpture of San Francisco This is Colossal Did Manny Pacquiao Just Become the Villain? Grantland Inside the Nest: iPod creator Tony Fadell wants to reinvent the thermostat The Verge Americans of the Year Esquire A Clear Explanation…

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Daily Briefing: 10.10.2011

In Food Commercials, Flying Doughnuts and Big Budgets NYTimes The Best in Southern Food Garden & Gun Steve Jobs and the Losing Battle Esquire How to Parallel Park Like a Man Art of Manliness Acquire Profile: Triple Aught Design Acquire Qwikster Is Gonester: Netflix Kills Its DVD-Only Business Before Launch All Things D National Geographic…

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Daily Briefing: 9.9.2011

The Vinyl Never Lies: The Full Henry Rollins Interview Sound and Vision Imagine If Everyone Had To Start From Scratch And Reinvent The Wheel Every Time They Wanted To Build A New Car? TechDirt Drinking at 1,300 Ft: A 9/11 Story About Wine and Wisdom Esquire 50 Experiences to Try Before You Die CNN 19…

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Daily Briefing: 8.23.2011, Style Edition

Yo, Your Street Style is Buggin GQ Interview with Benji Wagner, co-founder and creative director of Poler Camping Stuff Selectism Introducing Ralph Lauren Black Label Denim Por Homme The 12 Original Playboys of the Jetset Sixties, Part 4 Kempt Original Model T | Mark Ohe The Moment Here Is How You Can Have Hair Like…

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Daily Briefing: 7.14.2011

The Dive Watch Deconstructed Gear Patrol Daniel Craig Is a Movie Star From England. Any Questions? Esquire Fancy in the Pantry Selectism Fortress of the Bear Notcot Be Clutch, Don’t Choke: How to Thrive in High Pressure Situations, Part II Art of Manliness The Best Show on Web Video Is the One You Can’t See:…

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App at its Best

Esquire iPad App, and an Opinion

The iPad may not be a magical savior of magazines, but the fact that it’s the best-selling gadget of all time makes it an undeniable game changer that can’t be ignored. Esquire, known for embracing new technologies, has been curiously quiet (GQ has had an iPad app for a better part of this year) but…

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Gear Patrol Agrees. In Mind... And (ahem) Body.

Esquire | Sexiest Woman Alive: Kate Beckinsale

Esquire recently announced their annual Sexiest Woman Alive (and magazine cover) and we couldn’t agree more with this year’s choice. It’s no secret Kate Beckinsale is frustratingly gorgeous. The Brit instantly melted the minds of men the second she stepped foot in her glorious leather-clad-burn-your-face-off outfit on Underworld, but unlike so many hollywood stars, Beckinsale…

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Big Black Book by Esquire

The manual to help you answer style and lifestyle questions is back. The editors at esquire have an all-new book for 2007 called the Big Black Book and it’s chock full of information, tips, steps on everything from drinks to suits to travel. Not unlike a certain website you’re reading now. Amazon describes it as…