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Serious Cleavage

MoB | Hack Job: Know Your Cleavers

Ah, the meat cleaver. Bucking the tapered and svelte designs of traditional blades, these husky boys of the knife world were developed for one singular purpose — to serve as the machete of the kitchen. Their fatter, squared-off business ends bring added weight and toughness to the task of dismembering, leveraging sheer momentum to breeze…

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This Is NOT A Slap-Chop

Global 8″ Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife

First, a chef’s knife is one of the only knives you need in your kitchen, but like any good gear, it must be sturdy, strong, and serve multiple purposes. The Global 8″ Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife certainly does that but manages to retain the modern Japanese design Global has become famous for. Unlike a Slap-Chop,…