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Around the World in 50 Movies

The Definitive Men’s Movie Collection: The 50 Best Foreign Language Movies

When most of us hear the word “movie”, we think of Hollywood — fair, given the global domination of Hollywood-produced Spielberg and Harry Potter films, but perhaps a tad ignorant, considering India’s Bollywood produces twice Hollywood’s output every year and reaches a larger audience. As demonstrated by the quality of the films in the Streaming Cinephile piece that we posted a while back, foreign films deserve a place in the spotlight. But while that list only featured foreign language films available for streaming on Netflix, this list features the top foreign language films, period.

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Subtitles are no excuse

The Streaming Cinephile: 40 Foreign Films to Watch Instantly

In the golden age of the so-called “art cinema”, college-aged cineastes and middle-aged professorial types needed only to congregate at the local repertory theatre for a fix of the latest and greatest in international film. They could catch a Bergman-Fellini double feature and wile away the evening in a coffee shop discussing the Christ-figure symbolism or whatever. “If only I had lived then”, laments the modern cinephile, “what films I could have seen.” Our young moviegoer, correct though they may be to bemoan the passing of Truffaut’s heyday, has forgotten one thing: a vast library of international movies are available to watch instantly with the stroke of a keyboard, granted they’re already paying for access to services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime. The same goes for you, Mr. Ignorant Summer Blockbuster. You too can become a film snob — with very little actual work.

But nothing’s ever that easy. The plight of the internet age is not access but selection. We’ve done some of the heavy popcorn lifting for you and picked out forty of the best foreign films available for instant streaming today. Go forth and become a global movie connoisseur.

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A foreign masterpiece in 1080p

City of God

When it comes to Brazilian cinema, it doesn’t get any bigger than City of God. After its release in 2002, the outstanding film based on true events quickly stormed the international film community, grabbing four academy award nominations in the process thanks to its raw depiction of life in the slums of the notorious Rio…

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Never Steal Tony Jaa's Elephant

The Protector Ultimate Edition Blu-ray

Long time Gear Patrol readers may remember our first mention of this new martial arts classic back in our feature on Five Foreign Films Every Man Should Watch. Finally released earlier this week on Blu-ray, if you haven’t had the chance to watch it yet, now is the time. Presented stateside by Quentin Tarantino, besides…

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Five Manly Foreign Films Every Man Should Watch

Around The World In Five Movies Hollywood isn’t the only place where great movies are made. So to broaden your Netflix horizon we put together some of the best manly foreign films out there. Our apologies though if adding them mean’s waiting just a little bit longer for Sex and the City to arrive in…