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Spoil him, because he'll never spoil himself

Father’s Day Gift Guide: 50 Excellent Gifts for Dear Ol’ Dad

Sometimes when trying to find a gift it’s best to inundate yourself in options. Hence our plan of attack for this year’s Father’s Day Gift Guide: a massive barrage of sweet gear, from outdoor to tech, cheap to astronomically expensive, swanky to rough-and-tumble. Play six degrees of Kevin Bacon with a ridiculous watch strap you…

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Remembering the important moments

Thanks, Dad: Anecdotes on the Men Who Raised Us

Most of us have “remember the time dad…” stories. In celebration of Father’s Day (it’s coming up fast, you slacker) the GP staff decided to put their memorable father-son moments on paper for all the world to see.

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One son's Take on an important tradition

On Father’s Day: The Gift

Most of my friends growing up didn’t celebrate Father’s Day. I was always curious about that. Who were their dads, exactly, and why didn’t they care? I figured they must have been intellectual types (some of them were) or artists (some of them were) or dads who just had way too many neckties already and didn’t see the point. But in our house, we always celebrated Father’s Day. In fact, it was always kind of a big deal.

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From Baby Daddy to Father

New Father’s (Day) Gift Guide

It’s the scariest and most exciting thing a man will ever face: fatherhood. Suddenly there’s the pressure of knowing this human life is wholly reliant on you, the hope of being just like your father or the fear of the same thing. It’s the moment when BC becomes AD, a distinct frozen moment when a corner is turned and there will forever more only be a “before” (child) and “after”.

For many of us, Father’s Day means finding the right gift for Dad. But now some of us will be receiving gifts as well, and so without further ado, we introduce New Father’s Day — along with a wish list for the sleep-deprived new dad to make the beginning of this next lifetime easier.

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Father’s Day Gift Guide ’12

We don’t have to preach about how important fathers are, but we will anyway. This is the man who made you who you are, whether you like it or not — and since you’re reading this post now it looks like he’s done something right (at least we hope). With Father’s Day just around the…

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Nothing says love and appreciation like liquor

Tasting Notes | Father’s Day Cocktail: The Boulevardier

Your dad. The guy who taught you most of what you know, including the nuances of fine whiskey and the satisfaction of working with your hands. This year, combine both of those valuable life skills to craft Dad a well-deserved drink. The Boulevardier is a fine, father-friendly cocktail – a timeless classic that’s unpretentious, elegant…

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Skip The Ties & Cufflinks, Get Him Gear Patrol-Approved Gear

Father’s Day Gift Guide

When it comes to men, there’s few people that have influenced our lives as men more than good ol’ dad. He’s to thanks (sometimes, blame) for a lot of the traits that;s made you the man you are today. This year, Gear Patrol has put together a gift guide that forgoes the ties, cufflinks, and…

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 15th. Arguably the most important man, nay person, in your life is worthy of some thought and consideration. Whether your father’s the grill maven or a speed demon we’ve got great gift ideas for dad this year. Either way, we seriously doubt he’ll care for a gift more than…

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Gear Patrol Salute – Dad (Gift Guide)

Gear Patrol is a site for men. That’s undeniable. What we talk about on this blog is for men in general, sons and father’s alike, but once a year a day comes around when we take the time to salute the Dad’s of the world. Sit back, read our gift guide and finally get him…