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From field to foot

Nike GS Football Boot

Fresh off the Euro 2012 soccer tournament, which showcased the most insolvent talented European nations, comes the Nike GS Football Boot ($300), Beaverton’s greenest, lightest, and most innovative soccer boot to date. Most of the material is derived from renewable castor beans, which require less water to grow and reduce environmental impact. That green material…

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As green as the course

Mountain Khakis Fairway Polo

Made from a cotton/Bionic recycled PET polyester blend, the new Mountain Khakis Fairway Polo ($70) gets our green blood pumping. No, this shirt isn’t comprised of unobtanium nanotechnology, but it does find good use for up-to 14 recycled plastic bottles. But unlike a crunchy empty Coke container, the Fairway polo is as soft and supple…

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A lamp for a lifetime

CSYS LED Task Light by Jake Dyson

Any stylish LED desk lamp will dwarf their standard incandescent compadres in terms of energy efficiency. Jake Dyson’s CSYS LED task light (~$850) nearly triples the average life time of other LED bulbs though by reducing the wear and tear that normally comes from overheating. Using heat pipe technology originally developed for satellites and computing,…

leap pod mountain-Gear-Patrol
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High Living

Design Spotlight: LEAP

The living ecological alpine pod, or LEAP, wears its heart right on its name tag and provides all of the benefits of traditional mountain shelters — think trekking basecamps, not lavish homes — but with a significantly smaller environmental footprint. Much of the LEAP’s “green” gains are derived from construction technologies for building planes and…

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Chill Out, and About

Cascades ThermaFresh Cardboard Coolers

Sometimes it’s nice to keep things chilled without lugging around a cooler. Cascade’s Cardboard Cooler Boxes ($15) are a new green alternative to the styrofoam options we’ve all used before (which are probably still sitting in mint condition on the garbage heap they were dumped on, right next to the Twinkies). Each box is composed…

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A Different Kind of Board Room

Karton Cardboard Furniture

If you thought IKEA was the krill of the furniture food chain, you’d be wrong. Rather than wasting energy coating particle board to become modern furniture for the every man, Karton simply uses heavy duty cardboard to achieve the same end (sort of). According to the website, the Australian company was born after leaving “a…

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Mean Mow Green

Worx 788 Eco Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Using an electric push mower over their gas guzzling counterparts previously involved some serious power and range tradeoffs for homeowners. The Worx 788 cordless electric lawn mower ($430) changes the game thanks to a high capacity 36V PowerTank battery, which eliminates the need for pesky extension cords and allows the 19-inch mower to cut up…

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Soundly Made Lounging

Gallant and Jones Kitsilano Beach Deck Chair

With warm weather beckoning, consider swapping out that Aeron in your office with the Gallant and Jones Kitsiliano Beach Deck Chair ($215) and some scenery. Inspired by the classic English Deck chairs found sprinkled on the banks of the Thames, each Kitsiliano is made by hand from North American Black Walnut and can ship with…

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Clean and Green

Orontas Non-Toxic Ethical BikeCare Products

Riding instead of driving is one way to live green. The same thing can’t be said for the typical chemicals you use to maintain your two-wheeled caddie. Orontas non-toxic ethical BikeCare products ($13-15) are here to help you keep your environmental record spotless. The Canadian company is dedicated to making products that effectively protect your…

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Saved by Zero

Zero XU Electric Motorcycle

We don’t subscribe to the belief that everything purported as “green” is actually worth your time and money — no matter how hard Oprah stares us down. Still, the new Zero XU electric motorcycle makes our good book for a host of reasons. Thanks to aircraft grade aluminum construction, the bike is lightweight and as…

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G-Rated Swinging

Reclaimed Wood Tree Swing

We can always count on the creative individuals selling through Etsy to inspire us with the grass-roots feel and care that oozes from their products. This reclaimed wood tree swing ($150) from Philadelphia based PegandAwl for instance had us instantly reminiscing of summers as a kid, where the our only responsibility was to (try) and…

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A Different Kind of Apple Wood

Combine Collective Black Walnut Keyboard Trays

Like Apple but looking for a more natural look? Check out Combine Collective’s Black Walnut Keyboard Trays ($64-$79). They also work well for those of you who start twitching when their separate wireless peripherals start to scatter (att: Eric Yang). Made in Vancouver, Canada from whole and solid-joined sustainable hardwoods harvested in North America, Combine…

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Baggage Minus Baggage

Nau Fleunt Traveler Duffle

Unlike a lot of men’s luggage today, the Nau Fleunt Traveler Duffle ($200) is made for guys who prefer to keep their carryall tastes a few feet under the radar. Made from 100% organic cotton canvas with cotton poplin lining, the duffle is shaped to recall the look of a classic doctors bag while providing…

rethink hangers gear patrol
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Don't Leave Your Eco-Conscience Hanging

ReThink Hanger

You won’t catch us driving solar powered scooters or living cut off from the energy grid, but we at Gear Patrol do appreciate an occasional nod to the environment. Especially when it’s a brilliant, simple idea and only costs $7.99 The Rethink Hanger by Chinese designer Xuan Yu is essentially a hook that old plastic…

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Old Wood With A New Purpose

Haskel Sears Reclaimed Hardwood Furniture

We all love Ikea for what it is, but no self-respecting man passes a fiberboard desk down to his kids. At some point we have to grow up and invest in furniture that will leave a legacy, so it only makes sense to build with wood that already has one. Matt Sears believes man has…

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Save Power, Money, and Outlets.

