6 Best Beers of Summer
The season's almost ending, crack these open now.
10 Best Daypacks of 2014
Baggage to carry a laptop or hiking equipment.
Best Mega TVs of 2014
With TVs, bigger is better.
5 Best Road Bike Pedals
Upgrade clipping in.
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20 Innovative Brands Focused on Game-Changing Products

Here’s a quick mental exercise for you. Imagine you were faced with a fight, in which you knew your opponent was bigger, stronger, more experienced, and had access to the best facilities, trainers, and coaches money could buy. Would you step into the ring? It’s a terrible analogy, but those kind of Rocky odds are…

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Carving out comfort

Freemotion Ski Boots

When it comes to comfort on the slopes, snowboarders have always had two legs up on skiers because of their boots. Freemotion is an upstart company hoping to balance things out in this area thanks to an inventive new design that combines a flexible and soft “comfort boot” with a rigid exo-frame. The two components…

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Technology Forged in the Gym, Style Fitted for Everyday Use

FreeMotion Zip Polo

As the summer draws to a close, we at Gear Patrol are squeezing in a final few golf rounds shirts. Which brings us to FreeMotion Apparel. Mostly know for their performance apparel, they have taken the short trip (about a 9-iron) into world of performance polos. We chose to test ours out on the golf…