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Greens for the People

America’s 20 Best Municipal Golf Courses

The muni is an American embodiment of democracy, like the library and the public park: a golf course run by the city.

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What's Wright Can't Be Wrong

Five Tips from a Golf Guru

Dr. David Wright converts the biomechanically complex, the mentally mystifying, and the psychophysiologically stunning into pithy, digestible expressions. He’s got golf proverbs that will save your game.

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Essentials for your next 18

Kit: A Gentleman’s Golf Outing

So you have a “light draw” and you mark a 3 putt each nine. Who doesn’t? Given the onslaught of R&D golf has seen in the last few decades, with the right gear you can still keep your handicap at respectable levels.

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Saves Five Strokes, Guaranteed

Sole Provider: 7 Best Golf Shoes

Stability starts from the ground up, taking away slippage in the shoes and keeping your body balanced, from the pinkie toe up. The differences between golfing shoes are plenty, the perks distinct — so when purchasing your next pair for the Member-Guest, consider your options wisely. These seven shoes are a good start.

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Another Way to Get a Bogey

This Is Footgolf

Footgolf rose out of the zeitgeist of man’s two primary proclivities — to turn everything into a competition and to kick things. With low start-up costs and high revenue yield, the sport may be golf’s golden goal.

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Back and better than ever...or is it?

Quick Spin: 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI

Longer, wider, lighter and with brand new tech, the Mk VII Golf GTI goes head to head…with past versions of itself.

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Always Bet on Black

Breakdown: TaylorMade R1 Black

As our friend Wesley Snipes once proudly imparted: always bet on black. TaylorMade heeded his advice with their R1 Black Driver ($350), a sinister version of their much-lauded white R1. We break it down.

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Light on your feet, heavy on technology

adidas Golf adizero Tour

The adizero Tour ($180) is the latest adidas shoe to integrate the company’s ultra-lightweight adizero technology already found in everything from running shoes to soccer cleats to basketball shoes. As a result, the new model weighs in at mere 10.6 ounces when using the included Cloudfoam insole — making it 38% lighter than the already…

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Houston, we are a go for launch

Epoch S3 Golf Tees

At its core, golf is a game of mastering consistency. And while you may not put much thought into teeing up your ball, minor variations in height can have an adverse effect on your shot. The Epoch S3 Golf Tee ($8) takes the guess work totally out of the equation. Using the site’s Sweet Spot…

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High Bred Hybrid

Adams IDEA Tech V3 Hybrid

Hitting the perfect pin high 3-iron over water is the type of shot we wish we could execute with any sort of regularity. More often than not, the result is hitting ours thin or simply off-center. Consistency is something we all covet and thankfully it’s easier to achieve with a switch to hybrids. Ranked the…

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Biom Playa

Ecco Biom Golf Shoe

Riding on the heels of success of the Golf Street Premier, Ecco recently introduced their new line of golf shoes, the Ecco BIOM Golf Shoe ($225) featuring technology based on their natural motion philosophy, which centers around natural body movement. The result is a low-profile shoe with support where you need it and a welcome…

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There's No Game Leica Golf

Leica Pinmaster II Range Finder

Their cameras have been known to improve the shots of photographers, so the question is, can this update to their high-performance range finder do the same for your golf game? Upgrades to the new model include an improved LED read-out, which can provide accurate measurements for up to 825 yards (that’d be one hell of…

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The Cart Goes Car

Garia LSV Concept Golf Car

Rodney Dangerfield thought his cart in Caddy Shack gave him a license to go anywhere, but he was rich, cocky, and drunk. What he really needed to match his ego is this concept “car” scheduled to be presented at the famous Geneva auto show. Garia is already known for their opulent golf carts, and the…

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Shooting Down Putts with RifleScope Technology

SeeMore Putters | Private Reserve

When we first teamed up with MyGolfSpy back in June to feature an in-depth behind the scenes look at the making of SeeMore Putters, we may have left some of you waiting for a full review. The wait is finally over as we’ve gotten our hot little hands on two Private Label SeeMore Putters. Hit…

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Green Golf Goodies

Evolve Golf Epoch Tees

The venerable golf tee: it’s the most basic of all the equipment that you faithfully wag around in your bag. Honestly, you don’t even think twice before blasting handfuls of the wee wooden props into oblivion each and every round. It’s just the cost of doing business. Not so, according the the folks at Evolve…

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Looking to Lower Your Score? Shut Up and Listen.

Sonic Golf

Slow backswing, push the club away, rotate the shoulder, club face square at impact… to an amateur golfer there can be so many things going through the mind during the golf swing that it becomes both frustrating and intimidating. Can’t there be an easier way to get the ball into the hole with the fewest…

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This Ain't Your Grandpa's Pull Cart

Clicgear 2.0 Push Cart

Let’s start by saying that, here at Gear Patrol, we love to play golf. To take it a step further (no pun intended), we love to walk the course, when given the choice. It’s just a different game on foot. That, and walking really benefits from having the right equipment. One of the best ways…

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It Goes Against All You've Come To Perceive About Lincoln. Oh, Except For the Trunk That Will Fit Four Golf Bags And A Person.

A Weekend In The 2010 Lincoln MKS

Here at Gear Patrol’s New York branch, we do our fair share of golfing, no thanks to the tyrannical tee-time scheduling of Patrick Tuttle. The Land Rover we keep parked in midtown Manhattan does a fine job soldiering us to each week’s round. Our only hurdles being either poor traffic conditions or my refusal to…

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Tiger's Golf Shoe Du Jour

Nike Tiger Woods Air Zoom TW 2009

To walk in another man’s shoes is to comprehend his life. Not his golf game. During my round this weekend, though, my brain conveniently stifled this nuance. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. It would happen to explain my habit of dedicating 30 ft. putts to Earl Woods, all of which I went on to…