Belkin Conserve Valet

Popular electronics accessory manufacturer Belkin has made strides over the last several years to provide consumers with eco-friendly power solutions that help us stay green with minimal inconveniences in our daily life. The conserve valet ($40) is one of the more intriguing devices to come from their latest efforts and is pitched as a clutter…

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A Personalized Accessory That's Rugged and Green

Freitag F23 iPad Sleeve

Fed up with only having leather, neoprene, or microfiber material options when it comes to protecting your iPad? Then perhaps you’d prefer the used truck tarpaulin found in Freitag’s F23 iPad sleeve ($80). Like all Freitag bags, these sleeves are made from original trucking tarpaulins that very in color, markings, and contours. Do to the…

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Built for Summer and The Planet

Simple Flippee Recycled PET Flip-Flop

Europeans may never fully understand it but when the heat of summer arrives state sid, we American’s instinctively reach for our flip-flops. Despite really being nothing more than a sole and thong strap though, it’s been our experience that many guys hold some stubborn views on what kind of flip-flops they’ll allow on their feet….

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Nothing But 100% Silk Wool Touches This Body

Ramblers Way Wool

By Guest Writer and Outdoor Enthusiast Sandy Bandu Yes, it’s true – and once you try it you will likely never go back. Forget cotton, forget polyester; lightweight, merino wool is all you need. This writer will go so far as to admit that he has had a hard time peeling this new “second”-Cross Neck…

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Redefining The Notion of Drinking Responsibly

360 Vodka Giftset

Ok so “green” and “vodka” aren’t typically words that you’d normally associate with one another – unless, of course, you’re referring to the facial coloring of someone whose imbibed too much. 360 Vodka, though, is out to change that. Crafted from a philosophy of eco-awareness and corporate responsibility, every aspect of the product’s production from…

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Bamboo: More Than Just Feng Shui

Degree 6 Clothing

Lately, green has been the new black. Everyone is cashing in on the environmentally organofriendly trend, especially clothiers. While being chemical and pesticide free is certainly a good thing, we still need to improve our efforts to improve water conservation. No matter how conservative you think you are, the amount of water used to make…

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Skip Home Depot, Go Salvage

Heritage Salvage Reclaimed Building Materials

Gear Patrol readers who consider themselves floor-ophiles may want to set your browsers to visit Heritave Salvage Reclaimed Building Materials. Based in Petaluma, California, Heritage carries materials sourced only from fallen, endangered, or abandoned structures. They call it repurposing. We call it vintage goodness.

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Eco-Friendly Meets Bahnstormer

BMW 335d Diesel

265 horsepower. 425 lb-ft torque. 0-60mph in 5.9 sec. 36 mpg. Zoiks. Powered by BMW’s buttery smooth 3.0 turbocharged inline-6 advanced diesel engine, the BMW 335d hits the roads with a singular mission: prove you can have your cake and eat it too. BMW’s latest version of the 3-series features 2,500 all-new components from the…

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Your Reward for Less Waste? How About More Wine.

French rabbit Wines

I love wine. I love to drink it, to discuss its complex flavors, and, most of all, to enjoy the time shared with friends over a good bottle. Well, if the folks at French rabbit wines have their way, I’ll be enjoying my vino from a carton from here on out. What’s that you say?…

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The Most Energy Efficient Flat Panel HDTV Ever

Samsung UN46B7000 LED Green HDTV

Until OLED really takes off in the consumer market, LED backlit LCD screens (yes that’s what these TVs are, not LED TVs) like the Samsung UN46B7000 will be riding the cutting edge of HDTV technology. That’s because screens of this type have several advantages over their normal LCD & Plasma based brethren. First, their size….

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A Bright Idea

Altus Lumen PAD-L LED light

It’s ironic that when most people go into the wilderness, they don’t think much about the environmental impact of the gear they use. Well, the engineers at Altus Lumen have thought about it. A lot. They say that this, the PAD-L, is the world’s first sustainable portable LED light. While that claim didn’t surprise me…

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Black & Decker Power Monitor

Now You Know… And Knowing Is Half The Battle Being the savvy, well-educated Gear Patrol technophile that you are, you’ve certainly noticed that one of the most consistent wallet wasting trends of recent months has been the steady increase in energy costs across virtually all geographies and power utilities. Whereas this lowly commentator prefers to…

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Paperwork Recycled Storage Basket

Paper Basket? Recycled paper as a storage basket. Clever. The Paperwork Recycled Storage Basket from Mocha comes with a purposed design: to banish clutter. Not a new concept, I know. Rather, the unique premise of this storage basket comes from the fact that it’s made from recycled rolls of magazines, something I come into contact…

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BRABUS Smart Fortwo Brabus

A 45 MPG BRABUS. Yeah… The notion of miles per gallon and efficiency don’t really come to mind when one thinks ofBRABUS. As a matter of fact, terms like “what the hell?”, “why?”, “holy shit”, and “you’ve gotta be kidding” tend to be conjured up in sentences with BRABUS in them. It was inevitable that…

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SMC Furnishings SBW Desk

Befitting Of Your Holy Books, Penguin Classics and Even Bills A man needs an appropriate place to work, surf, meditate, contemplate or just read Emerson. It goes right up there with an appropriately manly armchair, coat, car, shaving products and power tools. Amongst others. (See a website called Gear Patrol for further reference). Reclaimed pine…