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No Mere Accessories

The Rise of the Fashion Watch

It wasn’t so long ago that watches with fashion brand names on their dials were routinely dismissed as pretenders, mere arm candy for people with more money than good sense or taste. While there are still plenty of those watches twinkling from department store jewelry counters, other brands — ones more often associated with jewelry, luggage and trench coats — have quietly elbowed their way into loftier company. These five made a splash at this year’s BaselWorld.

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It's All in The Details

Gucci Retro Leather Trainers

It’s time to throw pragmatism out the window, or at least put it on hold for the next paragraph or so. Clean and basic, with perfect amount of color flash for standing out in sea of Converse and Vans, these white lace-up leather trainers are a surprise find from a brand normally saddled in jet…

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Gucci Pour Homme II

It’s time for you to get yourself smelling better. Sure, Old Spice will cut the grade, but if you’re going out or spend time around people who matter make sure you don’t smell like dinner or even worse, last night. Pour Homme II is a new fragrance from Gucci. A blend of woody spicy flare,…