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Your New Home Away from Home

The Best Tents for Summer 2016

For the outdoorsman, home is wherever the ground is flat and somewhat free of rocks. These tents make those spots more comfortable than ever.

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Winter Style Issue
Duck, duck, goose!

Best Down Jackets of Winter 2016

These top picks for lightweight, innovative down jackets will keep you warm from when the leaves fly until the snow melts next spring.

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Pack it in

The 10 Best Backpacks for Every Adventure

From easy day hikes to multi-day treks, a good pack on your back can make carrying a load a joy (relatively speaking), especially if you draw the short straw and have to carry the extra beer on a five day expedition through Zion National Park. The perfect pack is a simple one: it carries everything you need and nothing you don't. In practice, this is much harder than it seems and involves careful planning and design. Beware of the old trap. If you have the space, you'll try to fill it with something. Whether you're throwing gear together for a short hike to your favorite fly fishing spot or taking a month-long stroll down the Continental Divide, less is more. With that in mind, we've picked the best backpacks to put a few miles on this season. Features like load distributing-straps, rainflys and easy access to hydration all made the cut. Heavy materials, unneeded space, and dead weight? Not so much.

Smart Kicks

GoLite Lime Lites

The GoLite Lime Lites ($110) are hard shoes to describe. Light hikers? Approach shoes? Urban knock-arounds? Yes, yes and yes. You could put these shoes on for casual Friday at the office and wear them straight through Sunday, with a day hike,

If you could only have one jacket...

GoLite McKenzie Reflexion


Times are tough but it’s not time to go cheap; it’s time to demand better quality and more versatility in our products. So while the GoLite McKenzie Reflexion soft shell jacket costs three bills, it might be the only jacket

Roan If You Want To, Roan Around The World

GoLite Roan Plateau Hoodie

golite-roan-plateau-hoodieWhen it comes to staying warm in the winter, nothing beats goose down - end of discussion. So, with the weather in New England starting to resemble Hoth, we decided it was time to put a down jacket through

A Samurai Sword for Road Warriors

GoLite TraveLite Wheeled Carry-On


Airline travel isn't what it used to be. As if the security hassles, bad food, and cramped seats weren't enough, most airlines are now charging for baggage. This has made a battlefield of the overhead compartments, with vigilant gate agents eagle-eying