21 Best Fall Sweaters
A survey of the best sweaters to match the changing leaves.
10 Great Rye Whiskeys
A bold shot of fall spice.
5 Best Driving Sunglasses
Shades designed for quick acceleration.
6 Best Camp Stoves
Upgrade from the campfire.
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Bradley & Mike | Catch ‘em on the Ultimate Tailgate Tour Blog

Update: The FLOTV Ultimate Tailgate Tour Blog has launched! We’ve also received some great tailgating photos so keep ‘em coming (send to: and make sure to visit the Ultimate Tailgate Tour Blog to see if your submission gets posted in the coming days. Sure, watching a video of Bradley learning a cheer from the…

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FLO TV Personal Television Giveaway – Winner!

Thanks to each and every one of you who helped make our FLO TV Personal Television Giveaway such a success. Many of you commented, Tweeted, and Facebook-ed (is that even a word?) with great fervor and regularity. Congratulations Derek Kan! Give us a shout at sayhello @ gearpatrol . com and we’ll get you hooked…

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TV To Go

FLO TV Personal Television Giveaway!

This contest is now over. A winner has been announced here. Thanks to everyone who entered! FLO TV Personal Television. It’s a 5 ounce TV streaming machine that gives you five hours of access to 20 channels including CBS, Comedy Central, Discovery, ESPN, FOX, MTV, NBC, and The Food Network. What’s better than that? Well,…

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Never Miss Oprah Again


Portable televisions have come a long way from the battery-powered-anvils they used to be. Witness the FLO TV. Measuring 4.4′”x3.0″x0.5″ and weighing just over 5 ounces, this sleek, pocket-sized machine brings in close to 20 TV channels including CBS, Comedy Central, Discovery, ESPN, FOX, MTV, NBC, and The Food Network; the content comes straight to…