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Taking the Hassle Out of Face Care, One Kit at A Time

Bread & Butter Skin Care

Created around the notion that keeping your face in mint condition should be a hassle free affair, Bread & Butter’s Skin Care kit appears to be the ideal solution for guys who already have enough to keep track of in their busy lives. One purchase from the company gets you enough face care supplies to…

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Jack Black + Clinical Strength = One Happy 30 Year Old

Jack Black Rx Series Skin Serum and Eye Rescue

We at Gear Patrol love Jack Black products. In fact, I believe everyone on the Gear Patrol crew uses one or more of the company’s products on a regular basis. Why do we like the products so much? Is it the Marketing? Is it the packaging? No sir. I think I speak for my compadres when I…

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Neocutis Bio-Restorative Skin Cream

Post-holiday stress and the piss-poor economy wreaking havoc on your skin? Look to Neocutis and look no further. I’ve been using their bio-restorative skin cream with PSP for almost two months now, and the results are dramatic, to say the least. Exclusive to Neocutis, PSPs, or Processed Skin Proteins (not from Sony), are derived from…

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Every Man Jack Beginner’s Luck Kit

Fresh. Clean. Simple. By Guest Writer and Gear Enthusiast Edward Cheng There are plenty of products that I want to evolve and grow in complexity. Cars and electronics are definitely on the top of my list. I demand that those items provide me plenty of facets to tinker with. However, with today’s trends, everything seems…

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Biotherm Anti-Rides Line Peel

Live Outside the Lines By Guest Writer and Gear Enthusiast Edward Cheng Skin is the body’s biggest organ (though some men may beg to differ) and yet most guys completely neglect it. With the winter months upon us, limiting outdoor activities, now’s the perfect opportunity to rehab the skin on your face. Biotherm Anti-Rides Line…

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GP Protocol | Rule #94 – Moisturizing Isn’t Just For Your Face

Gear Patrol Protocol Rule #94 – Moisturizing is part of a man’s daily maintenance (it is, so get use to it.) The thing is, you shouldn’t stop when you reach your neck. If you’re working out to lose weight or to pack on extra muscle your skin may not be able to keep up with…